Numbness In Right Hand

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Courtney - March 27

I am 36weeks and my right hand is numb. I wake up at night with my arm asleep but usually goes away. Today it does not seem to want to wake up. I am a hair dresser so I wonder if it is like carpel tunnel.


Jenny - March 27

Could be carpel tunnel syndrome, it could be the pressure of the extra weight you're carrying around combined with the fact that you use that arm daily. Go to your doctor if you are very concerned but I doubt it's anything.


shippan - March 30

I also have this since my 2nd trimester, im pretty sure it's carpel tunnel, what i do is just let the blood flow to the hand and shake it a bit and it wakes up, it's very painful right especially the middle finger!


PP - March 31

I also have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel and my doctor says it will go away after the baby is born. I hope so!!!


bb - March 31

Hi, I am 37 weeks, for the past 3 weeks or so I have the exact same problem on my right hand particularly the first 3 fingers.highest when i wake up in the morning but throughout all day i have it.(nowadays it started in left hand too.)I think dishwashing contributes to increase the numbness and sensitivity in mine too.


Stacey - April 1

I have the same problem in both hands at night. My doctor says its pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. She says it will go away after birth. Its really annoying because it happens every night but shaking your hands does help.


Jackie - April 17

I'm having the same problem, It is very painful exspecially at night when I can't sleep. Nothing really works for me, not even shaking my hand. My labor is being induced Mon April 18th, I'll let you know if it goes away afterwards.


Amanda - September 12

I am 36 weeks and have had numbness in my fingers and shooting pain when I'm sleeping. My entire arm gets tingly but shaking my hands definately does help. I go to the Dr. tomorrow but i sure hope this goes away after the baby comes!!!


c - September 12

I'm 31 weeks and been having the numbness in my fingers and pain in my wrist for about two weeks now. Apparently, carpel tunnel syndrome is common in pregnancy. However, ask your doctor if you are concerned.



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