Nuchal Cord Is C Section Needed

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andy - February 25

I just had an u s this saturday and everything is super good with my baby : weight , size , placenta , amount of fluid , Thank God everything is fine!!! ... the only thing is that she has her umbillical cord around the neck once , and that is definielly not getting loose ( I´m 35w and there´s not so much room left for her right now) ... the thing is , I´m having my dr appt on tuesday and I am a little worried about what he might say ... We were so much planning a normal delivery but I don´t know if this changes the plans , I really do not mind having a planned c section if needed , I just don´t want to wait for va___al birth and then go for emergency c section .... Does this nuchal cord brings a troubled VB or is it normal to have that and not go through a c section ??? thanks!!!


Tammy276 - February 25

I guess it is something you will need to discuss with your doctor. There are a lot of babies that are born w/ the cord around their necks and are delivered v____ally just fine...,most people don't find out about it until delivery because most people don't have a u/s done later on in their pregnancy. My son had the cord around his neck when he was born and there were no complications during decelarations in his hb or anything.


lqtoo - February 27

My brother was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and there were complications. He lost his oxygen supply to his brain for several minutes, and this resulted in some brain injury. He has always had learning disabilities (which he has overcome through very hard work). I think this is definitely something you should discuss with your doctor. At the time my mom gave birth, she had no idea that this was the situation - we are very lucky nowadays to have so much information and several birthing alternatives at our disposal. Good luck!


sahmof3 - February 27

My brother had the same thing happen as lqtoo's. My brother's cord was wrapped around 3 times, though. He was born without a heartbeat and wasn't breathing and has vision problems and learning disabilities as a result. Definitely talk to your doctor about what they feel is safest.


amybaby2 - March 1

i am 37 weeks, and discussed this with my dr last week. he said most of the time if the cord is around the neck, it is because the cord is long, and most of the time there are no complications. my dd had it around her neck twice, and there were no complications with her



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