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Kimmy - November 2

I am 36 weeks and have not felt anything at all !! I wouldnt know what a braxton hicks or regular contraction was if it hit me in the face beccause i havnt felt anything at all, just my little boy moving around. I was really hoping i would get one of those braxton hicks so i could at least know what to expect ... no i am just more anxious than ever!! Anyone else havnt felt anything, or can give me some insight as to what a contraction is or how long it should last at first? thanks.


Lynn - November 2

I'm 36 weeks and haven't felt a darn thing either! I even go for NST every week and there haven't been any contractions on the monitor either. I want to know what one feels like too- not just hear it described from other people.


Dani - November 2

I havent had any Braxton Hicks either, that i know of... i wouldnt know what was would feel like either though if it did happen..hheh I guess we just sit a wait..... I am 30 wks though, but it seems like ppl get them early on... dunno maybe i just dont know what to look for.?


Christy - November 2

It's funny. I didn't think I was having anything either until I was at of my weekly NST's a few weeks ago and a contraction popped up on the monitor. The nurse asked me if I could feel it, but I just thought it was the baby turning himself around. I started to pay attention more when the baby would do the turning around thing, and I noticed that my abs felt kind of tight for 30-90 seconds. I finally realized that THAT thing was a BH contraction. I have had them more often now (I am 36.5 weeks), and they seem to be more noticeable, although it may just seem that way since I know what I am looking for now. I had a huge contraction at last week's NST, but didn't feel a thing until it peaked, and even then it only felt like the right side of my abs up by my ribs were tight. So, you might be having them, but are not recognizing them as BH contractions since sometimes they really don't feel like anything. (On the flip side, they can also be painful. Everyone is different.) I guess labor contractions are more intense. I have heard it being described as a BH with strong period-like cramping. I have also heard it can feel like a horrible case of gas. I guess we'll all find out soon enough. :)


Heather - November 2

hey girls - you guys may be lucky like I was with my first! I never felt and bh and then when I went into labor I only went in b/c my back hurt real bad if I sat or tried to lie down. I found out I was in labor (back labor) and as long as I was standing I was fine - it was when they wanted me in the bed I wanted to shoot someone! I was worried though that I would never deliver b/c at 38 weeks I was only 1 cm, and at 39 weeks and at 39 weeks 6 days only 1 cm. Then at 530 am on 40 weeks I went to 9 cm and had a little girl at 547. So you can have progress all at once without unbearable pain! I did it without any pain meds (just dealt with thte 15 minutes of pushing in the bed!) Hope you guys have and experience like mine was (I hope mine this time will be good too!)


Noams - November 2

Hi I am 39 weeks and have not felt any BH contractions, I did not get with my first pregancy. Somtimes I get a cramping pain in my leg or but or feel a stich pain under my ribs but it neverlast , more than a second. I did not feel alot of pain during the first satge of labor last time untill after 8cm, so I just made it to the birthing centre in time. I would like to feel them so I can practice breathing and feel like there is progress.



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