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gaer - September 18

gloriaD: thats awesome! the countdown has really begun for us all... JulieK: I feel for ya! Id be inclined to think it was a bug of some kind. At least it straightened out! How is everyone doing? Im getting alot more movement right now, and have alien belly in the morning sometimes! My 11yr old LOVES it!


Ashley2121 - September 19

Julie - Sorry for the bad past few days. It sounds like you may be right - a bad reaction to those shots. Gloria - Glad to hear you are doing well. mm28 - How are you and your girls doing? AFM, not too much to report - I have a feeling this last month is going to be very hard for me. My belly is so big I cant believe it! The u/s tech said that twins will start to really put on weight between weeks 30-32 so I know its right around the corner. Of course I want my boys to gain as much as they can but I am having a hard time accepting how big and uncomfortable I am getting. Oh well, it will just be a lot of hard work to get back into shape after they are born.


think - September 19

Today I had my sugar test and it came out normal. I am 33 weeks now. They tested urine albumin also as I have more swelling on my legs and the result is normal. I am having cramps on my legs and back and also feeling very tired always.


jessi01 - September 21

Morning everyone, how is everyone feeling today? We are fine here, really nothing new to report, but the coolest thing did happen to me yesterday morning, when i woke up the baby had shifted to one side only so my other side was flat and the other side there was the big bump, it was so awasome, then when i got up to go to the bathroom he shifted back to normal, but i think that was so cool. We have our hospital tour on thursday so i am looking foward to that. i have a dr.s appt next tuesday. Oh and i have notice that when i eat candy my baby gets so hyper LOL, i was eating some b___terfinger last night and after i was doen eating it my baby was moving like crazy, it was a party in my tummy, my shirt kept moving like waves, and there was kicks everywhere,LOL. it is such a great expierence, i love it, i have enjoyed every second of my pregnancy. well let me stop now. Have a great day mommies!!!!!!!!!!!


mm28 - September 22

Hi all! Sorry I have not been online in a while. I started bedrest last week and it has been fantastic. I tend to get really stressed out about work stuff and the past 1 1/2 weeks I haven't thought about work at all! And I've even managed to be productive around the house - cleaning and making sure we have all the baby stuff in place. Finally DH and I finished making the changing table and it is really cute :). And i'm trying to rest as much as possible whenever I feel tired/run down. The girls are looking great according to my OB. As I write this they are rolling around and making weird shapes of my stomach. My husband can't get enough of their antics - I just can't wait to meet them! Ashley I am getting huge also - a nurse told me the other day I looked like I was about to have the baby(ies) right now! I'm only 32w2days but none of my maternity clothes fit well right now. At least I can lounge in PJs most of the day :) Ok this is getting long, but one last thing - I've had a ton of swelling in my feet lately - it seems to come and go over a couple days. I hope it's just normal and not a sign of something more serious So glad to hear you are all doing well - we are getting closer to that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel!!


Ashley2121 - September 23

mm28 - Dont worry my feet swell all the time. If I have been on them for longer than like 10 minutes they start to hurt and swell. Just prop your feet up on a pillow and take some time to relax. But of course its best to mention it to your dr since we are in the home stretch and severe swelling can cause problems. My maternity clothes are starting not to fit either - they dont cover my tummy!!!! Pregnancy has been so tough on my body - I think it will make carrying the next baby (if its only one LOL) a breeze!


jessi01 - September 23

HELLO, my feet tend to swell up also especially at the end of the day, also i cant wear all my rings no more because my fingers swell up also, LOL. I will be 33 weeks on friday and i am still working,i have to keep saving up my hours for my maturnity leave, thank god i have an office job but still i get very tired, i have notice that when i sit for a long time i start to cramp and when i get up i feel my lower stomach stretch out so it really hurts and i have to walk it off. i have not bought maternity clothes at all , i only buy stretchy pants and bigger shirts, i have only gained 9 lbs so far, and out of 9lbs the nurse called me yesterday to give me the results of my u/s from last week and told me that my baby is already for sure head down so he should stay like that till he is born. she also told me that he is weighing between 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 lbs already, so he is a big boy. so if he starts to get to big for me before my due date they might have to induce me a week to 2 weeks before, but i have to wait to see what my dr says when i go to my appt next tuesday. take care mommies!!!!!!!!!


gaer - September 23

Anyone else have those moments where you think, "holySh**! Im having a baby in X weeks?!" All our lives are so going to change...


