Oct Mommies HERE WE ARE

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ejmeskan - July 3

Wow- I cannot believe I am posting in the Third Tri board already! This has gone by SO fast! Welcome to any new Oct Mommies who wish to join!!


JNFR614 - July 3

Hey Elizabeth! I'm here with ya, 2 weeks early, but I'm here!!!


ejmeskan - July 3

I know- I am cheating too! :) I go in for my glucose test today! It is my 24/25 week appt. The doc gave me the orange drink to bring home so I could drink it before my appt- so I am kind of excited to drink it- it is like pop! :)


MrsSandy - July 3

Hey Girls gotta another question....i had some light pink discharge this morning..called the dr and nurse called me back i told her what was going on and she said she would tell the dr and call me back...not didn't happen....now the office is closed and i know nothing...only thing i know is that it hasn't happen again....does anyone have any idea what i should do i am not hurting i feel fine i am supposed to work 2morrow but not sure whether i should are not....HELP


ejmeskan - July 3

MrsSandy- I wish I had the answer for you but I can tell you that have what looked like my bloody show (i know it has been a while since you had your last babe- I think) but it look like cervical mucous that was blood tinged...it was freaky to say the least- sorry for TMI. But the doc said we are just so vascular right now that this can happen...I was however about 16weeks when that happened. Also- have you had s_x lately? That can do it too. But the one thing I would say is if they haven't called you back that is probably a good sign that it isn't to serious!!! Scary though.


MrsSandy - July 4

Thanks so much i keep checking and still nothing and we did have s_x the day before so that could be it ....i notice something last nite my b___st are being to leak a little....TMI...lol....with my son it took for ever for my milk to come in....well Happy 4th to you and thanks again


ashley2134 - July 4

Hey ladies!! So i'm leaving for the cruise tomorrow morning so i won't be around for a week!!! I'm super excited, i can't wait just to relax and have fun for a week with out the stress of work! I hope all is well with everyone.. and hope everyone has a great week!! talk to you ladies next week!


MissP - July 5

Hello girls, its nice and rea__suring to be on the 3rd Tri board sint it! I think i am about there tho as i turn 27wks today or tomorrow. So im not a cheat haha! Anyway, i have some news, its not really good. I had another scan on thursday and basically, they are very concerned. The baby seems physically fine, however the fluid has dropped to a critical level at only 4.8cm. The doctor suspects the baby may have chromosomal disorder as theres no explanation to where the fluid is going as i dont seem to be leaking. They have sent off for some more blood tests for unusual infections i could have and are sending me for a 4d scan on tuesday to see if they can find something tiny the other scans have missed. Also, my placenta is not working really well. They think it will fail well before my due date, so for all 3 reasons i will be having him early. It could even be next week if the fluid has dropped more when they look at the scan. I would also need a ceserean because of the way the placenta is sitting right now. Honestly i feel as though they read me the whole book of every possible thing that could be wrong. Yesterday i felt very tearfull and sad, but today im determined to be stronger. I have so many other worries in my life right now but this is all i can think about. Im praying a lot that he is able to hang in there for even 3 more weeks and i can have him at 30wks+. Its so worrying not knowing what will happen to him and if hes going to be ok. I think being pregnant after a mc is already worrying enough without having such negative experiences at every scan and consultation. I cant sleep either and am having problems with my backache and now with breathing. I keep waking up with my chest hurting. I dont know if its the worry or if its just my bump squashing my lungs. Anyone else having this? I do have a very large almost 7 or 8 month size bump. Even the consultant seemed suprised on thursday and asked me how much weight id put on, i said not that much, about 10lbs, but he didnt seem to believe me. It is all bump tho as ive probably lost it from my back. Anyway, to finish off whats happening ive had 2 steroid injections to help his lungs develop quicker and theyve put me on extra iron to build up my blood count for the c-section. I hope none of you girls have this stress, its really the worst thing ive ever been through and im in hope it will have a happy ending. Ok, Mrs Sandy - was it you who had the pink discharge? It could just be after s_x, but i would follow up the call with a midwife or someone anyway, do you not have a place you can call at weekends, in emergency situations? Or look up advice on the internet. Its better to be safe than sorry isnt it. Are you feeling movement, because if you are maybe its nothing to worry about. Let us know what you find out. Ej - im glad your alright, how did your glucose test go. Mine came back negative thank goodness, i dont think i could have coped with GD on top of everything else. Ashley and jnfr614 - glad your both over here with us and that your babies are ok. Ok well id better go and try to sleep again (ive been awake since 3am and its now 6). Speak to you all soon x x


stefkay - July 5

MissP, hang in there girl...you are in my prayers and I know your little guy is gonna make it! He seems to be a fighter already and it sounds like the drs are monitoring you closely. 30+ weeks would be great but if earlier I'm sure the steroid shots help a lot! It is better that they can plan somewhat for an early delivery because the person I mentioned who had her son early I don't think knew beforehand..it all happened pretty suddenly due to preeclampsia. Bestest luck to you and oh, yes there is the Infant Care forum that most groups move to from here :) I'll keep everyone posted on when I finally go to the hospital.


