Old Wives Tale Heartburn Hairy Baby

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SusanS - May 11

I have heard this said to me time and time again. Has anyone known it to be true? What was the severity of your heartburn and did you wind up blessed with a full headed baby? Just curious. Thanks!


dee23 - May 12

lol..ive heard this to...however.. my mum had terrible heartburn all throughout her pregnancy and i looked like a boy til i was a 1yr old! no hair on my head.......a wives tale is exactly what it is....but i guess its like alot of other things that arent true that ppl belive in....my grandma thinks that by me cutting her pumpkins and hair while im pregnant, that they will grow twice as fast! LOL..anywho each to there own.


pbj - May 12

I never had heartburn, but my dd had a full head of hair, at 6 mths still has never lost it. I think it's just that, an old wives tale. People ask me all the time "did you have bad heartburn when you were pregnant?" "No, but I had horrible gas". HAHA!


Nora1 - May 12

From the u/s, my baby has lots of hair, but I have not had heartburn once!


Tye - May 12

I'm the same as Nora. My baby has had lots of hair on my ultrasound in March. I do'nt get heartburn either.


CyndiG - May 12

I had the worst heartburn with my first daughter, and also with this one. I ate Tums literally like they were candy! And she was nearly bald!!! It's just a wives tale.


mama3 - May 12

My first baby no heartburn and she was bald. My 2nd and 3rd I had bad heartburn and they were both born with a nice head of hair. Glad you asked this question I too was wondering how many this was true for.


amandababy - May 12

I didn't have heartburn until the last 2 months of my pregnanacy but then I got it bad. My baby had a full head of hair. I've never heard this tale before


^lucy^ - May 13

i thought this was true as well and i totally believed that im having a bald baby girl!! i bought headbands instead of tiny hair clips cz i knew she wouldn't have a lock of hair lol.. cz i never experienced heart burn throughout all my pregnancy thanks god.. but when i had my detailed u/s 2 weeks ago.. the tech showed us the hairs of my darling baby and i was overwhelmed!! it was such a surprise for us :) no need to tell u im buying now all those cute hair clips now :P


Been There - May 13

Wow! I didn't know you could see the baby's hair on the u/s. I'm going to ask the tech to tell me the next time I have one. Thank you. I just learned something new.


Chelle - May 13

I went through so many tums while I was pregnant because I had heartburn so bad. My daughter was born with a full head of brown curly hair, just like me!



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