Numbness Anyone

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chickiepoo9 - October 3

For the last week or so i wake up everynight at 3:00 with my right arm numb i have to sit up for like an hour and shake my arm to get the feeling back and then basically have to sleep sitting up on the couch because if i lay back down my arm starts going numb again, today when i woke up it still felt tingly and it still does three hours later i am super bloated and i think that may be causing it anyone else dealing with this annoying problem? I am 38 weeks 2 days by the way.


docbytch - October 3

It's carpal tunnel cause by the pregnancy. It will go away within a few weeks of delivery. I have had it since 20 weeks and it's NO fun.


chickiepoo9 - October 3

20 weeks yuck! it just started for me and i am going crazy!!!


mrssolo - October 3

docbytch I have the same thing but when I wake my fingers hurt so bad I can barely move then do you think it is carpel tunnel too.


Mariefe - October 3

I have it too since i hit 33 weeks. I am now at 34.5 weeks pregnant and still feel the numbness of my hands. The joints of all my fingers are painful and numb specially when i wake up in the morning. I believe its the carpal tunnel syndrome.. There are about 25% of women experience this during pregnancy. It will just go away after birth anyway.. Now I see that my feet and legs are starting to swell too.. ughhh.. it may be a sign that i am nearing my due date.. :)


tonia - October 3

Hi Ladies, I developed this too, at about 32 weeks. I delivered my baby on 9/25 and I am still living with this! I hate it and I can't wait for it to go away!!!! Good luck to all of you with your new lo's coming soon!


docbytch - October 3

My hands have not had full feeling in them in over 4 mos. Swollen...numb...tingly....I can hardly DO anything that takes fine motor sucks!! Mrssolo: yep. sounds like the same thing!! I can't wait to feel normal again


nino3 - October 4

Yes, I get this all the time too. Mine is my hand though. I have permanent numbness on my right hand. At night i get it on my legs and feet too. My feet are also sooo swollen. I cant stand up for too long or i get sooo swollen. I am a bit tired of all of this and hope its all norma. My doc said that as long as my pressure is normal, then i shouldnt worry and that all is normal. Ahh, i am 35 weeks and cant wait!!!! Anyone else in this boat?


mrssolo - October 4

nino3 I'm 29 weeks with twin boys and I'm sooooo over this pregnat thing. Having a singleton is nothing like this. I've been uncomfortable for a while. I have over 6lbs. of baby in me right now and I still have months to go. I can't take it, I can't do anything, forget picking anything up from the floor. I feel useless and I'm sooooo exhausted. I just want it to be over already. And the swelling I havn't been able to wear my wedding ring for months, I look like an unwed mother, not thats it a bad thing but I've been there and done that and waited to do it the right way this tima and here I am with no ring on the finger. My toes are growing out of my thighs because my ankles don't exsist anymore and I feel like and sausage ready to bust out of my casing. My husband asks if there is anything he can do and I tell him to build a time machine. well i'll be here sitting and waiting for time to pa__s before I bust open.


docbytch - October 4

MrsSolo...Gawd I couldn't imagine twins!! My singleton pg sounds like your twin pg in many ways believe it or's been basically horrible since about the 20 week mark. But...TWINS?? And boys at that? I have only my dd to compare this pg to...such a difference it has been between male and female fetuses. Although age is definitely a factor (40 for this pg....19 for the other pg) as well as the fact my son will obviously have a different father... Oh well such is life when you don't find the right person until you're 36 years old!


mrssolo - October 5

docbytch I understand I was 18 when I had my son and now I'm turning 27 in Nov. and the difference between the two is unreal. I'm sure some of that is an age factor but I'm still very young and healthy so the most of it must be from twins..... My son has a different sperm donor, lol, than the twins but they will have the same dad if you get what I mean. My husband has been a father to my son since he was 2 & 1/2 and he is now turning 9 in Feb. I overhear my son talking sometimes and he says my dad this or that and he is talking about dh. He knows his real dad but he is never really around. I don't talk badly about ds's dad around him but he is old enough now that he gets the picture, plus knowing what a dad is like has made him aware without me having to say anything bad. But I am soooo uncomfortable. I have had complications with the pregnancy but the discomfort is the worst part, don't get me wrong during the last month (ds was in there for 42 weeks) with ds I was uncomfortable but I've been very uncomfortable for a while now and I have 8 weeks to get to the 36 week mark. The dr. says that is full term for twins so anytime after that they will take them. I'm still waiting for dh to build that time machine.



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