Numbing Perinium During Delivery

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Melinda - February 11

I have a question for anyone with any experience/info on numbing the perinium for when you push the baby out? As strange as this may sound......I am more worried about the burning and tearing of "that area" over feeling pain with contractions. This is my first pregnancy, so I dont have any experience with this. I hear that the epidural only helps during labor, but that you can feel everything when pushing the baby out?? Has anyone ever used some kind of numbing medicine for that area? what was it called? Is it common to use it? This is just something I never hear much about, so would love to hear from those experienced with this.


melanie - February 11

If you have a good epidural that lasts the you wont feel anything down there, But I have heard of something for numbing but I don't know what it is


Shawna - February 11

There are two types mentioned here in the book I got at my prenatal cla__s. My sister had this one, but no other pain relief at all, and she did just fine... it is what I hope to do also. "PUDENDAL BLOCK: *Injected through the v____al wall blocking the pudendal nerve that runs along each side of the cervix *Given for the delivery, numbing v____al walls and perineum* Often used for forceps delivery * Patient can actively push *Is effective for repair of episiotomy *But is not effective in some patients * Does not black the discomforts of contractions" (Boy, I wish we could make paragraphs on this site!)----------------------- The other type is a local anesthetic * Medication used is in the "CAINE" family * Injected into the perineum when the head is crowining to numb area for episiotomy and repair * Little known side effects to the baby *Administration of "caine" type drugs is easy and effective * Only blocks pain in the skin area that is infiltrated." I know that was awkward to read. You could find more info, I bet, by looking up "Pudendal Block." I hope that helped some!


Karen - February 11

I had an epidural that had for the most part worn off by the time I was ready to push. There was definate pain, but it was a pressure pain to get the baby out. I had an episiotomy and didn't feel it at all because the baby's head was putting so much pressure on the area. If you are going to get an episiotomy, or tear, the dr, can and usually will give you some sort of local anasthetic, before it happens if possible, and definatly when st_tching you up.


pbj - February 11

I had an epidural and the only thing I felt was wasn't even unpleasant just a weird feeling. I was out of breath of course. I just had my first and I pushed her out in 40 minutes with an epidural...I think that's pretty good.


jessb - February 12

I am pretty much like Karen. They let my epidural wear off at the end so I could feel to push. I was in a lot of pain from the pressure of the baby down there and didnt even notice my episiotomy.


Camilla - February 12

The one time I gave birth without any pain relief, I don't remember any perinium pain. The labor pains are so much stronger and override any pain you might normally feel from any tearing. There was some soreness after the birth but it wasn't too bad. When I had the epi, I could feel the baby being born and as Karen and pbj said, a lot of pressure! But I didn't notice any tearing/burning at all. So, in my experience with an epi you won't need any more numbing and without one you won't notice tearing in 'that area'.



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