Odd Feeling Down There Help

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maya - March 2

When I walk around I have a strange feeling. It is hard to describe, but what comes to mind is .. that it feels like the baby were about to come out. It feels like I have to pee, like he's going to fall out, like I have to poo. it happens even after I walk for a minute or two. I already called my doctor today once about pains in the lower back and hips, so I dont want to call him again. But when I told my husband he freaked out. So I told him I would ask you women. What do you think it is? It does make me sit down immediately with the fear that something bad might happen. Maybe the baby is facing down and is pushing at my cervix?? help help!! I'm 30 weeks, and everything has been normal till now.


Kel - March 2

Maya, I am not sure but maybe if you don't want to call your doc again (I'm sure they don't mind either) you could call your hospital's birthing inn? Your baby may just be in a weird position like you mentioned and putting a lot of pressure on your cervix. Don't be afraid to call anyone, you pay them for their services. Better safe than sorry. Please keep up posted.


Kim - March 2

Hi, Maya, I think Kel's right, dr.s get some strange calls from pregnant women,often hearing from them pretty often. I don't think anyone at the office would be upset if you called again, it's a very valid concern. Just to let you know, though, I had a similar feeling about a week ago, it was actually painful, and it made me very nervous. I called a friend and asked her about it, she told me to get on my hands and knees and rock from front to back for a little while. While I did so, I felt the baby do a huge flip, and when I stood up the pressure was gone. I think she had just been laying in a bad position, you could try it to see if it works.


Girl Gilly - March 2

It is probably just the position that the baby happens to be in. It sounds like the baby is sitting quite low in your pelvis. I am 36 weeks and get the same feelings. If you are really concerned call your Dr. Don't worry about the baby falling out or anything like that, it is securely in there!


Ba8y6irl - March 2

I feel like that too, I started a thread called "Feels like I just rode a horse" and thats what it sounds liek you are describing. I have the feeling that my little girl would pop out if I jumped up and down too much. Putting pressure on my lower pelvis and crushing my bladder. The one lady told me that its just your body getting ready, your pelvic bones are starting to shift slightly and thats whats causing the discomfort. I then read in my What to Expect book that your bones start to shift at the beginning of your third trimester. If you are seriously concerned and in sheer pain, definatly contact your doctor again. Better to be safe then sorry right?


ry - March 2

Hi Maya, i get that feeling sometimes too and have since i was about 29 weeks. i always tell my husband the baby is about to fall out! of course its not but it is pretty uncomfortable. i agree with the girls though u should always feel free to call your doctor with any concerns. they have heard them all before and thats what they are there for. good luck!



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