Oh The Heartburn

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jenice - January 16

Hello ladies. I'd been lucky so far with the whole heartburn thing...I'm 34 weeks, and this week is the first week that it's really hit hard. But boy, has it ever hit! Right now, I've had the super-bad, can feel it burning a hole right through my back, terrible heartburn for the last 2 hours. On Monday, I had the same thing. I can't sit, stand, lie down, or anything. This morning, unfortunately, I threw up, because it was so bad. I've been popping the Tums, but they really don't make a difference. I know a large part has to do with where the baby is hanging out...on Monday I could feel him move, and then the heartburn was completely gone. Are there any suggestions? Anything I can eat, or drink, or any position to be in that helps? Any way to move baby around? Thanks....


Astra - January 16

Hi Jenice, I do feel for you. i've been having heartburn on and off for quite a few weeks now. I faithfully take papaya enzyme with at least two meals a day (I try to remember to take it every time I eat). I can't really say how well it works since I still have to take tums every once in a while, but I think it may be worse if I wasn't taking it. I do the extra strenght tums when necessary. Also drinking very cold water helps a little. I know my doc says that taking zantac is also ok. I haven't so far but it sounds like you need some stronger guns. Good luck.


mama keya - January 16

OMG the heartburn is bad for me too, I wake up all times of the night adding pillows, blankets, anything to lift my upperbody up, some mornings I wake up and I'm sitting striaght up. I hate it, can't wait till this is over, but I have 11 weeks left, 82 days give or take a day or week. Lol, I'm looking for some suggestions too.


jenice - January 16

Uggh. It finally went away (5 hours after it started!). I had to drive myself to my first visit with my OB/GYN (small town...there are only 2, so we see our GP until week 34) and I felt so horrible I was almost crying. And when I got to his office they told me he'd moved, and his new office is actually located about 3 blocks from my house! Arggh! I hate driving myself places, and I really try not to...this baby really distracts me, and I'd feel awful if I caused an accident. But yeah, when I climbed up on the exam table I felt like I was about to puke or pa__s out because the heartburn was so bad (and I was so impatient and cranky...oops). As soon as the doctor started poking around to feel baby, the heartburn left! yay! I guess he shifted baby just enough to get him off of my stomach. I don't care what he did, or how it happened...all I know is I'm not in agony right now. But seriously...we need some good home remedies. How do I get the baby to move down like that? Ideas?


mom2dayus - January 16

Hey. I have heartburn really bad as well. Last time I was pregnant I took Zantac and it helped right away,,,but it isn't working for me this time. My husband makes me a little drink of water and a tsp. of baking soda,,stir it up and drink it down. It works! It tastes nasty at first, but you get past it when you realize that it helps so much! Hope this helps you ladies as well.


jenice - January 16

REALLY??? Water and baking soda?? Ok...I'll give it a try. I can imagine just how nasty it tastes! But if it works, it's worth it, right? Thanks! Right now I'm feeling ok, but who knows when it will flare up again. When it does, I'll give it a try.


sarah21 - January 16

Baking soda is actually not a recommended treatment for heartburn. Believe me on this, as I have acid reflux disease and have had chronic heartburn since I was 11. Try pepcid if zantac doesn't work. Zantac is c___p, I think. It never worked for me. Also, Prilosec OTC is safe. It is what gets me through the day now. It is amazing! If you don't want medicine, milk, yogurt, cheese, and other calcium products help neutralize the acid, but if tums aren't working, chances are these won't help much.


Gemini_Girl - January 16

Hiya, I feel you on the heartburn issue, its horrible I got a prescription from the doctor just some white chalky liquid stuff, i drink that it works for about 30mins, whenever I go to sleep I wake up every hour with heartburn, pains in my chest or sicky stuff rising in my throat, you can try sleeping upright with pillows as laying flat will make it worse! I get it with everything i eat and drink - even water it puts me off eating and drinking! Also like Sarah said I read the baking soda thing is a no no, my baby head is just engaged and I still have heartburn :(


jenice - January 16

Hee hee...this whole heartburn thing has me terrified to eat anything! So all day I've just been nibbling little bits here and there, and feeling like I'm on the verge of more yuckiness...unfortunately, I think this might be one of those things that will stick with me until baby arrives. And I learned today, not to scare you ladies (although it scared the stink right out of me!) that sometimes the heartburn experienced in pregnancy can damage the ligaments that prevent heartburn when you're not pregnant. Which means that this could literally go on forever...with or without a baby bumping around in there. Yuck. At least I know right now I have a good reason for my suffering!


proudmommy - January 17

Oh man, I had the WORST heartburn too. Especially at night when I would lay down. I propped my pillows up and ate popsicles. I don't know why, but popsicles made it a lot better.



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