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ahay - September 19

Hey Ladies--So here we are--OUR FINAL FINAL stretch. We are about as uncomfortable as it gets although the next couple of weeks will bring many more obstacles until we finally have our lil ones in our arms.


ahay - September 19

I just got back from my appointment. FOUR MORE weeks to go--YAY! I am taking my leave on the 28th of this month and no more work for me. I am so anxious to hold this little girl in my arms. Doctor says she is head down--engaged--and ready to go. She doesnt see me going full term to 40 weeks although I AM NOT getting my hopes up! How is everyone feeling?


bluv5147 - September 19

I myself am due Oct. 28th so that makes me 34.3 and I'm extremly uncomfortable... I know its still to soon to have this little man but there are times when I just want him to pop out now.. I feel like these days are dragging by slowly.


DeeD - September 19

I am just waiting to find out on monday if my guy is still breech or not. I actually am not doing too bad. In seven pregnancies-I have had much worse at the end. But I think it is because I go to the gym every morning with out fail. It is helping me both physically and mentally-stress reliever I guess. It just gets me out of the house. Of course, the other 6 kids keeps me really busy and so there is never lack of something to do. Congrats on just 4 weeks ahay. That is about what I have-unless he is still breech-then he may be here in 3 weeks or so. Anyways-hope you all are doing well. Bluv...hang in there...almost done.


liannem - September 19

Hey i have just turned 36 weeks, as much as pregnancy is a wonerful thing, i will be glad when its over! its so much hard work, i cant believe how much of a impact it has on you. The baby is head down but not engaged, this is my first and thought they had meant to by now. Well hope everyone is well and try and relax,easier said than done i know lol good luck to you all!


Mrs.W. - September 19

Hey ladies :-) 1 week and 4 days to go for me!! My girl has dropped but I am not dialated as of last week. I go in tomorrow morning to see if I dialated any yet. I am getting really nervous thinking about giving birth but I am so looking forward to meeting my daughter! Dee ~ well done for going to the gym everyday... I wish I would've done something like that too, but I don't feel up to moving around at all lately... Once I get back from work I'm just ready to relax lol... I am intending on working until I go into labour lol as I am actually feeling pretty good. Here's to a happy and healthy last few weeks of pregnancy for all!


DeeD - September 19

Thanks Mrs. W. you are really close! I guess we will be reading about your birth story before ya know it!


angiedk77 - September 19

I went for my 36 week appt today and I am 1 cm dilated and her head is down. Oh my, I don't know if I will make it to 10/08. With my 1st i never dilated until after my water broke. I know I can stay at 1 cm for along time, so we shall see.


afireinsideamanda - September 19

well i guess im not technically an october mommy anymore...shes being induced sept 25th-26th morning... so ill let you all know how it goes.


DeeD - September 19

With my son, I was 3cm and 80% effaced for 4 weeks. With one of my girls, I was 1 cm at 29 weeks and just kept dialating...finally, at 38 weeks I was 5 cm and they just said I could not go home that far dialated for fear I wouldn't make it back....(I drive an hour one way) so they sent me to the hospital and broke my water and I had dd. So yep, you could be dialated for a long time-BUT, Angie, you could go in the next 5 minutes too...it varies sooo much! Good Luck to you!


LN - September 19

I am 36 weeks and very ready to have her come! Although I have nothing ready for her besides a crib. With my first daughte I had her hospital bag, mine and dh, and car seat ready in the car since I was 32 weeks. The baby clothes were waiting and ready since then too. This time around, I have nothing! So if I had to go anytime soon, We would be in big trouble! And...our camera just broke! So that is not good. Anyway, Oct 16 seems a long ways away!


andrea21 - September 20

20 more days to go! Due October 11th, baby is still in the head down position and as of monday I am still not dilated though the doctor said she can feel my baby's head when she did an internal exam? I'm afraid I will go past my due date I really want this baby to come out already - doctor said that if I go over my due date that she would induce me so that I would definitely have my baby boy by october 18th. But d__n this is taking forever. Got my fingers and toes crossed that I would not go past my due date, actually wish he could come now!


docbytch - September 20

Hello everyone. I had a bit of a shocker today at the Docs office. My "technical" EDD is 10/16...but I am scheduled for a csection on 10/9 due to all the risk factors i have.. Okay great.. In the meantime I am wondering why...at 36 weeks am I feeling SO BLOODY uncomfortable and about to explode!!! Today I went in for AFIs, Growth check, and an NST. I found out that my baby's estimated weight (the clinic has never been off by more than one pound either direction) is 8.8 POUNDS!!!! AT 36 WEEKS!!!! HOLY CRAPOLA!!!! Plus I found out my amniotic fluid levels are on the high side of normal (better than low side). NO WONDER I feel like a water balloon about to bust!! I am beginning to seriously worry about my ability to carry this kiddo for another 3 weeks!! Does anyone else have a Supersized baby??? Thank god I have the csection scheduled because I was almost unable to push my dd out due to her size.....which was only 9 lbs...BUT AT 41 WEEKS!!! Theres no way in hell I could push this kid out by the time he is supposed to come out.... I just hope I will continue to be able to BREATHE without being choked out by my own baby...LOL


angiedk77 - September 20

Now I'm worried. I am supposed to have a scheduled c-sec on 10/08, but at my appt yesterday she was head down and I was 1cm dilated. Dee, you are so right, it could be weeks before anything happens or it could just be within minutes. I'm clueless when it comes to pregnancy things, even though this is my 2nd. With my 1st everything happened at once and I never dilated at any of my Dr appt's, I didn't dialte until i was in the hospital and they gave me pitocin. How do I know if I've dialted anymore from now until my next appt next week?


tarheelfan71 - September 20

Hello all! I cannot believe its almost here. I am now 36 w and 5 d. So far still feeling pretty decent. Last doctors appt, the doc felt like baby is head down (thank goodness). I dont know if I am even dialated or not (probably not). I go back to doctor tomorrow. I think Im finally starting to swell some in my feet. I noticed that last night w/ puffy ankles. Man am I getting nervous. Good luck all! :)


afireinsideamanda - September 20

any idea short of castor oil on how to induce labor naturally?? anything that you ladies have tried in the past that has worked?


ahay - September 20

PERSONALLY--I say let it come naturally! I know you are uncomfortable because I am right there along with you however--the baby will come out when he/she is ready! No woman has ever been pregnant forever! And if you have a scheduled induction then REST before the baby comes!!! YOU will need it!



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