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Ashley2121 - September 30

jessi - I have so much pressure too! At night when I get up it is so painful to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. I am almost in tears - last night was SO SO bad. Julie- Did you ask you dr if she feels October 20th would be too early? Its almost 37 weeks so its not too early. Personally as long as my dr said the 20th is ok, thats the date I would go for. If Nov 3rd is too late and Oct 27th is no good because your dr wont be able to do it, I would go with the 20th. I feel so bad for saying this but I am ready to be done being pregnant and just have the boys be here already. I am so physically uncomfortable its insane - I know that sounds selfish and I always feel bad for saying it, but I never ever thought pregnancy would be so physically hard! There is not 1 part of my body that has not hurt at some point. And whats scary is that the boys growth spurt is coming up so it only going to get worse!!! I am counting down the weeks until my boys will finally be here. Well enough about me, but it feels good to vent - I always feel like if I tell my family how miserable I am they may think I am selfish.....


jessi01 - September 30

morning, ashley dont feel bad, i love being pregnant but i think i am done, i just want the baby to be here so i can run up and down roll around in bed LOl, SLEEP ON MY TUMMY and not worry if i bump into things or just in general be so careful. i am so uncomterable i give up sleeping, i get up to go to the bathroom alot, i cant sleep no more. But since yesterday i have pelvic pain and pressure, and it wont go away i am in pain, told the dr yesterday but she is just like well pregnancy is like that, she just made me feel stupid, i know i should start feeling pain or pressure cause we are alomst done, but my pain wont gp away, if it does not go away i am gonna call the dr and tell her again. i just want time to fly and baby to ber here. well let me stop, i guess i am just going to suck it up. JulieK, if ur dr told u oct 20 would be fine then i would do it that date, if my dr told me that i would not think about twice, she would not have said that date if it was early so just do it that day.OMG thats 3 weeks away how excting!!!!!!!!! well i am done venting have a good ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!


JulieK - September 30

Hi Ladies, Thanks for the advice. The main reason I am concerned about her taking the baby out a little shy of 37 weeks is that my first was taken out at 37 weeks (because he was so big) and had to spend some time in the NICU due to breathing problems. He was fine but it makes me a little nervous about it happening again. My second was at 38 weeks ( also taken out due to size) and he had no issues. I am sorry you are both feeling so uncomfortable. Hang in there, it will all be worth it. The pelvic pain could be that the baby's head has engaged so there is pressure on the bone. It can happen as much as 8 weeks before delivery with your first if I remember right. Jessi01 have you noticed your belly a little lower since the pain began? Ashley, don't worry about people thinking you are being selfish. There is no right or wrong way to feel about pregnancy, especially the first time through, and with twins! Besides you only have a few more weeks to focus on yourself, so enjoy every minute and feel free to share how you are feeling. Anyone who has been there will understand.


mm28 - September 30

Ashley/Jesse - I think we all are starting to feel that's not selfish at all to want your regular self/body back and have an adorable baby(ies) in your arms, too! I am getting more and more uncomfortable, even while laying down. Noticing more contractions too, mainly they hurt low and then across my stomach where it feels like the girls are stretching out sideways! I've had several near "accidents" when I'll be sitting down in public and one of the girls will punch my bladder, it totally takes me by surprise... Julie I think any of those dates sound fine - I would probably want to have my own OB do the surgery so I'd probably go with either Oct 20 or Nov 3. I've got a c-section scheduled for Nov 2, doubt I will make it that far. I had a scare this morning at the dr's office when the nurse checked my cervix and told me it seemed to be changing, i.e. dilating. I'm not quite 34 weeks yet and it totally scared me. Well 20 seconds later she says "oh no I was wrong, that was something else. Your cervix is closed and seems fine." Somehow that freaked me out all day and made me realize how quick things change and I could have these babies ANY DAY. Plus I have the beginning signs of hypertension....and when I got home from the appointment, our carbon monoxide detector started going off for no reason - no apparent gas leaks but I am of course paranoid about any exposure to the twins now....yes, definitely ready to have these babies!


littlekmom - September 30

mm, I'm also scheduled for a c-section November 2nd! I've been so grumpy recently--anyone else? I'm also pretty sore in my hips/pelvis area, but thankfully my feet/ankles aren't swelling. I know my ankles were long gone at this point in my first pregnancy. I keep randomly thinking I'll go into labor early, though I don't have any reason to think that. It's so odd.


