Ok I M Scared

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xvkx - April 21

I've been losing my mucus plug for the past 2 days... it's been clear and snotty with streaks of bright red blood running through it. I've also been having contractions since last night with a lot of back pain and cervical/pelvic pressure, and it's painful enough that it kept me from sleeping last night. My birth center is telling me to time my contractions but here's the problem... there's little to no changes in the tightness of my stomach in between them (my stomach has stayed pretty tight throughout this pregnancy), and since all I feel is the back pain and pressure and not the contractions themselves, I can't time them by that either. I've been trying to time my braxton hicks and contractions through this entire pregnancy with no luck... I've even had a couple of cases of preterm labor in which I still couldn't time them. I can still talk so I guess I'm not in the late stages of labor... but I am scared that it's going to sneak up on me, and the birth center is a 20 minute drive away. Since this is my first birth I have no idea if that's going to be enough time for me to get there if things are going like this. I don't even really know what I'm asking for here... I just need some reassurance or something I guess.


wv_red - April 21

i would say go. even if your not in full labor it would be nice to find out right! So good luck get someone to drive you and take your bag just in case!! Keep us posted!!


junebaby - April 21

I'm not an expert but I heard with back labor-you dont feel the contractions in your abdomen as much it's just constant in your back. Also if you had bloody show that usually means labor is very close-so I would go just to be sure.


cors1wfe - April 21

I agree go get checked - if you are dialating you are in labor - if not - no harm no foul and you can relax....but seriously - who cares if it's nothing you need peace of mind! I went last week and it turns out I was in preterm labor (only 29 weeks) and they hooked me up to an IV and gave me a shot to stop contractions - better to be safe than sorry! Good luck sweetie



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