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think - August 10

I think now it is the right time to enter the third trimester board. I am 28 weeks today. I have muscle pain on my legs, back pain, constipation and sometimes br___t pain also. How everyone else is doing? Waiting to meet all of you in the third trimester board soon.


mm28 - August 17

Hi Think, I'm 27wk1day today, so I'll join you on this board! We're expecting twin girls in just about 9 weeks, and i'm getting anxious and excited already. I've got much the same symptoms as you - back pain, rib pain, cramping, shooting pain down the legs (sciatica?), constipation, etc. My OB put me on iron pills as i had low hemoglobin, so some of the tiredness has gone away. Glad everything's going well for you - are you having a boy or a girl? Looking forward to seeing everyone else on this board real soon!


JulieK - August 18

Hi Ladies, I will be 28 weeks on Friday. Are you guys having BH contractions yet? I seem to be having them on a daily basis the last few days, even while just sitting and watching TV. We had out 3D ultrasound on Saturday and finally got confirmation on the s_x. We are having a girl! I am very exicted, as I already have 2 boys. Gotta buy all new clothes


mm28 - August 19

No BH contractions yet...i don't know what they would feel like, but the cramps I'm having seem to be more from the movement of the girls more than anything else. Went to the dr. this morning and got another sonogram - 2lbs 8oz each(!) and everything looks good. Julie - Congrats on the girl! I'm from a two boys/1 girl family and loved being the only girl. Hope all continues to go well in your pregnancy!


think - August 19

Hi mm28 and Julie - happy to see both of you in this board. I am also having a low level of hemoglobin and taking iron tablet daily. I am not feeling any BH contractions. Next week I have an appointment with the doctor. We don't know the s_x of our baby. We would like to keep it as a surprise.


littlekmom - August 26

I have BH often (but not too often). I didn't ever notice them with my first pregnancy, but now they're quite annoying as they always take my breath away for a moment. I'm counting down, though: two months and a week!


GloriaD - August 29

Yeay! I'm finally here! Officially I hit 27 weeks today.... woo hoo, party! Anything to tick off the days right now:) I am coming along in my pregnancy, braxton hicks are starting as well as the crotch pain and the back pain but I'm still sleeping really well so that's nice. Took the glucose test today, my gag reflex is sensitive this pregnancy so it was a tough one to choke down. I didn't feel so good afterwards either, I wonder if that means I'll fail??? I now will go every two weeks to the dr. and they will have another ultrasound on 9/11 to check baby's size and position although right now he's transverse so he's nowhere near the correct birthing position. I went and purchased some fall maternity clothes today:( so expensive and they'll only be worn for such a short amount of time. But I just love the comfort band top on the jeans, they're the best invention! No digging into the belly! I have the baby's furniture all set up and things are coming together which is making me feel a lot more calm. Its so hard to believe that our pregnancy's are nearing the end. I swore for so long that I'd be pregnant forever (or it seemed like it)! Well, I hope all the Nov. mommy's find their way over here!


Ashley2121 - August 30

I'm finally here too!!!! 27 weeks today. I cant believe it! I have not had any BH yet....but the crotch pain that you are talking about Gloria D - OMG ouch it hurts at night when I get up to go to the bathroom (you know one of the 5 times I get up :) ) The joints in my fingers and my wrists also hurt quite a bit. I had my glucose test this past Tuesday, not sure of the results yet. MM28 - How often do you see your dr now? On Tuesday when I was in there he was like "OK I will see you next week, make an appt" so I dont know if that means that I will be seeing him once a week?....But I know that delivery is getting close - I had to sign my drs "notice of delivery fees" (Even though I have insurance) it made it seem VERY close, made me kind of panicky I had my baby shower yesterday. SO MUCH FUN!! A lot more tiring than I thought it would be though, I am also SO sore. I think from being on my feet all day. THe new house should be painted in about 2-3 weeks so I can finally start to set the nursery up. I am not very confident that the house will be done before the boys are here though. So I think I will be keeping 1 crib here at our house now and just the "esstenials" until we are in the new house. Sorry for the novel ladies, but I am so excited to finally be in the 3rd trimester. Every week is a milestone that I feel so lucky to reach. I hope everyone is feeling great. Hopefully this board is a little more active than the 2nd trimester board :)


prayn4baby - August 30

Yahoooo! I hit 27 weeks yesterday... Gloria, you and i are due the same day! I've just in the past few days started feeling him "roll" instead of just "kicks". That is such i weird feeling! And I feel him under my right rib alot, that can get uncomfortable. I get the BH contractions regulary, i have since about 16 weeks, which scared me, but everything is fine at my appts, and they don't seemed concerned about it. I'm just really happy to have made it to the 3rd trimester with you ladies!!!!!


jessi01 - September 1

hey everyone, i have not posted in like forever, but i am still here, LOL, i will be 30 weeks on friday " YAY" i cant believe that we have come such a long long way, now we are about to be mommies really really soon. we have set up the nursery and my baby shower is next saturday, so i am super excited, since i work in the same buliding and floor with my mom, she threw me a surprise baby shower at work and i got soooooo much stuff for our baby boy, my office actually gave me the stroller i wanted so that helped alot, and i got many other cute things. so i basically am having to baby showers. i had a 4-d ultrasound aug 23 which was so amazing seeing our baby, he is so cute and soooo active, and he is such a smiler, now i am juss couting down the weeks,we basically have like 7-8 weeks, OMG when i put like that it seems like its around the cornor, time is just flying by, now we r just going down hill from here. i also have a tour at the hospital on sept 24. well let me stop blabing away cuz i could talk forever, LOl i am just glad everyone else is doing fine.


