Ok A Hospital Bag Now A Diaper Bag

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redemptive_angel - July 9

Ok, I will admit I have been slacking> my due date is exactly a week away, and I have yet to pack my hospital bag (mainly because I don't know what to put in it and because I am using all my shampoo, deoderant, ect.). Now I am told by my mother that I need to have the diaper bag packed as well. Do I really need a diaper bag as soon as I step foot out of the hospital? I plan on being in a lot of pain and only wanting to come home... to my comfortable everything. Next question... what do I put in one for a newborn? (forgive me, this is my first and I am clueless)


CyndiG - July 9

You'll need something for the baby to wear home, a onesie and sleeper, (or whatever you want it to wear home), I'm taking an outfit to have her picture made in at the hospital, a brush, a few diapers and wipes, a blanket to wrap it in to bring it home, baby fingernail clippers, and some mylicon. That's what's in my diaper bag right now, although I'm like you and haven't packed my bag yet. Hope this helps! Congrats.


CyndiG - July 9

Oh yeah, I forgot little tiny socks!


MEO - July 9

yah, I'm pretty sure you don't actually need to bring anything for the baby as most hospitals provide some diapers, a little shirt etc but I think most people bring at least a baby outfit and a couple other little things - but I wouldn't worry about it. I'm also due in a week and haven't packed anything... I keep thinking "oh, I don't need to do that yet..." I think I am nervous or something... :)


boolie79 - July 9

It all depends on the hospital policies. Here where i live (ontario, canada) they will only provide one or 2 diapers and you need to provide the rest. They say its due to cutbacks.. so it really all depends. I am just about 32 weeks pregnant and i am taking everything just incase then i cant go wrong, so might be a good idea wherever you are and check with the hospital you will be delivering at for their policies.. at least thats what i would do.. but anyhoo thats just my opinion,, i am sure there will be more to follow


3babies - July 9

Hi, I usually bring two sets of clothes to account for any "accidents" as you are trying to leave the hospital (their poo has a tendency to leak everywhere at first!). Just take along 2 singlets, a couple of nappies and wipes, 2 jumpsuits (socks if no feet in them), a hat to keep their head warm, 2 baby wraps and one heavier blanket if it is cold. Of course you may need to take more if the hospital doesnt provide clothes while you are staying there. You may also want a pacifier, but I always waited and got dh to buy one if I thought they needed it. As an aside for yourself, take some nice shower gel or soap ... I'm not usually that fussed, but the first shower you have after bubs is born is heaven, and it is really nice to have some nice soap/lotion to feel fresher!


Keli - July 10

I threw in a few onesies burp cloths and new born paci. But I think the hosp should have everything for baby. We pay them enough...


dee23 - July 10

i agree with boolie. we have to bring just about everything cause all they provide at the hospital are cloth nappies for when we are there and thats it.ur best off calling ur hospital and asking them what to bring as its different for each hospital.


ashley - July 10

I did pack a diaper bag. Only to have a place for baby's stuff. I just put in there two diapers/wipes his take home outfit and a pa__sifier. I did this because we live an hour away from the hospital and we might need to grab something from the store on the way home, incase we forgot something. OH I also put a blanket in there. I packed my hospital bag and have travel size stuff in there. I have a disposable razor, clear 50 cent bottles from the travel section that I put shampoo and conditioner in. I had an extra brush. I put a go-home-in outfit, underware, nursing bra, lotion, pj's, stuff for my husband to sleep in and a change of clothes for him.


starr - July 11

When I packed my bag and my baby's bag,I knew I had overpacked but that's just how I am.I went in the hosp with 2 bags and left with about 4-5.My sister and my son made a special trip all the way out to the car just to take some of my bags.The hosp provided every single thing that me and baby needed including a whole pack of diapers,formula(which I still have cause baby is BF)wipes,long sleeve t-shirts,a little hat to keep her head warm and other items.They also gave me a nice back pack with goodies inside.I of course used my own personal items but they provided some for me as well.So you might want to ask b/c it's been 3 wks and I just unfinished packing the rest of my stuff.



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