October Mommies

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soon2bmommy - July 7

Are there any october moms 2 be over here?


ThePezChick - July 7

Oct. 5th here....


SuzieQ - July 7

October 1st! How are you all doing? Getting lots of wake-up kicks at 4am too? lol


soon2bmommy - July 7

Hi Suzie! thats sounds about right! I am due 10/17. I put a post on the 2nd tri board also but everyone seems kinda spread out. I have been bouncing back and forth trying to get the best of both worlds. Can't wait to officially be on the 3rd tri board. How are you feeling?


BJB - July 7

Hi ladies. Oct 5th too. Are any of you feeling ma__sive already? I too am getting lots of wake up calls at 4am. I don't mind though, it's very rea__surring. My little one seems to have days where she moves absolutely loads followed by a day of being very quiet (which I don't like as I start to worry). Maybe she just wears herself out. What sort of patterns do your little ones have?


Betul - July 7

Hi mommies! October 5th here too! I told my doctor today that I don't think this little girl sleeps as she is always moving..lol. I going in every two weeks now, is everyone else at this point?


Kim L - July 7

Hey moms! I'm also October 5th - sheesh there's a lot of us! I'm not at my every two weeks yet, won't start those until August. Can you believe we only have about 3 months to go? YES! BJB my little one (don't know if it's a boy or girl) has a pattern like yours. Somedays he won't sit still and others I can't wake him up!


ThePezChick - July 7

My son doesn't seem to have a definite pattern of movement. He seems to be sleeping more lately though. I keep wondering if it's because I'm off for the summer (I'm a teacher) and am more active. Maybe I'm just rocking him to sleep? I'm also doing the low sugar thing because I have a test for gestational diabetes next week. Could that have something to do with it too???


Betul - July 7

Hey PezChick, what do you teach? I am a teacher too but currently took a year off to get pregnant (it worked..lol!) I teach 10th grade Global and 12th grade soc/psych. Summers are the best!


jenrodel - July 7

Okay, I am also October 5th... wow, there are a lot of October 5th's!!! I'm feeling well still - little guy is super active, especially loves to kick my left side over and over as I try to sleep lol! My next appt. is this Monday, and then I think I'm getting into the every 2 weeks... wow, it's going so quickly. Hope you are all feeling well still!! Jen


SuzieQ - July 7

BJB - my baby movements are like yours too - quiet some days (where I worry a bit) and then I'll get woken up or surprised with these giant belly shoves :) I love it though - and dh is surprised at how strong some of them are getting too! I have gestational diabetes test next week and a lovely shot of Rhogam too.


concreteredd - July 7

Hi all I am due Oct. 4th 1st boy...yea


ThePezChick - July 7

Betul- I'm a special ed. teacher. I've been teaching preschoolers with disabilities; however, next year I'm moving to middle school (still teaching special ed.) because I thought 3-year olds would be too much with a new baby. Yeah, I'm loving the summer too. First summer I've taken off in 16 years.


lexa - July 7

Oh wow, can't beleive the time has come to "cross-over to the other side"! Well ladies, I'm another Oct 5th! This is my second child.


nelsongababy - July 10

October 11th - I'm am counting down. My back has been killing me and also I wake up every morning about 5 am with leg cramps - anyone else having these problems?


preggosauce - July 10

Hey all! I finally made it ! Third trimester here I am!! My due date is Oct 2nd! I had a 4-D ultrasound done yesterday, and I HIGHLY reccomend it! My husband was said it was one of the best days of his life and that it made everything "real" for him. I posted some of the pics of the ultrasound on my myspace page! http://www.myspace.com/jamabean --Hope everyone is doing well!!!


jenrodel - July 10

I've been okay through the night more or less, my legs get a bit crampy sometimes. The back pain comes and goes - mostly way down low, sciatic I think, and it branches into my b___t! It's like I'll be walking and it will start pinching so I'll have to bend over, or sit down for a few minutes.



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