Nursery Themes

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kate - October 19

Have anyone decorated their nursery yet? What theme did you use?


kim j - October 19

i did a light mint green on the top and a biege on the bottom. i seperated will a border that had bears and stars. i added alittle yellow and some light blue once i found out it was a boy. i started the nursery before i knew forsure what he was. the theme can go both ways. it is really cut. if you go to the baby depot web site or jc pennys you will see it.


Tigerphoenix - October 19

Mine is jungle themed. The walls are painted a light pinkish tan and the lower half is covered with white beadboard and chair rail. Animals animals every where. All of the furnature is wood though not all the same color (some dark oak, some cherry). Reason for that is they are hand me downs but I would have done it that way anyhow because no two trees are alike. Dark green carpet for the floor and a cd player with jungle sounds ready to go. Im also eyeing a lamp that looks like a banana tree hehe


Mary - October 19

I have no theme, just a color scheme, however I wanted to have a musical theme, with musical notes on the wall and different instruments big and small, real and fake all over the place.


Jackie - October 19

I have changed themes several times but ultimately my baby shower gifts decided it....we received the Winnie The Pooh cla__sical bedding set from Target...colors are a beigish w/blue, yellow & a little pink. We are going to paint the room blue this weekend and get a few more Winnie items like lamp and curtains. I like this theme cuz we can use it again for when we have a girl...just change everything to pink. I wanted Winnie the Pooh since I found out we were preganant cuz my nursery was winnie too...but back then it was the primary colors from Sears :)


Wanda from NM - October 19

Some of the boy themed nurserys I have seen are too femme for me. Things like bears playing sports, ducks, frogs and puppies just weren't going to work for us, and I didn't want commerical characters like Spider Man, and Sponge Bob. So, we actually decided on a Where the Wild Things are theme, and that seems to go better with our style. Target carries some wall decorations, we found a light plate switch on ebay, and a friend who worked at a sign shop hooked us up with a vinyl mural, so it looks great. The walls are plain white, and for the curtains, we just went with a dark blue. Bedding posed a little bit of a problem, but we got so many hand made blankets from our family, that it seemed a shame not to use them, so while we've got the Where the Wild Things are on the walls, the blankets are homemade. I hope that helps!


D - October 19

Since we don't know if we are having a boy or girl and we live on a mountain, our theme is moose and bear. The room is green, little darker than sage with an almond color border. The furniture is a warm chesnut color. I just feel so relaxed every time I'm in the room. Its like a little vacation cabin hideaway. Hopefully this will have an effect on the baby... :-)


Shea - October 20

I am having a boy and doing mine in a western theme. Montana by Kidsline, actually. My husband has a twin bed that was his as a child that has a wagon train and rope carved in the headboard, so that is the inspiration. I also ordered western "silver stars" hardware for the dresser. I am going to leave the walls neutral, but plan on stenciling rope and horseshoes, cactus, etc. The best thing I like about this is that I got a matching crib set and twin set so I don't have to redo the room for a while.


TCM - October 20

I am having a boy and will do the nursery in an "Outer Space" theme. Basically a lot of blue and then planets and glow-in-the-dark stars and rockets etc. Most of the stuff is for older kids but I hope I can make it work - I love space stuff!!


Angie - October 21

I don't know what I am having, but we did the nursery in an ocean theme. We painted fish all over the room to match the bedding. I put a fish net with sea shells as a valance for the window. Let me know if anyone wants to see pictures.


Beth - October 21

Angie-I really wanted to do that theme too, but I was scared there would be too much blue, in case it turns out I'm having a girl, I'd love to see pictures, would you email tehm to me at [email protected]


Angie - October 21

Beth, I e-mailed you the pics. Let me kow if you didn't get them.


Nikki - October 29

I was so tired of the "baby colors" after my first son that I decided this time around I was doing something totally different. I don't know how well I succeeded but since I'm putting the baby in with his big brother after the ba__sinet I tried to keep it for older kids as well. I did white on top, crimson on bottom with a gingham horse/sheriff star/ horseshoe border in the middle. The sheets are crimson, beige, and white gingham. The quilt has alot of beige, white gingham with crimson and denim colored horses, horseshoes, and sheriff stars. The bedding includes ruffle and bumper pad for the crib, sheets and comforters, and throw pillows. It's adorable. The room is already filled with stuffed ponies, huge climb on ponies, and rocking horses! I was totally phsyched about how well it turned out!


PAS - October 30

I did a Noah's ark/animal theme. That way I can use lots of colors (I'm having a boy) like green and tans and yellows and get away from everything being blue.


Melissa - October 30

We are having a girl, and chose the Brandee Danielle Lily Frog bedding. It is very simple, mostly sherbert green seersucker and cotton candy pink linen with just a white square in the center of the quilt that has a little embroidered frog on a lily pad with dragonflies and flowers around it. We painted the top 2/3 of the walls pale pink, and the bottom 1/3 sherbert green, with a white chair rail seperating the two colors. I bought white sheer curtains and tied them back with pink gingham ribbon tied into bows. All of the furniture is white. The room is very girly and light and airy, and I love how it has turned out!


Christy - October 30

Room is painted yellow and the theme is frogs. It is not complete, but should be in the next week.


mom to be - October 30

I ended up doin my babies room in Cla__sical Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot theme, top of wall is light light brown and lower is a creamer brown and has the border along the middle with the matching crib mobile...all i used was a white eyelet baby crib set so my baby could be boy or girl and got the lamp and just a matching throw for the crib as well, everything is white (crib, dresser ETC ...)...good luck all the rooms sound wonderful



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