Not Thrilled At All About Being Strapped Down While Waiting

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Been There - June 12

This is more of a vent than anything. I'm scheduled for a c-section 7/25, although I'm technically supposed to be an August mommy. So, my sister was over the other day telling me about her c-section experience at the same hospital when she was scheduled. She delivered her last child 3 years ago, my last was 8 years ago and unplanned c-section. Anyway, I have to arrive 2 hours early and was wondering why do I have a 2 hour wait and what I would do during that time, etc. So she tells me that they just go ahead and prep you, which is fine with me. That was until she told me that they strapped her down about an hour before her surgery was scheduled. You know, arms out to the side and strapped down. Now, I can guarantee that unless these people want to deal with a wild woman, they will not be allowed to strap me down until they are actually ready to begin. I think it's ridiculous to be confined like that so soon. I don't mind that I have to lie there and wait, but do I really have to lie there feeling like a prisoner while they set up the room? Has anyone else gone through a scheduled c-section and been subjected to be being restrained way before it was time for the actual surgery? I just know I can't deal with it. I can deal with contractions, the pain of feeling the needle, anything else but being tied down too long.


Traci76 - June 12

I have zero experience in this, but I would totally agree with you!!! I don't see why they would need to do that! I hope someone else can answer you, but just wanted to say I agree with you!


torbman - June 12

I had a csection with my first but mine was an emergency. I know I wasn't in there for too long before they started. Certainly not an hour before. Why not call labour and delivery and ask the procedure or even your docter? Maybe they might be able to give youa better idea as to what will happen.Hope all goes well. (Tamara)


Cabbie - June 12

I have just had my third planned section. From the time my spinal was put in and I layed down to the time baby was delivered, none of mine took longer than fifteen or twenty minutes. As soon as they knew my feeling was gone, they were doing the section.


mommietobe - June 13

I have my second cs sheduled for 6/26. I too have to be at the hospital two hours early. With my first cs, they prepped me in my room, epidural, IV, did blood work, monitored the baby, shaved me, etc. I asked to not be strapped down, and my Dr agreed. I also won't be strapped down for this one either. Like you the thought freaks me out. They shoulnd't even take you into the OR until they're ready. FYI-it will be freezing in there, ask for warm blankets. Talk to your DR about your concerns and see if he can work with you. Good Luck!


Mandy1984 - June 13

hi, I know nothing about your hospital but there is a law known as the mental health law sectioned under 1984 which states that it is against the law to be tied down or restrained using anything other than human force... regardless if it is for medical or mental health grounds... Thats in the UK anyways, you should NOT be strapped down, that will add to the stress factor....I am really firghtened about having my c.section (around end Sept) and if someone told me they would strap me down I probably wouldn't turn up to the hospital... You should give your hospital a call in advance and let them know of your concerns!!! Your heavily pregnant and shouldn't have to worry about this sort of thing


Nora1 - June 13

No way would they strap me down! I would definitely be looking into this before I went. Good luck!


LL - June 13

I'll most likely have a scheduled c-section on 7/21, unless I go into labor before then and they let me try for a VBAC. My first c-section was a scheduled one and I wasn't strapped down until right before they began the procedure. I think it's ridiculous that they would just leave you hanging out strapped down for that long before hand. It's hard enough being strapped down and feeling helpless during the surgery. I had to go in 2 hours before as well for prep and monitoring but that's understandable.


miraclebaby - June 13

maybe it was a mistake???


Been There - June 13

I have an appt. next week so I'll ask the doctor during the visit. If I don't get good answers, I'll call the hospital directly. Mandy1984, the thought occurred to me to since that conversation to not show up. Thanks for the info. I know I have to go sooner or later, but at least if I waited until I went into labor, it would go as quickly as last time. I don't think strapping me down at anytime during the surgery will be necessary. I don't plan to jump off the table and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to even if I want to. I do appreciate everyone's support. Instead of continuing to worry, I'm going to ask the question and state my wishes. Thanks!!


Jennyuk - April 12

Hi OP. You don't say if you are in the UK or not. If you are in the UK this won't happen. Your arms won't be strapped during a C Section or any other surgery as this not done in any UK hospital. Your arms are laid onto your chest but they are not strapped or toed down in any way and you will be able to move your arms freely. Sometime the IV arm is laid out on an armboard but again it is not strapped or tied and both arms can be moved freely. As Mandy said it is against the law in the UK to strap anybody down and this is not done here. I have asked a midwife supervisor and a hospital consultant at my NHS hospital.And they have told me this is not done in any NHS or UK hospital. They are not allowed to restrain in that way. A UK childbirth group also told me this has not happened to any mum in the UK. That is no women who has had a C Section in the UK has ever been strapped down. So rest ured this does not happen in the UK. However I have heard that this can happen over there in the USA and in Canada. So if you are in the USA you will need to speak to your hospital and make it clear to them that you don't want this done.


Jennyuk - April 12

As I said in the UK where I am this does not happen. But in the USA some hospitals do this but from what one of my American friends told me, you can refuse to have it done or change hospitals if they are unsympathetic about this. It might also help you to watch One Born Every Minute which also has a channel on You Tube if you are outside the UK. It's a UK TV show about birth in UK hospitals and shows a lot of UK C sections. And you will see that none of the mums are strapped down. In the UK they normally encourage mum to hold her baby right away as soon as it is born.It does seem in the UK the hospital staff are much more supportive to the mums during C Sections than over in the USA. One reason I would never live in America.



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