November 2009 Moms

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jessi01 - November 2

hey gaer, i guess we r the only ones that are still prego, i am due supposedly next sunday nov 15, but i kinda see no sign, i hope they tell me something good at the dr's on wednesday, r having and pains or signs, r u dilated any? probably not u have like 4 weeks to go huh? Sorry about ur cough but if it is bad call ur dr and see if its that bad that u have to go see him. i know how it is to cough, it hurts even when u sneeze. hope u get better, keep me updated, takre care, by the way what r u having boy/girl, i am having a BOY!!!!!


prayn4baby - November 5

I'm still prego too! Due date is the 28th... but just found out on Monday that my little guy is breech. So it's looking like scheduled c-section at 39 weeks or so. Hopefully we will set the date up at my next appt. which will be Monday. Can't believe we're going to have babies soon ladies!!!


gaer - November 6

We are having a girl... Prayin: how do you feel about the section? If he moves into position will they enduce you instead? I saw the Doc weds, and the nurse said my baby is transverse then Doc came in and said her head is crammed in the birth ca___l good and tight..??? Not sure how you mix that up? lol makes me nervous in case they have me trying to deliver her shoulder first. I have an ultrasound the 13th to check fluid levels again, and I guess that will be more conclusive!


gaer - November 6

I wonder how everything turned out for mm28?


littlekmom - November 7

My daughter was born on Monday via C-section. We're home and she's eating and sleeping great (though not always sleeping at times that allow me to sleep, and I'm *very* tired). We're having a great time, and her big sister is fascinated with her. She was 7 lbs 3 oz when born. Congrats to everyone who has already given birth and good luck to those who are next!


think - November 11

Hi all, I delevered a baby girl on 28th october. Sorry for the delay in informing you all about this. I was in the hospital for a week and after that we came to our home with our sweety. I am logging to the forum for the first time after that. Hope every body is doing well. Regards, Think


gaer - November 14

Congrats ladies!


mm28 - November 22

Hi all, I'm sorry for not writing for so long. We ended up moving the c-section to Oct 30 because of the cholestasis. Everything went perfectly and our two beautiful girls were born that morning: Phoebe Adele was born at 6lb 2oz, 19.5 inches, and Coraline Hazel was born 6lb 0oz, 18.5 inches. We were in the hospital for a week and Coraline had some digestive/intestinal issues, but is doing much better now. My surgery recovery has been great and the girls are growing so fast already, gaining 2lbs in 1.5 weeks! Are you all moving to any other threads for new mommies? Things are crazily hectic with the twins right now, but I would love to have another board to chat about new mommyhood with everyone :) Congrats to all the new mommies and good luck to those about to deliver their babies!


jessi01 - November 24

Hi everyone, just wanted to drop in and see how everyone else is doing. We are fine,baby is sleeping at night and i am doing alot better with the little depression i had. My baby eats alot, at his 2 week check yesterday he gained 1 pound in 2 weeks, he is weighing now 8.4 Ilbs which is good, its better he is eating instead of not eating, Dr told me feed him on demend, but mostly i am feeding him every 2 to 3 hours. He well be 3 weeks on thanksgiving day, its amazing how time flys, 1 month already next week WOW, well take care everyone and dont lose contact.



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