JulieK - September 1

Hi Ladies, Well I had my glucose test, and a couple other of blood tests last week. My iron came back low, so I need to start a supplement for that now too. All else was fine, which is great, including my platelets which are usually elevated in my pregnancies. The braxton hicks continue. Yesterday I definately pushed myself too much during the day, trying to get the house cleaned up, and I paid for it all night with those contractions, and trips to the bathroom. Lol, I should know better. Oh well. Time to slow things down I guess. My appet_te has really taken off the last week or so. Up until now I had only put on 4 pounds with this pregnancy (I lost a bunch in the first trimester from the morning sickness) but I get the feeling that will change at my doctors appointment today. Belly has definately had a growth spurt again so I can't wait for this appointment to hear what the doc has to say. Hope everyone is doing well!


JulieK - September 1

Oh by the way Jessi01, I am also 30 weeks on Friday! We will have to see who makes it to the finish line first! lol


jessi01 - September 1

that's cool julie that we are on the same day. when is ur due date? at first they told me nov 15, but now they say nov 7, but everytim ei go to the dr's they say i am measuring a week to 2 weeks ahead so they say that the baby si is getting big, so we will see if i make to the due date they say, or maybe i will have a halloween baby, ( that will be cute take him out the hospital with a custom LOL, or maybe if its at the begining of nov my Dh b-day is nov 4 so that will be such a nice present, so we'll see, all i know is that we are just around the corner. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mm28 - September 3

Glad everyone's doing so well! We're in the final stretch! I will be 30 weeks on Sunday. Went to the OB yesterday, the girls are 3.5 pounds each, cervix is 3.5cm, everything looked good. One twin was yawning and the other was suckling, so sweet:) I start going for weekly visits Sept 16th, just to check for preterm labor signs, but the doctor said there is every indication the babies will hold out until 36 weeks - yay!


Ashley2121 - September 5

mm28 - Thats so great! It sounds like your girls are growing beautifully! My dr has already started me on weekly visits and I will only be 28 weeks on Sunday.....Thats so awesome the dr thinks they will make it to the end - that has to be a relief :) JulikeK - My dr also told me I had low iron. I was looking it up online and I found that testing for low iron is not advised between weeks 25-32 because we just had a drop (or rise) in blood. (Sorry it was like 2 weeks ago that I read this). I figured it couldnt hurt to take an iron pill as he advised, but I have read some have bad side effects so I am just going to take 1/2 a pill and up my green veggie intake. AFM I am gaining weight like crazy, but as everyone reminds me I do have twins and I didnt even gain a pound until I was like 4 months - I am making up for lost time :) Before I got pregnant I wore a size 4, I measured my belly on Friday night and it was 43" around - thats almost 4 feet!!!!!!!!!! I am only 5'2" and I still have about 9 weeks left. I can totally tell the weight is starting to take a toll on my hips and ankles. My feet swell all the time and sleeping is horrible! This is no lie - I am up exactly every 2 to 2 1/2 hours to go pee. I can tell what time it is everytime I get up without looking at the clock because I know that its only 2 hours from the last time. I hope it doesnt get any worse..... Does everyone have names picked out?


jessi01 - September 8

hi everyone, hope everyone is still hanging on LOL, well i wil be 31 weeks on friday, OMG next week i hot 8 months, time is flying by so quick, i am super excited, my babyshower is this saturday so i am so excited about that too, then i get to organized everything on sunday, YAY, up till now i have only gained 8 pounds which is good, i did not gain nothing in the begining so i have only put on baby weight which is good. i have a dr's appt for a regular check then i think after this appt i am going to have 2 week appts now. The dr told me that i am actually measuring ahead of time, last time when i wen to the dr he said that i was measuring 2 weeks ahead, he said its because the baby is getting big and because i am short also, so maybe my due date will be ahead of schedule, they changed it wheni was 20 weeks prego, at 1st they told me nov 15 then they told mw nov 7 so nowi have to see what the dr says and where i am measuring. well let me stop blabing away, i will keep everyone posted. ~!~!take care!~!~


gaer - September 8

We have only picked one name: Ellie. Thats it. I went in fri cause baby's movement slowed by about 80% for a good stretch. I went for non stress tests every day incl. today and had an ultrasound and more blood work today. My sugar test was high so Im redoing that tomorow. Nonstress was ok, one day was sketchy but the rest was good. On the ultrasound they said she is small, Im 28wks 1 day, she is 2lb 5oz. I looked online and it seems to be average? After measuring her they said she is not due till the 11th dec now... Im not sure that works as that would mean I did the preg test when I was 2.5weeks pregnant....AND I was measuring way big for dates until 2 weeks ago, right when she quit moving around. Im a little concerned there is something else going on. I see my dr on thursday, and we will go from there..



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