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gaer - September 8

We have only picked one name: Ellie. Thats it. I went in fri cause baby's movement slowed by about 80% for a good stretch. I went for non stress tests every day incl. today and had an ultrasound and more blood work today. My sugar test was high so Im redoing that tomorow. Nonstress was ok, one day was sketchy but the rest was good. On the ultrasound they said she is small, Im 28wks 1 day, she is 2lb 5oz. I looked online and it seems to be average? After measuring her they said she is not due till the 11th dec now... Im not sure that works as that would mean I did the preg test when I was 2.5weeks pregnant....AND I was measuring way big for dates until 2 weeks ago, right when she quit moving around. Im a little concerned there is something else going on. I see my dr on thursday, and we will go from there..


Ashley2121 - September 10

gaer - I am sure everything is fine! Keep us updated after your appt :)


jessi01 - September 10

morning everyone!!!!!!!!!!! hope everyone is fine, we r doing good too, my baby has been moving like crazy, he was having a party in my tummy, LOL, and last night when i went to bed he was trying to show off for daddy, he kept moving around and my shirt was moving like waves, it was so funny watching my husband. i have an appt tomorrow is we will see hpw that goes. !~!~!~!take care everyone!~!~!~


gaer - September 10

Dr says Im on the low side for amniotic fluid..everything else other than her size looks ok. I still have to get another ultrasoud in 2 weeks, to monitor her growth.


JulieK - September 10

Hi Ladies, How is everyone doing? Personally I am finding I can't wait for my maternity leave to start. I have committed to work up until Oct 16 but I am beginning to regret it as I am getting very uncomfortable very quickly. Baby belly seems to be growing by huge amounts daily, and I am finding that my legs are feeling a little numb at work so I have to get up and walk around a lot. Not getting much Also, my doctor is concerned that I may go early with this baby and is talking about taking her out as early as Oct 20, if I make it to then. I'm not due until Nov 13 so this has me a little scared. I had to go and get the first of 2 shots today to help with the fetal lung development. Sigh, other than that all is well. I can't stop eating!!!!!!! Luckily haven't gained that much yet. Hope everyone is doing great.


Ashley2121 - September 11

gaer - What else did the dr say? Is that all you can do is wait and see in another 2 weeks for what her growth is? I am sure everything is goig to be fine :) JuklieK - If your dr decides to take her as early as Oct 20th is there any way your employer would let you start your mat leave earlier? Or is that just wishful thinking :)I cant stop eating either - I am like an eating machine I swear! I have never been like this before EVER. On Wednesday night wehad our 1st childbirth education cla__s. It freaked us out! It made us realize that we really dont have that much time left!! Its exciting but scary at the same time you know? It was nice though - there was another couple who are having twins so it was nice to have someone else asking a bunch of questions about twins so I wasnt the only one LOL. I have a Drs appt later this morning, hopefully I wont have anything to report - which means everything is still going good:) Oh Yea I forgot, I started to see the 1st signs of stretch marks yesterday - I was in such a bad mood all day over it too!!! Then I felt bad for being so selfish and vain but I cant help it ya know?


gaer - September 11

Ashley2121: Dr just said not to worry too much. He said I have to see him every two weeks and we will just go from the next ultrasound.He said to tell my partner "this baby is going to control your life, starting right now" ... Kinda feels like Im left hanging. I will put in a call to my naturepath and see what he says. My sis in law had low fluid, really low though, with one of hers and they induced her. The difference is that she was 38 wks, not 28. She sent me some info on it and the only thing she found was drink more water, sometimes that doesnt work though. They can try replacing water with a needle like reverse amniocentesis but apparently it just gets absorbed and you are back to not having enough. SO, I will try not to worry I guess??!! I hate stretch marks. After my second my tummy looked like a big loose raisin. I dont have any new ones yet, but my old ones are turning back to that nice reddish color. bleh! I found a cool website for new dads, or established ones who need a laugh, its called "due dads" they have some cute/funny videos on youtube too.


jessi01 - September 14

Morning everyone, well i had my baby shower on saturday, it was great i basically got everything i need, now the only thing left is the baby LOL, i had an appt on friday and everything good so far, but there is one thing, everytime i go in i am always measuring ahead so the dr said i need to get an u/s done so we can see how much the baby is weighing, my appt is on thursday, if the baby starts to get to big for before my due sate is up, i am have to get induce before the due date, so maybe i may end up having my baby boy early (


gaer - September 15

anyone elses spouse grossed out by pregnancy? he says Im beautiful, but is icked by the "different" kind of discharge...tried saying he doesnt want to hurt baby, then said something about getting "that stuff" on him.... really? could I feel any less attractive??


