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Jessica - September 28

Anyone Due in October???!! I'm due October 7th. Are you having a boy or a girl?? I am having a boy!! Naming him Jaden Elijah!!


SAR - September 28

hi jessica. we're having a little girl, due 7th october also. don't know if i can wait that long though. i've had a textbook perfect pregnancy, until 38 weeks hit. now i'm hobbling about, swollen with fluid in hands and feet, and feeling about as miserable as the elephant man. we can't wait until our little girl is with us :o)


sian - September 28

hi! im due october 22nd, having a boy-matthew jaiden!


leslie - September 28

I am 39 weeks pregnant! (can't belive 39 WEEKS!) I am due Oct. 3rd with a boy and we are still not sure about the name...


Amy - September 28

Hi everyone. I'm due October 9th even though the doctor doesn't think I will make it that long. We don't know the s_x of the baby. If its a girl we will name her Halle Lucille, if its a boy we will name him Jace Anthony. Hoping for a September baby. Good luck to you all!


TO SIAN - September 28

I am due Oct 20 or 21. I have very irregular and was just curious as to a day I conceived. Do you know when you conceived???? My last period was last Oct and I was just curious as the day I conceived????


kimj - September 28



Andrea - September 28

Hi ladies!! I will be 37 weeks on Friday...due Oct 21st. This baby is a girl and she will be my third daughter. I went to the doc today and he estimated her weight to be at least 8lbs already!!! I was in shock when he told me. I have already dilated to two so maybe she will come a little early!!!!


Cora - September 28

I am 37 weeks, due Oct 21st. But I am hoping it will come sooner. At my appt today at the OB/GYN, the dr felt my belly and told me I had a good size pa__senger...lol I told him " ya well this pa__senger had better get out and start walking soon..." lol. He thought that was quite funny, as did his nurse.


re:to sian - September 28

i conceived around the end of january, with lmp being around 15th january.although i think i should be due around october 30th??ultrasound said otherwise.


Barb - September 28

I'm due Oct.21st..there's alot of us with this due date!! Should be fun to see who goes first :) We'll be starting an official "countdown" on Saturday..ha :) We're having a girl..her name is Trinity Marie ....good luck everyone!! ...........hope I'm early


Maria - September 28

Hi Momma's! I'll be 38 weeks this Friday. Due Oct. 15th. Gender of baby will be a surprise!


to all the mommas - September 29

Hello ladies! my name is Laura and iam going to be 37 weeks on Friday! am due Oct 21st also! Barb~ we should make an official countdown to see who goes first. iam 60% effacted and 1cm dialated. hopefully when i go to the doctor on monday he will tell me something better. like maybe im a 2 or a 3! keep the progress commin!!!! he said when i turn 38 weeks then he will sc___pe my membranes... he did that with my 1st son only once and i think i went into labor like 2 days later. my water broke. i was also 38 weeks... i hopin for another picture perfect labor! keep me updated on how alll your guys doctor appts. are going!!


Kim(UK) - September 29

Hi Jessica, i'm due October 4th! Don't know s_x of baby so have boy and girl names at the ready. Good luck xx


<Amy> - September 29

I'm due oct 25th, having a boy calling him Kai Mackenzie! (from London in the UK)


Ranya - September 29

I started an excel sheet just for fun and so far here are the rankings according to the information provided in this thread: Leslie, Kim (UK), Jessica and SAR, Amy, Maria, Andrea and Barb and Cora and Laura, Sian, Amy (UK), and lastly myself. I'll wait until Barb starts the official October Countdown Thread and I'll add anyone new who posts. I can then make the sheet available to anyone who wants but not sure how to do that...I don't know how to post on the net :s Any suggestions? Must be quick though, Leslie is due in just a few days!!!


Andrea - September 29

Hi girls!!! I woke up at three this morning with an insane contraction. It lasted about two minutes. After that I had some pretty strong braxton hicks but nothing too bad. I was hoping things would keep going but here I sit with nothing happening. As of yesterday I was a two so maybe I made some more progress this morning. I have two little girls...4 and 5 years old.....but I was induced with both so I have no idea what "going into labor" feels like. Oh yeah...we are going to name our baby girl Taylor Elizabeth. Also I was wondering if any of you ladies know if you are dilated any and how do you feel....any contractions?...backaches?



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