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Pearl - October 2

Does anyone know where you can order/buy nursing bras in larger sizes? I wear a 34 or 36G and the largest I can find is a DD...I usually buy my bras at Dillard's, but they don't have any.


socurbaby7 - October 2

I dont know where either... largest I can find is a DDD or F... but i need larger as well...the only place that might have DDD is places like fashion bug.. but those aren't nursing bras and i dont know if they have any around you.... im going to try a maternity store... because i would a__sume they have larger sizes especially for b___stfeeding... goodluck let me know if u find anything


denimb__terfly - October 2

I had to type in my bra size at google and that's how I found a few places- but they cost a lot :-( You can also try ebay- there are people that sell new nursing bras on there- that's where I got mine (I'm a 38G- 40G) Also has some of the really big sizes.


tarheelfan71 - October 2

I just ordered mine from underworks dot com. I am a 42 G (DDD) and I didnt think it was that expensive (im usually a hard size to fit anyhow). You can try there. Hope that helps.


denimb__terfly - October 2

tarheelfan- 42 G is not DDD. Triple D is a F. To explain: Double D (DD) is equivalent to an E, Triple D (DDD) is an F, than comes G, H, etc.


Andi13 - October 2

I've been looking for bigger nursing bras too and I gave up! I really like the maternity tanks with the built in shelf bra. So I think I'll just see about modifying the straps so they unhook and I'll probably use that as a sub for the nursing bra. If anybody is handy with clothing, you could try that. Good luck!


denimb__terfly - October 2

The tanks are the best! I bought XXL from Target (they are liz lange) normally Target maternity clothes are not big enough for me, but I bought the nursing tanks and they fit me at the very end of my pregnancy (I was HUGE) and right now- they are pretty much the only thing I am wearing to nurse (again I have 40G b___bs- the tank has a lot of play, but as my stomach has shrun- the tank has been EXCELLENT at keeping its shape and not getting baggy or anything- and it really fit at 9 months pregnant too!!!) You HAVE to check these out! (andi- they are nursing ones so you don't have to modify them either :-)


curlygurly02 - October 2

I love the website breakout bras...They are having a sale right now, and they ALWAYS have free shipping. And no, I am not an employee or anything, I just really love their website and selection. I can't post a link, but just google their name.



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