Ashley2121 - September 15

I have not told anyone this, but my husband has not wanted to have s_x with me since I got pregnant! Since I had spotting problems in the beginning and because its twins he is 100% a complete nervous wreck about it. We tried but he couldnt (if you know what I mean). I just had to realize it had NOTHING to do with me, he is just terrified of us having s_x and then something bad happening. I cant wait until this pregnancy is over just so I can have s_x again! Its been very hard, but now that I am in the 3rd trimester I am nervous of preterm labor as well. So I have come to terms with it. I know that I am sometimes grossed out with some pregnancy things so I can only imagine what our spouses think about it...LOL


jessi01 - September 15

well with me its the opposite, our s_x life has pretty much stayed the same ( except for some certain positions) (sorry). sometimes i have to tell him not now, cuz he always is bothering me, lol. but there was this one time that we had a huge scare, i guess the way we did it was not good, cuz when i got up to go to the bathroom and wiped there was pink blood on the paper, i statred crying so bad and i cried like all night cuz i got up twice and still everytime i wiped i saw pink blood, but finally in the morning it went away, i called the nurse and she said that as long that it was not red and i wasn not in pain i would be ok, she said that probably he just hurt me, so i told my husband no more s_x ever again LOL, but that did not last long, LOL, but that has been my scare all my pregnancy so far, so we are juss careful now. the dr said that its totally normal to have s_x during pregnancy, as long as u do not bleed or hurt. I will be 32 weeks this friday, and my lil bean is just moving like crazy, its a party in my tummy all the time, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


gaer - September 16

Its tough being pregnant!! Ash2121-- I can see with twins wanting to be extra careful, and yes, things are kinda gross to me too... I think I am was having a really emotional day when that came up-- everything hurt my feelings that day! On one hand Im sad that this is likely the last baby, yet cant wait to be normal again...


JulieK - September 17

Hi Ladies, Well it has been an eventful week. As I had posted, I got the shots for the baby's lung development on Thurs and Fri last week. Friday night, I had over 25(stopped counting there) Braxton Hicks contractions over the course of about 5 hours. I went to bed early and that seemed to help. They weren't painful, just a tightening feeling. Then Saturday, I had to take my oldest to a birthday party, and was standing for a couple of hours. That night the Braxton Hicks were back, with the lovely addition of cramping as well. Sunday Braxton Hicks on and off all day, continued cramping, and the start of loose bowel movements. By this point I am starting to get worried that I may be starting labour, but I tried not to panic and just take it easy. Monday I was off work and stayed in bed most of the day. This gave relief to the Braxton Hicks, but the cramping and loose movements continued. Then Tuesday at around 12:30am I woke up with contractions that were a little bit more painful, still more cramping, and full out diarrhea. I was now convinced that my doctor's predicition that I would go early was coming true. It all lasted until about 4 in the morning, then stopped. It was so weird. So after a little sleep and getting my family members where they needed to go, I went to the hospital to get checked. Absolutely nothing, not a cramp, contraction, or anything while at the hospital. I felt so silly. But I mean it lasted four days before I finally went! The hospital said I may have had a bug. LOL!! I think I had a bad reaction to those shots! Anyway, baby is fine and still inside thank goodness! I am 32 weeks today. The contractions are back to being only here and there and the cramping and diarrhea are gone. Hope you are all doing well.


jessi01 - September 18

morning, julie sorry u had an awful couple days, but i am glad u r feeling better. Happy 8th month though, i am 32 weeks today also, yay, only like 6 more weeks left. I had an u/s done yesterday cause they wanted to see how much my baby was weighing, and i think he is around 4 Ilbs, and he is already head down so he is in the right position now, he is now just looking for the exit LOL. they said that baby looks good and everything else is good also. i have another appt on the 28, and next thursday the 24 we have out hospital tour. i have been a lil achy since yesterday after my appt, i hurt a lil on my right side of my tummy, i dunno y, it hurts everytime i stretch make a sudden movement and when i laugh LOL. so that is our update for now, hope everyone else is doing well and still hanging on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GloriaD - September 18

Happy Friday! 30 weeks today, gotta celebrate the baby steps! Gosh, I don't know how we'll have time to even have this baby, with the other kids' activities I'm going insane and hardly have time to use the restroom! So Julie- I had an episode about 3 weeks ago that lasted for a few days. I didn't go in but I was kinda worried. I didn't know if the diarrhea was causing the contractions or vice versa. But I've had three labors and have gotten pretty good at determining if its real/progressive or not. I just layed low and followed the brat diet and eventually I got better. Maybe just caught a little stomach bug..... S_x can make me uncomfy too for a while...... So I think my mental status is finally improving! I finally feel like I won't be preggo forever! I like this stage, when you can feel baby move and people start to ask how long you've got. I feel like I'm waiting to open the biggest Christmas present ever! I have gotten all the baby stuff I think I'll need and his room is set up and ready for him. Now, if he just had a name...... I'm going to the dr. every two weeks and thankfully I don't have to do the NST because they've changed the monitoring to two times a week! Since baby looks good and all is well they said I don't have to do it. I've had to do it with the last two kids because 1. my heart and 2. last baby was always measuring in the bottom 5th percentile and they wanted to make sure she was growing. The only thing they said is that baby is sitting transverse, so he's definitely not in a position to be born just yet. Said not to even worry about that until after 36 weeks. They will do another ultrasound at 33 weeks to check growth again. So all is well here:)))


gaer - September 18

gloriaD: thats awesome! the countdown has really begun for us all... JulieK: I feel for ya! Id be inclined to think it was a bug of some kind. At least it straightened out! How is everyone doing? Im getting alot more movement right now, and have alien belly in the morning sometimes! My 11yr old LOVES it!



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