Older Siblings Reactions To Baby

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cubbie - March 11

Hi, my dd is 2 I'm at home with her full time and due on Thursday. She knows that I've got a big tummy because there's a baby and that the baby's going to bring her presents when it comes out. But I'm worried about how she's going to react when the baby becomes a reality, as she's used to all my attention. Has anyone got a two year gap between kids, how did the older kid react? Any tips on how to make things easier for her? She's very close to my parents who I know will spend a lot of time with her and do everything they can to make her feel special, but I'm still worried!


gina143 - March 12

I want to know too! my daughter is 3... im due next month...


Kristin11 - March 12

I have a 3 yr old too, so far she seems really excited, i hope it stays that way when her brother gets here. I guess i will find out in 5 weeks.


MichelleB - March 12

18 Month old, due in one month. My friend had a baby, and he likes to help out, like put the diaper in the garbage, pa__s the wipes. I know it will be totally differnt when the baby is there full time, but he seems great with the other baby


sahmof3 - March 12

My 1st and 2nd are 3 1/2 years apart. He did really well when she came home. He was newly potty-trained so I was afraid he would regress, but he didn't. The only weird thing that happened is that when dd would spit up my son would also make himself spit up. Freaked me out because I never heard of that before, but the ped said it was normal lol... who knew? Anyway, then there's only 17 months b/w my younger two kids. My daughter cried a lot and wanted to be held and to have attention. It was a rough few weeks, but then she became really independent. The nice thing was that my older son was 5 by then and he could pour juice for her and get her snacks and stuff, which was a HUGE help! Also, the older two started playing together shortly after my youngest was born, so they kept each other entertained!


ShaunaLeigh - March 12

I have three kids... a two year gap between teh first two boys & now a three year gap between my new baby & my middle child! Things are over whelming at first... but it gets easier & better... just like you got to adjust so do they... but in time... it becomes routine!


Kristin11 - March 12

Sahm thanks for the information. I am hopign my daughter will do well, she turned 3 in dec and at first when she found out about the baby months ago, she was acting very babyish again and wanting to be held alot and even going to the extent of asking daddy to bottle feed her (she hasnt had a bottle since she was 1). So that worried me a bit at first. Over the past few months though she has matured and changed alot and we talk about being a big girl and how much stuff she will be able to help with with her baby brother. When i registered for my baby shower i even allowed her to pick the items and use the scanner. She is getting more and more excited and asks me all the time when he is coming. She has been practicing diapering her baby dolls too and she has had alot of contact with her newborn cousins and our friends newborn and she does great with them, she holds them and bottle feeds them ect. I am hoping if i let her be a big part of taking care of the baby it will go well.


cubbie - March 12

Thanks! I'm hoping she'll do ok, I guess I'll find out pretty soon!



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