britt_m - July 5

Hi ladies, I only posted a few times before I went on vacation a while ago. I usually hang out with June 2007 babies, my dd was born May 2007. I'm on the later end of Oct the 22nd so I still have a while til I hit the third tri. I'm feeling more pregnant now, not really much of a bump still. If you want to check out pix lifeis1drful.piczo.com Pregnancies > Preg. 2 > Belly Pix. It's about time to start discussing things pregnancy-wise with folks who are at the same stage as me, instead of over a year out, lol. Things are going well here, found out its a boy, my platlets were low then went back to normal. I got a wisdom tooth pulled, honestly the worst pain and experience ever. I don't think it clotted barely and my st_tches broke two days later. ASHLEY - A cruise?? Wow, have lots of fun, how exciting!! MISSP - What a scary situation, you will be in my thoughts and prayers! I hope things will hold out a while longer for you.


britt_m - July 5

PATIENCE - I read back trying to get to know folks a little more. I just wanted to say I hope your coping well, and both of you are adjusting married life again. I'm from a long line of military grandparents, father, I myself was Navy and now I'm out and married to a Marine. Luckily while we've had our daughter DH has only been gone 2-3 months at a time, and shes over a year now. I'm obviously preg. again and he left for Desert Talon within a days notice was suppose to be back after a few weeks but the day he got back was suppose to leave for Iraq. He also is slotted for Afganistan in Sept. or Iraq in Jan. Luckily he's home now until we find out the next step. We've had our share of rough times and our last one was about 6 months ago. I know you weren't asking for advice so I just want to know you'll be in thoughts and prayers as well, I know how hard this lifestyle can be.


wv_red - July 5

Hi sorry ladies if I am intruding but I wanted to say Welcome to the third Tri board. MissP you may not remember me but I am a May mommy and I want to say how happy i am that you are here and I am sorry you are having a tough time. I will pray for you and your little one. Good Luck and cant wait to see all of you over on the infant board. Not to soon but in October. Take care all of you!


ejmeskan - July 7

Hi ladies!!! I hope you all had a great weekend! For those of you here in the states hope you had a nice 4th!!! Miss P- you have one lucky little man hang on tight in there!!!! You are so positive it is wonderful!!!! Hang in there! You are in my prayers!! He is going to do great!!! All is well here. Had my appt last week- that went just fine. next appt is August 1st when I do my check up and Rhogam shot (RH neg) Have a great one!


MissP - July 7

Girls you are all so lovely and so thoughtfull, thanks for all your thoughts. WV-red, im so glad your a may mammy and everything worked out for you. Can you believe im still hanging in there and seem to have had one problem after another! Stefkey, thanks for the support again and of corse i will let you know what happens. I just feel so scared that i may meet him tomorrow! I cant quite believe its possible. Of corse i dont think that will happen in reality but just to know that it could, is weird for me. Im praying very hard. I just want him to make it and be okay. Ive been feeling quite ill since they gave me the steriods, very weak and woozy like ive been drugged or something. I dont know if its normal or not, but i just feel like i could pa__s out constantly so ive been resting a lot. The moment i sit my eyes close. Maybe its my body telling me i need to rest up for whats ahead, who knows. Anyway, il find out tomorrow and if i can, i will post and let you know. Love to all of you girls and keep us in your thoughts x x


JNFR614 - July 7

MissP- glad to see you posting more lately- stay positive, you are in my thoughts & prayers! Has anyone heard from Patience? I hope she is doing better & if you're here w/ us Patience, I have been thinking about & praying for you too- stay strong, especially for your lil peanut, I know it's not as easy as it sounds, but stress isn't good for either of you. Elizabeth- how have you been feeling? Lately, I've been uncomfortable, & it's only gonna get worse from here on! I am always so out of breath, & at times it feels like I'm gasping for air even when I'm not doing much, my legs are starting to kill me as is the feeling that I have a cynder block inside of me sitting right on top of my stuff! I know I will instantly forget about it all as soon as I have my lil Gianna in my arms, but for now it sucks! Where are the rest of the October mommies? How have you all been? Only 13 more weeks left for me- woo hoo!!!!!


ejmeskan - July 7

MissP I can't believe it. Please keep us updated and if you do have him, please let us know and see if there is a place for you to post photos when you are ready so we can meet the little bub. He is in great hands and has a great mama!!! Jennifer- I am still feeling really good. I did throw my back out yesterday so it is hard to lug a little 26lb monster pants around but all and all I am still feeling good. I still don't feel PG yet but the babe is moving around a lot. Sorry about the pain- oh the joys of pregnancy!!


CatsMommy - July 7

Hi Ladies!! Feels so good to have finally made it over to the Third Tri (although I'm cheating... just a little bit). Hope everyone had a good 4th! We took a little mini-vacation... it was very relaxing. MissP - I'm thinking about you, girl. You and your little guy hang in there as long as you can! Medicine is so advanced now-a-days, that if your little man decides to make an early appearance, he'll be taken good care of! Good to hear everyone is doing okay and hanging in there. I'm super uncomfortable... can't seem to get a good nite's rest and I know it's only going to get worse as time goes on. We're almost there... 1st & 2nd flew by, so I anticipate so will the 3rd : ) I had my 25/26 wk appt last week and all seems good, so far. Had my glucose test done - I just love drinking that orange syrupy stuff. The nurse was laughing at how quickly I drank it. My next appt is in about 2 1/2 weeks... they're going to start seeing me every 3 weeks now - YAY! I look forward to my appts.



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