OMG This Is Crazy

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Ana - May 17

Have you ever heard of a women being pregnant and not knowing it?? I mean, come on. I keep haering about story of women not knowing they wern't pregnant, I mean, you feel movement and kick. There is also a huge belly in front of you. Have you ever heard of women having periods the whole time? If you have a story, Please share. I would love to hear it.


Lyssa - May 17

I have heard of both cases. My friend knew someone who claims she didn't know she was pregnant until she gave birth in a public bathroom. In denial, I guess...


b - May 17

Not all women get a huge belly. I have a friend who gave birth to a healthy (thank goodness) baby boy a year ago. She only gained 8 lbs. six of them were the baby. She still had periods and everything and the weight wasn't very noticeable. As far as the baby moving I guess maybe she was in denile and mistaked it for gas or whatever. One night she woke up with bad cramps and her water broke she called me to drive her to the hospital we didn't know what was going on. The whole way there she was freaking out saying "I cannot be pregnant.. I know I am not having a baby" 45 mins. later her little boy was born.. he had to stay in the hospital for a few extra days but he turned out ok. Her family gave her a babyshower while she was in recovery.. She's married now and just had her second (which she knew about) so yes I believe some women can go through a pregnancy and "not know" about it.. if you're in denile about it and lie to yourself then why even consider there is a baby inside of you. Everyone develops differently so I guess somewomen wouldn't consider the possibility.


jenny - May 17

it isnt normal to only gain 8 pounds and its not healthy at all


jenny - May 17

it isnt normal to only gain 8 pounds and its not healthy at all and i am a nurse i know all about the healthy things


ES - May 17

IT is possible and has happened. And for some people an 8lb. weight gain is healthy and normal. For instance I had some weight to lose and I have gained very little. And yes I could have easily not known I was pregnant for quite some time because I had other times in my life where my period did not come. Also my mother had periods while she was pregnant and yes the movement is easy for some to feel and not for others. My very good friend in high school delived a healthy baby boy after not knowing and she gained very little weight. Had severe abdominal pain and I took her to the ER and she delivered a boy about 30 minutes after we got there. She did not look pregnant and had no symptoms.


JenniferB - May 17

My friend dated a guy in high school that was a total surprise to his mother. She was in her 40's and very overwieght. She thought that she was going through menopause. She went into labor and they called an ambulance because they thought she was having a gall bladder attack or something. Surprise he was born in the ambulance.


lrp - May 17

I didnt know I was pregnant till I was into my 20th week. I didnt gain much weight, and the feelings I did feel I thought was gas. So for awhile I just started working out more and I took laxitives thinking I was consitpated. Ive only had a period about 5 times in the past four years so No period was the norm for me. (due to rapid weight loss due to an unhealthy diet of alcohol and protein) ANyway, I really just took a pregnancy test just to rule it out..not because I thought I was actually pregnant. But looking back now, some of my wierd mood swings make a lot more sense. Luckily I never got morning sickness, or I guess I would have figured it out sooner! But the human body is a funny thing. There is no such thing as a rule book...just gotta go with the flow and see the miracle in every situation...especially an unplanned unexpected little bundle of joy


Well - May 17

I know someone who had periods until her 4th month of pregnancy. Every pregnancy test said negative. At her 5th month a doctor told her she is pregnant. She was not showing. So I can see something like this happening. When urine and blood test say negative.



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