NST Showed 2 Contractions At 33wk Help

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Trish# - July 6

Hi! I have been ordered to undergo weekly NSTs (non-stress tests) due to somewhat high BP. My first test was today. My dr. said my baby did "better than good" and things look excellent. Surprisingly, though, the 20 min. test registered TWO contractions! My dr. said that while this is not THAT uncommon at 33wk, his instincts and experience tell him my girl will be early. I hope not TOO early. I couldn't even feel the contractions but they were not minor ones. Is that also wierd? I guess any feedback you have will be appreciated. If you had contractions on your NST, how long after that did you go into labor? Or what treatment did you get? Or what happens next? Just not sure what to make of these contractions! Thanks!


Justine - July 6

Hi Trish. I also had to have a nst due to high BP and i also registered having regular although initially painless contractions. within an hour though they were 2 mins apart and getting very strong (and uncomfortable) until the drs managed to stop them with drugs as i was only 34 weeks. i'm now 37 weeks and have had no issues with contractions (apart from bh) and as my cervix hasn't changed either it looks like i could now go to term...figures! i have been on bed-rest for the last few weeks though so maybe that has helped prevent anymore contractions. It sounds like your drs are on top of things with the weekly nsts so hopefully you're baby will stay put for a few weeks longer yet. Good luck!


3babies - July 6

Hi Trish, I am the same too. Had NSTs with all three pregnancies due to high BP and they always show contractions, sometimes every few minutes. At one appointment they checked my cervix because they were registering as quite significant. They felt quite hard to me, but not painful, and they werent doing anything at all. Even my first son, I had heaps, but he was an emergency C/S at 35 weeks due to high BP but the cervix was still high, posterior and closed. Try not to worry, you could be weeks away!


Trish# - July 7

Thanks, Justine & 3babies. Mind if I ask what your BP was? Did it gradually increase to dangerous levels? Mine is usually 112/60ish but for the past week has been in the mid40s/mid80s (as high as 150/90). How do I know if the contractions were significant? They showed up as very obvious and kind of high "hills" on the NST, but if I didn't feel them does that mean they aren't significant? I guess they could've been BH but I'm surprised my dr. wouldn't have said so, as BH is so common. Also, when did you go on bedrest?



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