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xoxticiaxox - February 6

Okay, I just found out that my hubby is not allowed to saty at the hospital with me, and Ive also found out that a man may have to deliver my baby, and not MY DOCTOR!!! she said something about being induced??? What does this mean??? PLEASE HELP! Im in a panic!


Tammy276 - February 6

Why wouldn't your doctor deliver your baby? If you are induced, then I would think your doctor would deliver your baby....this is how it works by us. If we go into labor during normal office hours, then our doctor delivers the baby...if we go into labor after hours, then the doctor on call delivers the baby......if we go into labor after hours and it goes into their normal office hour, then our doctor delivers........ I take it you have a female doctor? So do I and I really want her to deliver the baby, but if she can't, then I really don't have a me though, when you are ready to deliver, you really don't care if it is a man or woman down there, you just want your baby out!! When my sister had her baby, (she has the same doc. as me), the doc. was out on maternity leave when my sis had her baby, so she ended up w/ a male doctor and said it really didn't bother her..... What is their reason for inducing you? Are there complications going on or are you pa__sing your due date? By inducing they mean they will "induce" your labor, start it for you...usually by using pitocin or cervadil.


xoxticiaxox - February 6

I am very against a man touching me in any form or way..I have had bad experiences with doctors, and I just cant emotionally handle being touched by a male! They said they may induce me so I can have the baby when my doctor is available! And those things you said about induction....they are needles arent they?


kamivy - February 6

Not usually, more often they start induction by inserting a gel or capsule up there to soften the cervix and start it thinning and dialating, then they usually put you on a drip and pitocin is put in the drip which brings on the contractions.


Tammy276 - February 7

Sorry to hear that you have had bad experiences with male doctors or just males in general......If you have not started to efface or dialate at all, they will use a pill and insert it in your cervix and that will help to efface and dialate...sometimes that alone will send you into full labor. If not, then they will insert and I.V. for the pitocin drip...I don't like needles, but it really wasn't that bad. Once it was in, I pretty much forgot it was there. I was just induced w/ pitocin, so I never had the pill inserted. If having a male doctor deliver your baby really concerns you, then I would say its probably best for you and baby to be induced so you don't get stressed out over it.....and if you do go into labor on your own, maybe you can talk with your doctor and see if she would be willing to come in and deliver your baby. I really don't want a male doctor either because I am more comfortable with my female doctor, but if it ends up being that way, there really isn't anything I can do about it....My doc. induced me last time because she knew I wanted her to deliver my baby, so she induced me a week before my due date because she was not on call the 3 weeks following......if your doctor knows your concerns, I'm sure she'll be willing to work with you.



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