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Kspa - June 9

Anyone taking an omega 3 supplement? I have been since starting the third trimester, one month ago. Also, if you are taking it, are you measuring larger than average?


Erynn21 - June 9

I have been taking omega3 since I became pg, I probably started about 6wks. My baby measured ahead @ my 20wk u/s and I have measured 1wk. ahead @ every appt. I am 28wks. are you taking it because of studies you've read or did your doc. tell you to take it? I read that it helps with the development of the baby's brain and helps w/ the mothers mental stability, and I have been a really happy pg. woman, I notice if I don't take it I get a little cranky. I think it helps, and I am measuring larger.


Been There - June 9

Is this in addition to your prenatal vitamin or with it? By the way, I only take my prenatal vitamin and my baby had a growth spurt (again) in the third trimester. He is measuring 3 weeks ahead in growth, based on my 30 week u/s. I just thought I'd share in case you were trying to figure out if there is a relationship between the Omega 3 and the baby's growth.


Deb - June 9

I have been taking it since 2nd trimester and I am measuring 2 - 3 weeks smaller than I should. I did, however, have an ultrasound at 32 weeks to check the baby's size and fluid and it turned out that the baby was a little larger than it should have been. Go figure...I'm smaller but the baby is larger...where am I hiding him/her? I never heard of a relationship between omega-3 and size before.


Kspa - June 10

I started taking it because I heard it can really benefit the baby in the last trimester (brain development) and I was afraid of the mercury levels in fish (also high in omega 3). Also I've done a lot of reading on the omega 3 and it works as an anti-inflammatory which helps w/ allergies, etc. I later found out it was good for the mood, as well. I take it in addition to my regular vitamin. I went online and research some more and found out that omega 3 helps w/ blood flow (and placental blood flow). So apparently from what I understand, all the mom's nutrients are more efficiently pa__sed through to the baby and this can affect growth/size (depending on the other nutrients the mom consumes). Oh, and I take it w/ a protein shake.


Kspa - June 10

Also, at 30 weeks my baby was over 4 pounds and I was measuring at 34 weeks. They want to keep scheduling ultraounds in addition to my regular appts to keep measuring his size since they think he is so large.


Jade - June 12

How much Omega 3 are you all taking? My doc said to take some in addition to my prenatal vitamin, but he never said how much to take. Thanks!


Erynn21 - June 12

I take 1 tablet w/ my prenatal vitamin, I also use flax seed oil in my smoothies, that is also really high in omega3. Other foods includes salmon, flax seed, pumpkin seeds and my personal favorite avacados. If you plan on taking omega3 make sure it is purity certified, it has to say that to guarantee that the fish it came from do not have high levels of mercury. My friend who works @ the health food store informed me of that. If you are worried you can take flax oil based omega3 or if you're a vegitarian. I really believe these work and will continue to take them there are many studies that show it is really great for postpartum depression.


skn331 - June 13

I found a great Flax Seed/ Bran cereal at Costco. I started eating this for breakfast everymorning. It has 500 mg per serving ( I probably eat two servings) It really fills me up too.... I dont need to eat again until lunch. I also have noticed a boost in my mood. My baby was measuring big at 31 weeks. The u/s said he was at 32 1/2 weeks and 4.5 pounds. Now that I am 33 weeks, I wonder if he's close to 6 pounds already? Dang, I am glad I am having a c-section.


ahemann99 - June 13

I am also taking both prenatal vitamins and omega 3....Erynn-FYI my OB told me to take my omega 3 opposite my i take the omega in the morning and the prenatal at night....just thought i would pa__s that on



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