GloriaD - October 1

Soooo tired.......Ugh.. DS9 had a cold, DH has the flu and I'm trying to run the whole show solo and I'm gonna lose my mind! Sorry, had to get that off my chest! I want to know who in their right mind isn't uncomfortable this far into a pregnancy? I have always wondered which is worse, the first or the third trimester but my answer seems to change depending on where I'm currently at:)Definitely third trimester right now! So the only really good news is that with my last two pregnancies my hips/public bone area were killing me from like 30 weeks on, and this little one is transverse so I'm still good for the most part. I did have a bad couple of days Sunday/Monday when my stomach went rock hard and it wouldn't let up. I spent two entire days on the couch and it finally let up. Weird! I'm having a hard time picking things up off the floor, tying my shoes, getting up off the couch/out of the bath now and can't really grasp the thought of 8 more weeks of this so I'm just focusing on the week at hand. Thanksgiving just seems so far away still.... the holidays make it seem like forever....... Gonna go try not to breathe in the sick air in my house! Have a good night ladies!


Ashley2121 - October 1

Thanks for the rea__surance everyone - its so nice to talk to some women in the same situation :) Julie - Make sure and keep us posted on what date you choose. Did you speak with your dr about why you are nervous to have a c-section before 37 weeks? littlekmom - I have been grumpy lately too. My horomones werent crazy at all up until recently. I think its just cuz we are in the home stretch. mm28 - Call me parionoid, but I would call the gas company and have them come out to take a look for any leaks. Its wierd that your alarm would go off for no reason - better to be safe than sorry. I got a flu shot on Tuesday night (I never had one before) and all day Wednesday I felt like c___p! My whole body was so achy just like when you have the flu. Add that on top of all the regular aches and pains with my pregnancy and Wednesday was the worst day ever!!! I spent 1/2 the day crying!! Thank god I was by myself so no one could see my craziness LOL. I even missed our last night of our childbirth cla__s last night - thats how bad I felt. Talk to you ladies later - get some rest!


jessi01 - October 1

morning, oh yea julie my stomach has dropped. i did not even notice, but everyone at work, even the ppl in the different floors have said that my stomach has dropped, and i can feel the baby pushing down. i told the dr but once again she said oh thats normal so i give up on her, the pain and pressure i had down in my pelvic area has gotten better, it does not hurt that had, but i have notice that my stomach has been tighting up lately and then releases, it does not hurt but it gets difficult to walk, but other then that i am fine, omg ladies today is oct 1, we r due next month AHHHHHHHHHHH.........time is flying i even think imma have the baby by the end of oct, i feel he is getting big for me, and i am a tiny person, i am like 5'0 or barley reach 5'0, lol, so i have to see with the coming weeks how big my baby is starting to get, when i got an u/s 3 weeks ago my baby was weighing around 5 ILBS already so he is a big boy, but ok let me stop. hope everyone is doing good, only a few more weeks to go mommies!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley2121 - October 1

jessi - sounds like you have the same problem as me - everyone has been telling me it looks like I have dropped too. But I asked my dr about it and he said its because I am short (5'2") that my tummy has no where to go but down..... I know November is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jessi01 - October 1

i guess that's whats happening to me, and all morning my stomach has been tighiting up and releasing, it does not hurt , but it tightens up and my stomach gets all hard then releases, wierd.


gaer - October 1

I thought I was all alone in geting tired, sore and impatient... I dont sleep well either, laying on my side hurts my hips, so I get all pillowed up and then my back hurts or I get heartburn, then baby jumps on my bladder and I have to pee anyway... so I get up and perform the ritual again....8.5 weeks to go! In that sense of not having a nursery or any thing to go in it I feel rushed, but when it comes to being tired and not being able to walk at times cause my crotch hurts, 8 weeks is like eternity. I love this little baby and want her in there as long as she needs to be, but it sure can be tough some days!! Anyway, on a + note Im going with my other kids and inlaws this weekend to buy "everything" we need. At least that will be some fun! Gonna try and do my Christmas shopping as well. I hope everyones well.


