Oh The Uncomfyness Due To Turkey Day

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jennifer_33106 - November 22

Ugh I was on my feet all day long cooking and entertaining people. Now OMG. My lower back is killing me everytime I get up and walk and for while everytime I sit down. My feet are all swollen and they are sore too. Can I take a BATH!!!??? For like comfort? haha If I can does anyone know how long I can be in it or does it have to be luke warm? Is anyone else hurtin from turkey day!?


jennifer_33106 - November 22

Did I mention I have a more pronounced Waddle!!?? haha


tish212 - November 23

you can take a hot bath just use a thermometer to monitor ur temp don't let ur temp reach above 99 degrees (regular mouth thermometer) I take 2 or 3 baths a day for the pain...always a hot bath. and I know how u feel was up and about all day and my stupid pie...the crust cooked over! uggggg I cussed it all morning... lol and then there was sooo much food...can u believe my parents served regular t-day food and seafood...dh was in heavan...we both over ate and felt horrible after lol! sorry I missed talkin 2u today...hubby was using the computer all night...soon I'm gonna go get my laptop so we don't fight over it lol.... hope u feel better...


emfine99 - November 23

You can take a bath. I take a bath all the time. It helps with braxton hicks contractions if you're having them.... sometimes doesn't help with the real ones. I get it as warm as I can. Then again, I'm 40 weeks and ready for this baby to come out so anything that helps is good for me! But i have taken baths all along and been fine.


jennifer_33106 - November 23

Thanks! I went ahead and took a bath last night before I read the replies. I didnt check the temp of the water but well Brianna was kicking like crazy this morning so I am sure she is fine! BUT OMG!!!! I didnt know a bath could feel that good!!! I swear it was the best bath of my life. haha Tish haha How funny! I was about to commit a__sult and battery on my cherry pie the day before Thanksgiving because it wouldnt cooperate. haha



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