Ashley2121 - September 23

Only everyday! LOL. Just last night I asked my hubby "Do you realize that in about 5 or 6 weeks we are going to be not only 1 child's parents but 2 childrens at the same time?" No matter how much we planned for a child it still hits me like a ton of bricks now that its getting closer and closer. All I do is sit around and think about how different everything for the rest of my life is going to be. Of course I am beyond excited and I cant wait for it, but its still scary!


GloriaD - September 23

I am so not wanting to think about that right now! I have a hard time balancing the 3 that I have! Its not as scary this time around since I still have a 2 year-old: with her I was a bit scared and panicked just because my other kids were no longer babies and I knew it was gonna get harder with a baby again! I was at the point where we could leave the house without packing an entire bag, no diapers, no naps, etc. Right now its just gonna be another person to grab:) I worry all the time though about how I'll be able to give each little one the attention that they need/demand. Then there's the house, work, marriage, myself, etc. and all of this definitely stresses me out. I am trying to enjoy the next two months and really get in some quality time with everyone since I know it'll be a bit before "normalcy" returns. I don't know how in the world you ladies with twins are even standing these days! I've got one and it is a huge effort to get up from the floor/soft couch, etc! Well, I'm off to gymnastics, soccer and then Awana at church! I hope everyone's having a good week!


think - September 24

Hi everyone, Hope you all are doing well. I am 34 weeks now and feeling too tired always. My feets are swelling up mostly in the evenings. I cannot sleep well at night due to leg cramps.I am getting BH contractions as well. In my last appointment I got my duedate changed to Oct 30. I didn't have an u/s after the one I had in the 20th week. Have a nice time for all!!!!


jessi01 - September 24

hey everyone, well today i woke up hurting, i woke up with pain in my lower tummy, it even hurts when i walk, it feels like pressure down there, i dont know y, but i am gonna try to hold off but if it gets worse then i will call my dr. i cant really sleep at night no more , i have to be so carefull when i turn side to side cause if i turn to fast it feels like stretching, also the bathroom trips are annoying lol, i get up like 2 or 3 times, but i guess its good practice so when the baby comes. my hospital tour is today at 7:45pm so thats going to be fun. hope everyone is doing fine!!!!!!!!!


Ashley2121 - September 28

Hope everyone is doing ok. How much longer do you all have?


jessi01 - September 29

hey ashley, i will be 34 weeks on friday, i am not feeling that good tho, i have alot of pressure in my lower tummy and it feels like the baby is pushing down, i always feel like i need to pee but when i go its only like a drop, i am so tired of waking up like 3 times to go to the bathroom, but i guess i cant complain because it is all worth it at the end. i have an appt today so i will keep everyone posted. Hope everyone else is doing great, we r all only weeks away from meeting our lil angels. hang in there girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JulieK - September 29

34 weeks on Friday too. Had my doctors appointment yesterday and she gave me 3 choices for my c-section date. Nov 3 which she feels is too late, and will risk me going into labour and the c-section being an emergency c-section, which is not appealing. Oct 27, and someone other than her would have to do the section as she is on vacation that week. Also not appealing. and Oct 20, which means I would only be 36 weeks 5 days, which seems too early, so not appealing. Any advice? I am really struggling with this. Also my iron is still too low, so now I have to take 3 supplements a day instead of one. Otherwise feeling pretty good. Baby had a quiet day today. I think she's growing


Ashley2121 - September 30

jessi - I have so much pressure too! At night when I get up it is so painful to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. I am almost in tears - last night was SO SO bad. Julie- Did you ask you dr if she feels October 20th would be too early? Its almost 37 weeks so its not too early. Personally as long as my dr said the 20th is ok, thats the date I would go for. If Nov 3rd is too late and Oct 27th is no good because your dr wont be able to do it, I would go with the 20th. I feel so bad for saying this but I am ready to be done being pregnant and just have the boys be here already. I am so physically uncomfortable its insane - I know that sounds selfish and I always feel bad for saying it, but I never ever thought pregnancy would be so physically hard! There is not 1 part of my body that has not hurt at some point. And whats scary is that the boys growth spurt is coming up so it only going to get worse!!! I am counting down the weeks until my boys will finally be here. Well enough about me, but it feels good to vent - I always feel like if I tell my family how miserable I am they may think I am selfish.....



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