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mm28 - October 20

Oh and my due date is officially Nov 15, but yesterday I turned 36 weeks and that is the average 'twin due date' so we are on baby watch right now....! :)


jessi01 - October 20

morning: well i feel alot better today, my hips dont hurt that bad like yesterday, i mean yesterday was so bad i felt like a 100 yr old lady with a broken hip LOL. but for some reason i feel better. but i am gonna ask my dr on thursday's appt what that could be cuz i am short (like barley 5'0) so i dont know if thats whats causing my pain, maybe i just dont have no more room for baby. and my due original due date is Nov 15, but baby could come at anytime, which i think so. mm28 thats good that ppl are taking care of u already, u r gonna be to busy to cook and clean take up on the offers ok LOL. hopefully ur rash is nothing bad and clears up really soon. take care. julie, how r things going? do u have everything ready? only 2 more days !!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!!!


mm28 - October 23

Hi all, Well, my bloodwork came back and apparently I have a condition called cholestasis of pregnancy, due to 'high bile levels'. The good news is that it is definitely what has been causing my my itches/hives. The bad news is that it is a serious condition that can cause fetal distress. My doctor put me on medication, moved up my c-section date a few days, and seems to think everything will be fine. But after looking online for information about cholestasis, I am terrified for my babies. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers - next week's delivery cannot come soon enough. How is everyone else doing? Julie? Ashley?


jessi01 - October 23

mm28, i am glad u found out what u have, now the dr's can keep a close eye on u and the girls, try not to read stuff online u will only stress urself out even more, u r on meds and the babies r coming sooner and will be nice and healthy. now just relax take ur meds and just get things ready for the girls. all of u r in my thoughts and everything will be fine. As for me, i had an appt yesterday, my lil man is doing wonderful, the dr says everything is on track and he can just continue to cook in my oven a lil longer, i have another appt next wed and she will check me and see if i have dilated more. I really hope i have and i wish labor would start soon, i can not wait to hold him in my arms. i will keep everyone informed, and mm28 just relax ok. Keep us informed also. Have u thought about any names yet? We are going to name the baby Dominick Isaiah( they mean gift from god) How is everyone else doing? take care everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gaer - October 23

mm28, my friend had the same thing. She was told afterward that the babies need to taken early. I think she said there was a key week that they had to be born before. Unfortunately, she wasnt tested till after everything went badly. Her Dr ignored her itching. Im glad you have your section booked sooner. Hang in there, if youre worried, go speak to your Doc again. These are your babies and you are ent_tled to all the ease of mind you need.


mm28 - October 23

Gaer, did her babies turn out OK? I called my dr again this morning but they insist on the 'wait-and-see' method...I'm going in Monday (37wks1day) and he'll decide then whether to deliver them right away or not.


Ashley2121 - October 23

mm28 - I am sure everything will be alright. Try not to read too much stuff online, it can freak you out (I know easier said than done). However you are far enough along that if you do deliver Monday your girls should be healthy. Keep us updated :) Jessi - Try to really enjoy your last days of pregnancy. I cant believe how much I miss being pregnant. As uncomfortable and miserable as I was I really and truly do miss it. It sounds corny but cherish your last days. AFM Dylan and Connor will more than likely be home early next week!!!! I cant wait to have them home - it seems so unnatural to have had them but not have them home with me. Its been 17 days since they have been in the NICU and I am ready for them to be home. Everyone pray for me that they are healthy enough to come home next week :) Hope everyone is doing good - you are all in the home stetch now!!! Good luck and try to enjoy your last days of pregnancy :)


longlashz - October 25

hey everyone i am joining a bit late was on the original november momies back in may. i am in my 39th week,due on the 8th, n realy want it to be over, from mid august iv been suffering from sleep loss im awake all night n hardly get any sleep during the day iam in astate of zombi land, the last few days have been the most stressful as i am anxious aswell as excited. i have also been suffering from big n small boils all around my butock n leg area thev been horrible.. apart from that im good! babies head is engaged and i am getting lots of drop down pains, my left leg bone keeps on moving aswell. babies stuff all arrived two days ago n my heart was leaping through the window i had b___terflies, my first little angel keep on wondering what theyll look like. the other day i had a false alarm was gettin pains and then a pool of water came out not once but three times, me n huby wer sure that it wasnt urine but i was sure that i wasnt in labour still got it checked out n realised it was apparently urine, felt disapointed annoyed n embaresed. its really weird not knowing what ur bodys doing. mm28- i hope that ur babies r doing well in ther, not long to go just try n be as positive as u can, do u know the s_xes of babies? ashley2121- hey wer ur babies premature? hope they r with u soon! jessi01- i know what you mean about hip pain, i think its expanding n babys pushing down making space, sometimes i cant get up from lying down or sitting. neways gud nite its seven in mrning n im gona try to sleep.


