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Judy - November 19

Hi I am 30 wks, 3 days. I have done 2 NSTs and everything was fine. Today however at my 3rd one, they tried to get my baby to go over the baseline by 15 bpm and he wouldn't budge. All the time I was monitored his hr said in the 130s - 150s. Can anyone tell me what all this is suppose to mean and if I should be asking for another kind of test(s)? I thought that as long as the HR didnt stay the same and was moving around it was fine. Why would they need to get him 15 bpm over baseline?


Lynn - November 19

They want the baby to move & to see the heartrate go up when the baby moves & then return to normal. They should have scheduled you for another NST in a few days? Did they do that? You can also ask for a Biophysical Profile test too, which combines the NST results with sonogram results looking for fetal breathing movements, measuring amniotic fluid, fetal tone & movement.


Judy - November 19

Thank you Lynn, they gave me a u/s after the NST and the fluid was 19 cm compared to it being 15 before. He kicked me while she was doing it so I know she seen him move and he also had the hiccups. She didn't say anything was wrong but yes I do have another NST on monday. I guess my concern is, what can it mean? is it bad? everything else looks fine.


YC - November 19

Hi Judy. I have been having NSTs since 28 weeks and I am now 36 weeks. Like Lynn said, they want to see the heartrate go up and then return to baseline with movements. It's just like our heartrate, when we run it goes up and when we stop it comes back to normal. My testing center is a little different than yours in that they only expect the baby to rise by 10 bpm at 30 weeks because they are still so small. They didnt require my little one to rise 15 bpm until about 32 weeks. My baby really struggled to rise 10 bpm at first and often had to be a__sisted by drinking juice or using the stimulator (buzzer). I go twice a week and the last 5 NSTs have been great. She gets well over her 15 bpm several times. The testing center said that baby's mature at different times and that she seems to really be maturing at this point. Like lynn also suggested, a biophysical profile is great because it measures several things and gives you a score. I have had two so far and my baby pa__sed with flying colors. I know it's easy for me to say dont worry but you should try to relax. The NST monitors are well trained and they really would not let you go home if they saw something that they were concerened about. Hope this helps.


Judy - November 19

Hi YC, They used the buzzer thing but it didnt do ANYTHING. I personally feel that since I am overweight, that the baby didnt hear it or feel it because of the fat on my stomach..lol. it just seems like everytime I turn around there is something new to worry about but thank you


*feeling dumb* - November 19

Can someone explain and NST to me? I havent heard of it.. Thank you!!


Ans: - November 20

NST=Non Stress Test "What is a nonstress test? A nonstress test is a simple, painless procedure in which your pract_tioner or a technician monitors your baby's heartbeat — first while the baby is resting, and then while he's moving — to evaluate his condition. Just as your heart beats faster when you're active, your baby's heart rate should go up while he's moving or kicking. The test is typically given if you've gone beyond your due date, or in the month leading up to your due date if you're having a high-risk pregnancy." You can do a search for more detailed information.


Tati - November 20

should everyone take the NST test? This is my third and I never went.


Christy - November 21

i had to have nst's b/c i have a clotting disorder. they were all fine except the last one, so they sent me to the hospital and a high-risk specialist for a repeat nst and biophysical profile respectively. it all checked out fine except that baby had an abnormal heartbeat occa__sionally. three days later he was born and everything has been fine so far (he is weeks old today.) i wouldn't worry too much. chances are that the baby as sleeping very soundly during the test and that is why is was nonreactive.


Christy - November 21

sorry- baby is two weeks old today.


Judy - November 22

I thank all of you for responding. I went for another one today but they didn't even try thr buzzer and when I asked why the nurse just said that usually dont start looking at that until like 32-33 wks, so I asked then why the hell did they do it on Friday and she just said that sometimes they like to do it early. I still havent found out what does it mean if they dont go over it? does it mean that something is wrong with their brain? I am still worried but I guess I'll just have to wait and see


Jamie - November 23

Hiya Judy - just wanted to rea__sure you...it doesn't mean a thing if the baby's heartrate didn't go over the baseline. I had to have weekly NSTs from 30 weeks til 37 weeks (when I was induced) because I had pre-eclampsia. A heartrate between 130 and 150 is really healthy; don't worry yourself over nothing, cause the extra stress could be harmful to the baby. I know it's scary, especially when the doctors, nurses, and technicians who deal with it everyday don't bother to explain what's going on to the woman who's pregnant. One thing I did figure out, though - when nothing was wrong, they didn't tell me anything. When stuff was bad, they told me just enough to get me to panic.


Judy - November 24

Hiya Jamie, maybe you can explain something for me. I went to my reg OB today and he told me that if anything was wrong, they would have sent me to L&D. But he keeps telling me that if I think that my son is moving less, then go to L&D but I tried to explain to him that it seems like my guy is REALLY active one day and almost like if he tires himself out, isnt really active the next day but I still feel him move and I can get the kick counts from him....Is this normal? I have read that alot of other ladies are going through the same thing and they are all told that its normal.



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