Oilive Oil

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Daytona - January 5

Does anyone else use it or have any experiance with it? I use it daily and havent got any new stretchmarks on my tummy im nearly 27 weeks..the only stretchmarks on my tummy are from gaining alot of weight fast a few years ago.


Ginny - January 5

I'm glad you haven't got stretchmarks ! But just to warn you, there aren't any products that help prevent them, because the tearing happens below the layer that absorbs the oil or lotion. But it sounds like you've been pretty lucky so far, you must have good stretchy skin.


Sorry - January 5

Ginny is right, and not to burst your bubble, but with my first I didn't get any and when I hit 36 I stopped gaining weight and at 37 weeks (or so) I woke up with them and they just got worse the last 3 weeks. Dr said it was b/c baby dropped. It is alot of genetics too. some people have more elastic skin structure.


sarah513 - January 6

yeah im not even bothering with using product for stretch marks... i had stretch marks on my hips and they are actually disappearing to where i hardly even notice them.. and im 28 weeks!! so maybe you will keep having good luck with them


KLC - January 6

Hi...I am having my fourth child and I was so tiny when I got pregnant with my first that I got stretch marks that looked like a road map almost immediately. I call them my battle scars!!! Good news is that with my other pregnancies including this one so far, I never got anymore. Just before I got pregnant this time I started using this creme my mom told me about called Strivectin. You can buy it at like Macy's or Lord and Taylors, it is pretty pricey but SOOOO worth it. I swear the stretch marks literally start to fade within a week. Some women are even using it as face creme a botox alternative. So just a thought if you want to try after baby is born. Worked well for me.


K - January 6

I've heard your either going to get them or not. And some swear by products, my take.... the skin is streching and is going to itch like crazy. I use lotion anyways so I have several for strech marks I just use that now and at night my husband rubs it on my belly, just another way to let baby know daddys here too. I don't have any marks and my skin isn't really itchy either.


Angela in California - January 7

hey congrats - but btw, nothing you apply topically can prevent stretch marks, so if you haven't gotten any you are just lucky genetically. I am 36 weeks and don't have any, and I haven't used anything except the occasional lotion when my skin is dry. so far so good!!



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