JulieK - October 25

Hi Ladies, Well we had our little girl on Thursday at 1:16pm. She is cute as a b___ton and very fiesty. She was kicking the doctors who were trying to grab her. She was breech, which for how early she was is not unusual I am told. Looks funny cause she keeps lifting her legs up to her She was already 7 pounds 5 ounces, so I am glad we took her early. C-section went fine, recovery going okay too except for the added joy of a bad cold and cough. Coughing, sneezing and b__wing your nose after a section is really painful, but otherwise everything is good. I am glad to be home with now three happy healthy kids. Hope everyone else is doing great.


JulieK - October 25

Oh, and we named her Jessica Ruby-Lynne. Her big brothers picked the name.


littlekmom - October 25

Congrats, JulieK! My c section is a week from Monday, and I think I'm starting to get nervous. My hips hurt enough that I'm almost ready to be done, but I've gotten used to this large belly and don't look forward to having to lose all of my pregnancy weight!


littlekmom - October 25

That's cool that her brothers picked her name. If my daughter named the new baby, the name might be "bear" or "doll" or something like that (my daughter is 2).


gaer - October 29

Juliek, congrats! My Inet has been down.. I missed alot! Seems like there are a few of us due later in Nov (Like the 30th!) who will be waiting around hoping to go into labor.... MM28: I didnt mean to sound cryptic, your Dr is watching you closely, youre in good hands. My friends babies went to term and were stillborn, only because she was ignored and nothing was done until the next pregnancy was the same. She asked for help over and over with the symptoms. As for us, Im pretty sore, Dr tld me to lay only on my left side, which is my worst side, so last night when I couldnt sleep from the hip pain I pillowed up the bed and slept sitting up. Not overly comfy either, but I wasnt as sore. Baby lays transverse most of the time, at best she will go head down for a day then shufle back to horizontal. Its getting pretty painful. Sometimes I get a bit of a break and she lays at an angle. I saw a new Dr in the town I have to deliver in, she would like to enduce a week early because I hemoraged with the last one. She came out too fast (after 3 hrs labor, delivery was 3 pushes and when the Dr told me to hold up she came out without me pushing) The logic is that if they enduce they control the contractions,theyll have the IV in if I need the drugs, and I wont have to drive an hr+ in a potential snow storm. Im not sure how I feel, last labor was 12 years ago....Id rather not be enduced, but..


jessi01 - October 30

hi ladies, well i had my appt on wed, i am 2 cm dilated now(YAY), but let me tell u what happend, my blood pressure was a lil up, but the dr did not notice at the appt, the nurse called me at about 5:30pm and told me that he did not like how high my blood pressure was because at my other appts it has been normal, so at this appt it was up, the nurse told me that the labs where close so she told me to go to the hospital (labor/ Delivary) which scared me cause i was am i going to have the baby now ( i have not installed the carseat) so i got there they put me in a gown and put me on the fetal moniter, to make the story shorter i was there for like 3 hours, my blood pressure was back to normal and blood results were good so i was sent home (BOOO). i have another appt next wed Nov4 ( my DH's b-day) hopefully i get better news, and i lost my mucus plug this morning at 2am when i went potty i wiped and there was a big blob of clear/greenish mucus (sorry tmi)and all day i still have lil bits coming out so i hope i go into labor soon , as i have like 2 more weeks to go. So everyone that was supposed to make it to nov gave birth in October, i made it to Nov, who is still prego but me? LOL hope everyone is doing great with their new babies and for us prego ladies still we are almost there.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gaer - November 1

Im still prego! lol, Im not due till the 30th.... Anyone else have a cold? I saw my Dr last week and he said "if your cough is really bad come see me" ... my cough is bad enough to have a headache, I wonder if I should go? Theres so many people in the clinic with the flu though, Id rather keep it simple with a cold. Coughing sucks with a big belly.


jessi01 - November 2

hey gaer, i guess we r the only ones that are still prego, i am due supposedly next sunday nov 15, but i kinda see no sign, i hope they tell me something good at the dr's on wednesday, r having and pains or signs, r u dilated any? probably not u have like 4 weeks to go huh? Sorry about ur cough but if it is bad call ur dr and see if its that bad that u have to go see him. i know how it is to cough, it hurts even when u sneeze. hope u get better, keep me updated, takre care, by the way what r u having boy/girl, i am having a BOY!!!!!



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