Not Sleeping

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Cheryl - January 17

I'm so tired. I'm 29 weeks and I can't remember the last time I slept through the night. Last night was really bad, I was up 7 times!!!! Two were bathroom trips, 3 were leg cramps, and the two times I just woke up for some reason. I'm going crazy without sleeping!! Does anyone know any tricks to help sleep?


Emy - January 17

Hey hon, I am right there with you. I have been like that since about 30 weeks and now at 35 have not slept in about two days. BUT, when I do sleep, what really helps me is a body pillow that I got and Bed, Bath and Beyond. It is a really long pillow that I cuddle. I put it between my legs and also use the top part for a pillow. It does really help to get comfy cozy...


Holly - January 17

I hear ya! I don't sleep either. I wake up about 6 times a night just to pee (no joke) and others are leg cramps and husband! I also bought a body pillow and it does not work for me.


Rachel.R - January 17

im 40weeks + 2 days and i wake up every 40 minutes or so just to pee.. I havent gotten leg cramps in my pregnancy... Just constant toilet trips. I just leave the toilet light on now, cause i wake on average 10-11 times a night. And my parents wonder why im sleeping the day away... its cause i cant sleep... Oh yeh, some nights i get really bad insomnia.. like last night.. I was up and crying at 3:30 this morning cause my body ached and i couldnt sleep. now my poor boyfriend who is working 2 jobs had just got home when i started crying at midnight.. and he didnt end up falling asleep til about 4 this morning.. and on the lounge as well, cause our new bed is stuffed and we roll into the middle if we both lay on it. So the poor thing went to sleep at 4am, he then woke up for work at 5:30am... he is a mechanic, so its physical labor all day.. then he will get off work at 4:30, come home, eat, shower, rest for bout 30 mins, then he will be off to work at his second job, which is delivering magazines to newsagents for the next day. So my sleeplessness is keeping my bf awake, and the poor thing will probably just fall asleep soon, and not wake up for days.. he is so exhausted, he has been doing it since the beginning of december, thats when the sleeplessness started. so, i dont know any tricks to help you sleep.. it just comes with being pregnant.. Cause if there was something i could do(besides take sleeping tablets) i would do it. Just try to have sleeps during the day if you can. Sorry i couldnt help.. hopefully someone else can. Goodluck with everything :-)



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