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bla04017 - July 30

Has anyone heard of a good place to get a nursing bra that isn't too expensive. I have a pretty big chest (32-D) and I am wondering do I get that same size in a nursing bra or do i go up in size because they will grow once milk comes in? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks


fitzerin - July 30

I've heard you have to go up a cup size when the milk comes in.


angeev - July 30

That's my size too (pre-pregnancy). I found some great regular bras at Dillards and noticed they carry the odd size nursing bras as well. Also, you OB may have some suggestions, she is who sent me there.


bla04017 - July 30

angeev, are you getting a cup size bigger for a nursing bra?


slackette - July 30

I asked the same thing on this forum a few weeks back. I heard Bravado bras are the best, and the lactation consultant I've seen said the same thing. They have a website, just google bravado bras....GL!


heather28 - July 30

I just got a couple of nursing tanks from Target and I plan to buy a bra after my milk comes in so I can see what size to get.


fintail - July 30

My advice is that you should wait until you deliver and your milk comes in to purchase nursing bras. They can be very pricey, and while some women go up one cup size, some don't change at all and some go up even more. The Bravado nursing bras are incredible, but I think it's best to wait, so you don't end up wasting money.


emr - July 30

i bought nursing bras from Walmart they are cheap and good


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - July 30

Are nursing bras a good deal, cause from what I see it takes skill to get that thing down and back up, I always figured I would just lift the shirt and the bra, then pull it down...seems a lot less complicating, but then again I don't know lol


heather28 - July 30

The nursing tanks I have can be unsnapped one handed.


bla04017 - July 30

I don't think tanks will do it for me, these girls need more support! Maybe I will have to wait till my milk comes in to get something, I just don't know if I will find the time. Myr egular bras are underwire too, which I heard was bad when b___st feeding. hmmm... what to do


spamanda - July 31

I have huge b___sts (I was a 42DD or more right after delivery) and I've had GREAT luck with the nursing tanks from Target. I'd recommend them to everyone. They're really easy and really comfy when your milk first comes in, and they're stretchy so they fit over any leftover baby belly. Wait a couple weeks until your milk supply has evened out before buying an expensive bra. The bras I bought at the end of my pregnancy don't fit at all. Waste of money. Most of my friends have had the same experience. Oh, and another friend bought a TON of nursing bras and then wasn't able to nurse at all.... so again, waste of money. My son in 10 mos. old, he's still nursing, and I sleep in the nursing tanks, so I've definitely gotten a LOT of use out of them. Good luck to all of you ladies. ~spam


gaudior - July 31

Do the nursing tanks from Target work without a bra? i.e. can you use the nursing pads in them without a bra?


Shannon - July 31

i love the Bestform nursing bras from Walmart. especially the ones with the extra wide shoulder straps. i'm a large C/smallish D


sahmof3 - August 1

I liked Bestform, too. I used those with my younger two (can't remember with my oldest... it was too long ago lol). My experience was that I stayed the same EXCEPT when I was engorged, then I went up about a cup size! When I was not engorged I was the same size that I always was.


Val - August 1

The Bravado website has good information about sizing your bras. I bought one from them before having the baby, and got a second one afterwards. Some hospitals (and other stores) carry the Bravado bras, so you might want to see if you can find one that does so you can try one on. (Although I did return one to Bravado and it was pretty simple to do.) I also use the Target tanks and like them. They have a lot of support - the only thing I find is that sometimes (if I go a while between feedings) they are not quite big enough (I have the largest size). They were super comfy during the last few weeks of pregnancy when no other bras would fit, and they're only $15, so I'd definitely recommend getting a couple.


bla04017 - August 1

Thanks everyone! That is helpful... I think I'll look into the target tanks and then wait to get a bra when my milk comes in. Thanks again for the input



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