Old Friends I Dont Talk To Want To Come To Babyshower

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mrsfiveday - June 7

My mom invited my best friend to my babyshower which is june 10th. But 2 of her close friends (were once my friends too a few years back) want to come to my babyshower. I quit talking to them because of racist comments made about my hubby's race. My baby will also be part native, so I dont exactly know how to address this situation. Do I say...yeah they can come, and maybe they have changed their veiw of things...plus it would be a bonus for my because they both have young kids. Or do I say NO assuming they think of my baby as an "INDIAN". confused


Been There - June 7

If you don't want them to come, I'd say tell them no. If you haven't spoken to them in all this time, what's the point of them coming to your shower? Did they ever even ask for forgiveness or try to make amends? That would be my deciding factor. It's up to you. You don't have to a__sume how they think of your baby. The question is whether you will feel comfortable with them being there or not.


livdea - June 7

I had an Aunt come to my shower who I did NOT want attending....I purposely left her off my invite list only to have my sister call and say "OH I invited Aunt "so and so" I explained there was a reason I didn't want her to come but realized I couldn't take back the invite now. We hadn't really spoken in YEARS and had some major tifs. Low and behold she brought me the BEST shower gifts and was very nice at the shower. We'll see what happens from here on out but for me REALLY NOT wanting to see her to it not being SO bad especially cause I got some GREAT gifts...it wasn't too bad. Just think...more gifts! if nothing else!!


SuzieQ - June 8

I would say go for it. If anything, you may be able to help them clean up some of their racist comments. Maybe contact them or your friend before the shower and let them know how uncomfortable you are with their views.


Erynn21 - June 8

I have been dealing with the dilemma of my baby shower since day 1, my stepmom wanted to invite the whole world, but only ppl she wanted to have come. If someone has been rude to you I think you should have the right to say they are not invited. This is after all your baby shower, my stepmom seems to think it's all about her, I have vented about her before. Now she is upset because I have almost every "big" item I need because ppl have given me them already. She's just weird, but if you don't want someone(especially someone who's been judgemental about you and your family )say no.


CyndiG - June 8

In my opinion...You are going to be so busy, you will hardly have time to talk to anyone anyway. At my shower last week my daughter and I spent 1 hr and 15 mins opening gifts! So let them come. You don't have to talk to them, plus that's two extra gifts! :O}


sfrias - June 9

If you do not feel comfortable of seing them just tell your friend not to take your "ex-friends" to the babyshower. If you feel bad about saying so, you can tell your best friend about the comments that they made (racist and very unfortunate, in my opinion), and perhaps she will disuade them to come over. I am sorry, I went through the same thing (racist comments) and it was not fun.


mrsfiveday - June 9

I am being told that these to friends have grown up and changed alot since they now have kids. They say that they would like to come and wish me well. My friend said that they had been asking about if I was having a baby shower because they would like to come. I dont want to just think of it as more presents but that is true. I said yes that they could come....there will be alot of people there and I will probably have the time and energy to give just a quick hello and thank you. Thank you all for your input it has helped me take a few thing into consideration before I made my decision. Now we will see if they show up tommorow or not.


mcatherine - June 9

Mrsfiveday, I think it's comendable that you are beig the bigger person. It says a lot about who you are - and what type of people your children will grow up to be. That's how we change the world! Have a good time tomorrow.


mrsfiveday - June 11

Well when it all came down to it, the two girls did not come. One had to work later that day and could not get a sitter earlier, but sent her best wishes. The other decided that she didnt want to come. But that was no biggie because I had fun any ways. I got tonnes of stuff, plus walmart gift cards, and my great aunt that couldnt make it sent a card with $25 in it. We didnt play games, but instead randomly drew names for prizes, had a lunch and dessert, opened gifts, gossiped and enjoyed. Thanks all. Now all I really need is my little boy to be born healthy.



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