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JulieK - October 9

Hi ladies. Well My c-section date has been set. My little one will be joining us on Oct 22. I will be 36 weeks 6 days that day. Doctor doesn't want it to go any later than that given my history of large babies. I am excited, but still would prefer to give baby a little longer in there. Oh well I have to trust in the professionals. Ashley I hope everything is ok with you and your little ones. How is everyone else doing?


Ashley2121 - October 11

Well after being admitted to the hospital on Friday Oct 2nd I got sicker and sicker with each day. I was able to receive the 2 sterioid shots to develop my boys lungs. By Tuesday I had fluid in my lungs and was so sick. A consultant Dr came into the hospital and took 1 look at me and said "We have to deliver her NOW". So I was lying in bed almost delirous from my headache and all these people were moving around me prepping me for surgery. So at 11:44am Dylan James was born weighing 4lbs 13oz 18" long and at 11:45am Connor Joseph joined his brother weighing in at 4lbs 10z and 17 1/2" long. I was able to "cook" them for 4 days longer than when I was admitted to the hospital and it really helped. So they are in the NICU nursery, they were born at 32weeks 2 days. They are doing really good and should be home around the 1st week of November if all goes well - which is still a few weeks before their expected due date. They are getting taken off their IVS today because they can tolerate all their feedings and they have never onece had to be on any sort of oxygen. They have been able to breath room air since they were bor. Everyone keeps saying how big they are for being onl 32 weeks. I feel so happy and proud of myself that I was able to keep them in me that long and that I was able to grown them so good! So after battling preeclampsia for a few days I was able to deliver my boys. I was just released from the hospital yesterday and was already back up there to see them. I will go up there everyday until they can come home - its going to be so long! Hope everyone else is doing good!


JulieK - October 11

Congratulations Ashley! and welcome to your two little boys! So glad to hear that you are all doing well and that they will be able to come home with you soon. In the meantime, try to get some rest and heal up after your delivery. Way to go!


prayn4baby - October 11

Congrats Ashley!!!!!! Sounds like the boys are doing great! I'm sorry you got so sick, that had to be miserable! Hopefully the time will go quick till you can bring the boys home!


gaer - October 12

Congrats Ashley! I too am so happy to hear everything is going smoothly! You must be so in love with those two little babies!


think - October 12

Congrats Ashley. It is really nice to hear that everything is going well with you and the babies.


mm28 - October 12

Congratulations Ashley! I'm so glad the boys are healthy and doing well. Hope you're healing from the surgery and enjoying this time with your little ones!


jessi01 - October 14

Congrats Ashley, i am very happy for all of you. I cant believe how time flys, first we ere crtying cuz we could not prego's, now we r mommies and soon to be mommies, how awsome is that. I have an appt today so i hope that the dr can tell me what is gonna happend from today on, i am so ready to have the baby, i am in pain all the time, my hips hurt, but yesterday i got a scared, i was sitting down and i got a really sharp pain in my lower tummy, so i got up to go to the bathroom, on my way there i got another one but this time i got so hot from it, then i finally made it to the bathroom and i got another, my face was super red and i was so hot that my back got sweaty instantly, then finally it went away, what do you guys think it was???? i think the baby is getting to big for me, ( i am like 4'11) so i think he is putting to much pressure on me. I will be 36 weeks ( 9 months YAY) on friday, so i am gonna ask the dr if its ok to induce me in like 2 weeks because i cant be like this no more, and yea i am still working (uggh) i am still working on getting my hours in for maternity leave. well let me stop i will let u know guys know what the dr say's How is everyone else doing???? take care


jessi01 - October 15

Morning ladies, well i had my dr's appt yesterday, and i found out that i am 1cm dialated, i was not expecting that at all. so my every week appts start now, i have an appt next wednesday. The dr said that by me dialating already is good because by the time i am in active labor i probably will be 3-4 cm already so i wont suffer that much LOL. But the pain and pressure is unbearable, i can feel him right in between my legs. well everything is worth it, hope everyone else is doing good. Dont let this Forum die ppl, keep me updated with ur progress LOL.


