November 2010 Mommys

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1plus1equals3 - August 12

Im due Nov 15th, with my first. Its a boy! We're naming him Jagger Logan and we're VERY excited!! I'll be 27 weeks on monday, and i've recently started to get really short of breath, bad acid reflux, and i've lost all my energy. Just wanted to start a thread for all the other November mommys! whats your due date? having a boy or girl? have you picked a name yet? and what are your discomforts?


Kre87 - August 20

hey i just posted an october babies thread but if noone comments on our ill join yours if you want, bc we are so close ill be 30 weeks on sunday. we are having our 6th child, one lving 3 year old boy. this one is a girl Samantha Caroline is her due date is the 31st but im scheduled csection for the 24th. i feel like i am in the first trimester all over again bc i am super tired but that is about it.i also have mthfr so im considered high risk


want2bmommy2 - August 24

Hey ladies, I simply cannot wait to see my baby boy. He is my first child, so it will be a whole new chapter in my life. I will be 30 weeks this friday. I am soo happy as I managed to sweet talk my Boss to giving me 5months for my maternity leave.I was due on the first week of Nov, but at the rate the baby is growing, my Dr suspects i will be delivering a week ealier. When i hit 36 weeks I am going to start packing for me and baba, preparing for delivery. It is very exciting, i haven't even thought of delivery pains etc. Enjoy this moment ladies, time goes by quickly.


dee1991 - August 24

Hey yall. this is my first pregnancy. and im super scared... im gna be 31 weeks this friday. Its a girl her names gna be Deanna Elizabeth. Im due Nov. 5th. Im worried cuz my hips are startin to hurt real bad and i have indegestion after eatin toast! this is crazy im just wanderin is it normal to be tired all the time and want to cry cuz i cant see my toes?


Kre87 - August 24

hey congrats on your first pregnancy. ill be 31 weeks sunday but my due date is the 31st which is strange bc youre a few days farther along than me which means you should be due before me lol wonder if the messed up your due date? why are you scared? bc of labor. when i was pregnant with my first, i would have mini panic attacks thinking about labor just bc i didnt know what it would be like. but when i went into labor, it was gradual and it wasnt too bad, it got worse but still was bearable i did 11 hours with nothing and was fine, i had petocin started after my water broke bc i wouldnt dialate and that made it worse i did get an epidural and after 21 hrs i had a csection bc i only got to 3 and he was having problems even the csection was doable and wasnt as bad as everyone says. im super tired too, i take a nap every day


dinky - August 31

hello people, this is also my first pregnancy and im 29 weeks along and due on 17th of november. im really excited but extremely nervous about the birth. its nice to be able to chat to other women who are due around the same time as me so we can compare all our symptoms and can have a good moan with people who understand! x


Kendra71 - October 20

Due November 27 with our 2nd baby boy! Starting to get really excited and nervous (becuase I don't have a THING done!). His name is going to be Cooper (at least that's what we think for now), and his older brother is 9 years old. Good luck November mommies!


TASHIWASHI - October 24

wooo hooo!! congrats to everyone!! im due on turkey day 2010 with my second child a baby boy. first one was a girl. yay, im done having


havenc6 - November 11

well im due nov 23rd but i dont think im gng to make it that long...i am abosolutly exhausted...and feel like c___p but me and my hubby are super excited so see our lil girl



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