Numbing Under Chest

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SamiB - June 9

Hey, I am 29 weeks and 2 days.. for the past few weeks occassionally I will get this numbing feeling right under my chest. It feels funny to the touch and feels uncomfortable. Has anybody else dealt with anything like this? Is baby sitting on something that cuts off circulation there?


Lorikap - June 9

SamiB-I had this very same feeling around the same time as you. (I am now 37 weeks) My Dr. explained that as the baby is getting bigger and higher up inside you, your ribs have to expand slightly to adapt and make more room. This makes them sore and sometimes feel numb. For me this lasted until about 35 weeks when the baby started moving down farther into my pelvis or "dropping" as they say. It made my ribs feel better, but now I have to go pee all the time!


Erynn21 - June 9

I've had a numb spot under my rib since I was 20 wks. it comes and goes, now it's here most of the time. My doc. had the same thing during her pregnancy so she explained to me that everything is getting pushed up and something gets pinched. I guess I've had this earlier than most women, I'm @ 28wks. It's really bad when I sit and eat dinner and that drives me crazy because I just want to sit and enjoy my meal.


ARD - June 9

Hi SamiB....I am 34 weeks and have had the numbing/tingling sensation underneath my right b___st/rib area since oh around 30 weeks. I asked my doctor about it also and he says the same is very high up, my ribs and other organs are moved around a bit, and sometimes a nerve can be hit which causes that numbing sensation. It seems my little one is head down now, but her little feet are still up in my ribs - so I get numb there quite often! Now its even shifted to my left side too (underneath my left b___st) from what I know its completely normal although uncomfortable at times! I also find that my back hurts in the EXACT same place straight back from the numb area in my rib area. When I take my hand and apply just a tiny bit of pressure on the numbed area, it usually stops...only to start up again when I move my hand! :o) Oh the joys of pregnancy!!! :o)



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