Oh The Dumps

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evae777 - October 17

I am completey unmotivated and depressed. I don't want to talk to anyone even though I am lonely. I'm in the dumps for no good reason just feeling sorry for myself with every detail. I only get a few hours a day when I feel okay and have some energy. This is supposed to be and was such a happy time and I don't have any real problems, but lately it has been sad? I can't sleep either, I stay up late and cry while my husband is sleeping. it really sucks.


Mrs.Steve - October 17

I know exactly how you feel. I get the same way. Alot of days I completely ignore my phone. There are days when I truly hate talking to people. I've had the nights where I sit and cry, too. I heard a song last Saturday that had me crying all day and night. I have good days, then I have bad ones right behind them. I'm constantly up and down. I guess that's what some of us go through. How many weeks are you?


AntsWife - October 17

Me too- I was just talking to DH last night about it. From what I hear, it's the hormones taking hold. I was so bad for a while that there wasn't a day that would go by without my crying and being upset over pretty much nothing. I mean I was really depressed. Thank god I'm back to myself now. It's like something just clicked right back into place. Even my husband noticed the change. It made me feel really bad for people that suffer with depression on a full time basis. Their lives must be super difficult. I'm 34 weeks now and my newest worry is what happens if I experience the same hormone shift after the baby is born? They say it takes a while for your body to adjust. I dont' think I could handle it again. How far along are you?


evae777 - October 17

hi thanks for the responses, i am 28 weeks. i'm tryin to feel better, went shopping today, but spending money has me feeling guilty. i just feel uncomfortable this way. i have never been a manicly depressed or any kind of depressed person before and never understood those who suffered from it. i just feel like i am acting weird. i told my hubby and now i am just ignoring him, he's out of town for work right now, but i just dont want to talk to him!! i'm not even mad at him... it's so strange and ackward


tish212 - October 18

I understand completely what u r goin through. I have been battling depression since the 2nd trimester. I however also suffer depression regularly...but was on meds to control it but pregnancy prevents from being able to take the meds. I have no motivation to do anything...I can do things in bursts..but then I ache all over and want to go back to laying down. it sucks because I feel bad that I stay at home now and I'm not getting tons of housework done...but thankfully my hubby is very understanding... but I know where ur coming from...I don't really wanna talk on the phone...so I ignore it a lot...and I've tried going out shopping..but like u I felt guilty when I spent money on myself...just wanted to let u know ur not alone...



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