Ashley2121 - October 4

Well it sure has been a crazy past few days for me. I went on Friday to my weekly drs appt, not expecting anything out of the blue. My blood pressure was in the 150s (mines usually under 120) and I had gained almost 10 pounds in less than a week. My dr did an u/s to check the position of the babies and told me and my hubby to go straight to the hospitial only stopping at redlights. We both thought we were about to be parents within the next hour! So I have protein in my urine - it has went down from +3 to +1 so thats good. But I am only 32 weeks today and my dr wants to try everything in his power to get me to 34 weeks. On Friday night I was hooked up tp the monitors and was having contractions every 3-5 minutes. I had no idea I was having them and I couldnt feel them. My dr said that since I am stable he either wants me to get worse so they can just deliver or he wants me to get better. He doesnt think I will get better he thinks I will probably get worse. So I had my 2 doses of steriods for the babies lungs and am now just waiting. Generally preclampsia doesnt just go away. So I am sitting in the hospital now just waiting for something to happen. I will go tomorrow to get a fetal growth u/s and he my dr will keep his eyes on their growth. That could be another determining factor if we deliver before 34 weeks. Sooooooooo wish me luck everyone! I hope you are all doing good! Feel free to chat as much as you want - I am stuck to a hospital bed so chances are I will be on here all day!!!!


JulieK - October 4

Hi Ashley! Well first thing, I'm glad your doctor is giving you such good care. His quickness to act should give you and your husband some peace of mind, it sounds like you are in good hands, I am thrilled you and the babies are being watched so closely. With my first I didn't know I was having contractions either. I had to go for a non-stress test and they told me I was having them. I was like, huh? Really? If you decide to have more children you will likely notice them next time as they seem to be stronger in subsequent pregnancies. I hope you aren't going stir crazy in the hospital. I'm glad you at least have your computer to keep you busy! Not much new here. Baby has dropped, which for my third time around is a little early. The odd contraction here and there but nothing as worrying as a few weeks ago. Still trying to decide on my c-section I see my doctor again on Tues. Still have 2 weeks left at work but mentally I am done...hehe. I was 34 weeks on Friday. Julie


mm28 - October 5

Ashley - eek! I can't believe you are so close to delivering your boys! Like Julie said, it seems your doctor is monitoring you closely and doing everything he can, so take comfort you are in good hands. Every day you can stay in the hospital and keep them growing is one day closer to 34 weeks....good luck and keep us posted! Julie I cannot even imagine working right now. I'm 34wk1day and mentally I checked out of work and any other stressors weeks ago! Plus physically I can hardly move - I sat down on the floor at CVS the other day, to look at b___stpump accessories (really? do they not realize pregnant women can't reach the bottom shelf??), and literally COULD NOT get back up. After numerous tries I managed to pull myself up, but the pain was so bad I practically cried. Otherwise all is well here, babies are sitting low and ready to be born, blood pressure/swelling is going up so the doctors are monitoring me more closely but they seem to be happy to deliver any day now, whenever the girls decide it's time!


jessi01 - October 6

Ashley: how r u doing? what has the dr. said? I hope u and the babies r doing fine. keep us posted ok. As for me, i am in pain, my hips hurt alot and i feel like my legs r being ripped apart, i really dont know y i am hurting alot. i have an appt next wed, so i am going to ask the dr. i really dont think i am going to make it to my due date, i have a feeling that my baby is going to be here by the end of oct. i am getting alot of b/h contractions and lately i have been getting sharp pains down my belly. oh and i had a dream last night that my water broke and i had the baby, and the wierd part was that in my dream i looked at a calender and it said Oct 13. so i thought that was pretty wierd. well let me stop hope everyone else is doing fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JulieK - October 9

Hi ladies. Well My c-section date has been set. My little one will be joining us on Oct 22. I will be 36 weeks 6 days that day. Doctor doesn't want it to go any later than that given my history of large babies. I am excited, but still would prefer to give baby a little longer in there. Oh well I have to trust in the professionals. Ashley I hope everything is ok with you and your little ones. How is everyone else doing?



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