Nursing Bras

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Angie - November 3

When should you start looking to get nursing bras? Before or after you have the baby. Anyone ordered them over the internet and get any good deal on bras they like?


Jodie - November 3

Get them before bub is born, you will need them straight away, plus do you really want to be trying on bras while your b___sts are leaking everywhere


N - November 3

LMAO, I totally agree with Jodie.. leaking all over an unpaid for bra is not good. Plus, if you end up like me and have your milk come in before you've even left the hospital, you want a very comfortable bra that fits, and trust me, your old one will not fit. I wouldn't recommend buying them online because each brand and style fits differently so you could end up with a bunch that aren't comfortable.


Charlene - November 3

Ladies, I am only about 1/2 way there, but b___st size - how much does it change in the last month? I agree you should have one before but how do you correctly judge size?


klm - November 3

I am small, 34A, I am 35 wks and have not grown all that much in that area, they've filled out and if I were to buy some I would go bigger but I can make do until baby comes. I already leak little bits and bought 2nursing bras at Walmart but they didn't have my size, so I went with 34B. DO you think that when the milk comes in they'll be more than 1 cup size larger?


r - November 3

Yes, I have been told that you may actualy grow another whole cup size after your milk comes in. Then again, everyone is different, so...who knows? I bought 2 bras online from Motherhood Maternity and am happy with them. I bought one that fits now, and then one more that's a cup size bigger - just in case. Oh, and I'm 39 weeks.


Steph - November 5

Generally what are people doing for how much they will grow when their milk comes in. I have always been a small 34A and am still wearing the same bras a wore before pregnant - I am now 37 weeks. Would you just suggest getting two bras at least one size bigger than I am now? I am not really sure what to get - I was thinking of waiting and having my mom run out to get one once I needed it, but I don't want to be left bra-less until she finds one.


lyn - November 5

I was a 34b when I had my Kate, three days later I was a 36d......But I went back down to a 34b like 3 days after that. When the engorgement goes down, so do your b___bs. And when your body figures out the supply and demand they go down. Oh and the 36d was not fun nor good looking. They looked like a b___b job gone bad and they felt worse. I did buy a 34b and a 36c bra so I wear the 34b during the day and the 36c at night (more comfortable you don't want alot of pressure on the sides of your b___bs, could cause clogged ducts). Target has pretty ones, cheap and many designs. And cut the underwire out!!! It hurts like a b___h when the milk comes!!!


J - November 5

I bought two that were 2 cup sizes bigger than what i wore pre preg. I figured there needs to be room for nursing pads....don't forget



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