Old Wives Tale Or Not

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KU - August 19

Ever heard that if you have a lot of acid reflux that your baby will have a full head of hair? I had heard it before but had totally forgotten about it until a friend reminded me today. Anyone found any truth to this??


anne - August 19

i had it and my daughter came out with a FULL head of hair. it looked like she had the perfect haircut too lol. she is now 3 weeks old and her hair is starting to grow long already.


?? - August 19

I had this with my daughter and she did not have much hair at all.


C - August 19

People I know who have had this happen were popping TUMS like it was going out of style to combat heartburn and reflux. I thought it had something to do with the calcium in the TUMS, but that could be an old-wives tale too.


amanda.d - August 19

Had this with all three previous pregnancies and all three had a full head of hair, and having it with this pregnancy too.


Mary - August 19

Like someone said before on a similar thread: If this tale is true then I am having a Chewbacca!


KU - August 19

well now when i am enduring this horrible experience maybe i can think of a cute baby with a head full of hair coming of it, haha


Carrie Anne - August 19

My mom had terrible heartburn when she was pregnant with me, and I came out bald. I have heartburn as well. Guess we'll find out in six weeks or less!


chelsey - August 19

I heard it too! I also had it bad, and wouldn't you know it? full head of hair on my little man!


saydie - August 19

My niece's mom had it really bad and she had a head full of hair. I had it really bad starting around 5 month. My doc gave me previcid for it though. At my sono i had done at 6 month she already had enough hair that you could see it on the screen, so we think that she is goin to have alot of hair. We will see in about 2 and 1/2 weeks. I will let you know


twist - August 20

My Mum had four babies with a lot of hair and never had reflux. If it is true, however, I am expecting to give birth to a small gorilla, considering the amount of heartburn I've had so far (28 weeks).


Lesley - August 20

I had it bad in my 1st pregnancy and my baby was born with tons of hair. Jet black it was too. Everyone kept telling me it's only baby hair and he will lose it. Well 4 and a hlf years on he still hasnt lost it yet!


KU - August 20

Thank you all for responding, i enjoy reading your experiences


lynnstress - August 20

My mom keeps saying that I am burping so much because the baby has a lot of hair! I'm only 24 weeks, so I have a while to go.


CEM - August 20

this has been true for all three of my pregnancies as well. really bad heartburn - lots of hair! so i guess there is some truth to it! at least for me.


KB - August 20

My mom had it really bad with all 3 of her kids and none of us had any hair... we were baldy's


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 20

OH MY LORD IS IT TRUE!!! I had it really bad and my baby came with so much hair she needed a haircut! lol www.amayajayne.com you can see her pics from the time she was born til now! Actually, I dont think it is true, but just a coincidence (sp?)



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