Okay I M Mad

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madwoman - October 16

Okay my due date is tomorrow. I haven't had a bloody show or any period pains or contractions except those anoying braton hicks. Like..I'm sick of this. I don't want to be induced either and I can't bring myself to have s_x. What the h__l...anyone else feel like it's going to be forever? I mean there are girls who are only 37-38 weeks along and already loosing their mucus plugs and making better progress than me. DAMN!!


Christy - October 16

Well, a lot of those women who have lost their plugs and are dialated at 1-2 cm for weeks show no signs of further progress until their due dates or beyond, so I wouldn't feel too badly about it. Just because you lose your plug and/or are slightly effaced and dialated does not mean you are going to deliver soon, so don't feel like they are making "better progress" than you. Your baby will come (hopefully soon- sounds like you want your body back and I don't blame you) and hopefully it will be fast and smooth. May you go into labor very soon, and I hope it goes great for you- good luck!


chill out - October 16

relax! when you're body's ready, it'll all happen. plus, don't forget that not everybody experiences all the 'typical' labour symptoms. you've waited 9 months for this, really, whats a few more days.


mariah - October 16

Yeah I'm trying to relax and "enjoy" the last few days of being pregnant. I guess it'll happen when it happens. This is my first so I just thought that there would be all kinds of signs and syptoms by now. I feel great though today,cleaning away and going for walks.I just imagined that it would be very noticable that labour was on it's way. Like I had more syptoms and uncomftness at around 35-38 weeks. Now I feel good. I guess when it happens it must be sudden. Prob in the middle of the night I'll be waking up with contractions. Anyways..didn't mean to sound like a freak I'm just very anxious. Just expected allot to be going on about now.


Tonia - October 16

I know exactly how you feel. My dd is today and the only thing Ive been having is braxton hicks. I've been losing my mucus plug since thursday and nothing has happened so far. I've even taken long walks. I'm also dilated to 3cm and 50% effaced. The only thing I know is labor is approaching as far as when it's going toactually come I have no idea the DR. does'nt have a clue. The only thing I can do is be patient and let nature take it's course. We can't make these babies come. I'm a little fustrated too but there's nothing I can do. So you see I've dilated to 3cm, had been losing my mucus plug for days with the bloody show, been having braxton hicks and 50% effaced and still no baby. Me and my family is just anxious to meet my baby. Actually I think that they are more fustrated than I am. But you'll be okay we all will. Like my sister said to me when those pains start hitting you you're gonna wish that you were still pregnant. It'll all be over soon. Hope that I helped you a little bit. Good luck.


Christy - October 19

madwoman- Haven't seen any responses from you. Did your wish come true and did you have your baby? :)


madwomen - October 19

Nope I still have not had her. I'm now 2 days oevr my due date. Oh well..it'll happen


Christy - October 19

Sorry- hope it is soon!


Natbug - October 19

LOL! I feel for you madwomen! Maybe it will happen soon though!



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