think - October 16

Hi Ladies, Yesterday I had my doctor's appointment and everything is found normal. From today morning I have started sharp lower abdominal pain. Pain lasts for only few minutes and it will come again after one or two hours. Is that a sign of my labour approaching? I am now 37+weeks and my duedate is October 31st. Hope everyone else is doing good.


jessi01 - October 16

think, i am glad everything is fine with the baby. well u r due basically anytime now, either the baby comes before or after but just be prepared at any time. those pains could be contractions, have u dilated yet? i am 36 weeks today and i had an appt on wed and i told them that i have been having alot of braxton hicks contractions and come to find out i am 1 cm dilated already, i am due around nov 7, but the dr told me that if the baby wants to come now then they wont stop him. so ask ur dr for a v____al exam and explain to them about the pains, hope that helps. hang in there girl!!!!!!!!!!!


mm28 - October 16

Hi think & jessi, Glad you are both doing well. Think, from what I've read the only sure sign labor is near is when you start dilating/effacing, or of course if your water breaks or real contractions start. A lot of these other signs (lower ab pains/braxton hicks/swelling/etc.) mean you're getting near the end but it could be another 3 weeks out still. I know how you both feel, the babies are now 6lbs each so I have 12+ pounds of baby to lug around all day and it is wearing me out! My blood pressure was really high (140s) last time I went in to the OB, but after laying down a while the nurse rechecked it and it had gone down, so she said it's nothing to worry about. Still, I am swelling up like a balloon, having constant braxton hicks contractions, and have developed PUPPP (a bumpy rash that itches like a million mosquito bites) all over my abdomen, hands, feet, and legs. I know this all means the end is near, but I'm 36 weeks and just want them to deliver the girls NOW. Since I'm not dilated yet my OB wants to wait at least another week - ugh!


JulieK - October 17

Hi Ladies! I am finally on maternity leave!!!! I thought it would never get here. I have my oldest sons birthday party tomorrow, hes turning 4, and then a few days to myself to get the house clean and rest up. Thursday we get to meet our new addition:) Oh and for some reason I've got really bad heartburn today. Haven't had that before. How are you all doing?


jessi01 - October 19

mm28, i can just imagin how u feel then LOL, have u told ur dr what that rash could be, maybe its bcuz ur skin is really stretched out. so u r not dilated yet? when is ur due date? hope everything turns out great for u and the girls. keep me updated. juliek: u r so lucky to be out on maternity leave already, i am dying over here, i put my last day till nov 6, but i doubt imma make it to that day, i am in so much pain right now, my hips and my pelvic area hurt so bad i cant really walk , i wish i could be pushed around in a wheelchair, LOL thats how bad it hurts, i have been having alot of b/h's also, i have an appt on thurdays so imma see what my dr reccomends me cuz i cant be walking around in pain, maybe i dilated even more, last wed i was 1 cm so we will see this appt if she checks me since i am hurting. Omg julie only 3 more days till ur lil angel is here how exciting, i wish u the very best and that everything turns out good and that u heal fast, please keep us updated.


mm28 - October 20

Julie I am so jealous you will have your baby in a couple days! Good luck and keep us posted! Jesse if you are in serious pain/uncomfortableness, I would ask your doctor to give you a note requiring bed rest so you can start your leave earlier and/or work part-time. It sounds like you are in a lot of pain already, hope you can get some rest and have somebody do the housework/chores for you! I finally started saying 'yes' to offers of help and am amazed at how generous people are with their time. I've had friends and family bringing groceries, frozen ca__seroles for when the girls get here, offers to do housework. I feel lucky to have such support! As for the PUPPS rash, it has steadily gotten worse so when I talked to the nurse today, she had me come in to get blood work to rule out other issues (something about liver functioning and bile buildup - don't know what they indicate but of course it freaked me out). I should get my results tomorrow.


mm28 - October 20

Oh and my due date is officially Nov 15, but yesterday I turned 36 weeks and that is the average 'twin due date' so we are on baby watch right now....! :)



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