OMG I M Being Induced In 2 Weeks

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Mrs.Steve - October 16

I went to my ob appt today, and my doc is going to induce me the night of the 28th! I'm sooooo nervous as well as excited. My due date is supposed to be the 5th, so it's just a few days early, I guess. I'm really excited, nervous, and any other emotion you can name. The kicker? My dd's b-day is Oct 29 (she's going to be 8 years old that day). So it's likely they'll have the same b-day. My daughter is either going to be really p___sed, or really excited. I can't wait till school gets out today so I can tell her. I was sooooo sleepy this morning and had to drag myself in to the doctors office. Now, I'm so wound up I can't sleep! Dh is beyond words, too. I know it's just few days, but knowing when I'll actually be in labor is really making my head spin. Wow.


Kitalj07 - October 16

Yeah you sounds happy!!! What is the reason he is inducing labor. My due date is the 26th and I have not dialated yet. I'm going to ask my doctor next tuesday if he could induce labor. I'm exhausted too, and really big! Good luck with the induction, and I haven't had mine by then... let me know how it goes.


evae777 - October 16

i am really happy for you, i am extremely scared about giving birth, but it is definitely an exciting time. soon you will meet your new family member and you won't have to worry anymore! tell us how it goes :D


emfine99 - October 16

Yayyy!! Good luck!! What made them decide to induce you early? I hope I pop early lol! I can't wait to be back to normal! I'm sure your DD will be excited either way! I'll be thinking of you on the 28th! I have my 2nd baby shower that day lol!


Mrs.Steve - October 16

Well, honestly,(hopefully I won't open up a world of backlash on this forum for this) it's based on the fact that I'm in alot of pain and very uncomfortable. I asked my doc about induction today, and she said that she only does inductions after 39 weeks. She said that if I wanted it then, that would be perfectly fine. I've been having contractions and it's possible I could go before that, but I doubt it. Alot people are against elective induction, especially here on the boards. Part of me feels guilty for it as if I'm doing something wrong, but the other part of me feels like, hey, if the doc is ok with it, then so am I.


Tink - October 16

good luck- i am right there with you. i am due nov 6th, but am most likely being induced on 10/30- so in 2 weeks as well! i am 50% effaced and 1cm, so things are looking good so far. she will only induce if i am 'favorable'. i have not been scared or nervous this whole pregnancy or throughout my years of fertility treatments/shots and surgery. but now i am starting to get a little scared about it all. but i am excited and ready a tthe same time!!


WP - October 16

Hey that's great Mrs. Steve, and don't feel guilty about an elective induction. If you're uncomfortable now, it's only going to get worse as the time wears on, so you have every right to ask for one.


Pipa - October 16

That's pretty similar to what's going on with me. I was due Nov 2nd but am scheduled for induction on the 26th, right around the corner! It's funny that you mention the b-day thing b/c hubby's b-day is the 27th which is pretty neat, he's getting quite the gift! Good luck with your induction, hope all goes well. I'm trying to stay still so he doesn't come earlier!


kristyn1028 - October 16

How exciting! I think you should have a quick labor and deliver on my birthday, the 28th!! haha..No, but good luck lady!!



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