OMG Yall I Had My Baby But Hes Premature I Was Due Jan 6

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Raychel - December 10

Hey everybody! Well Dec 6th, at 5 :24 p.m. Troy Galvin Andis was brought into this world. I was due Jan 6th, so he was exactly a month early. I started having real bad contractions on Monday, and by monday nite I was dialated to 2 cm. On tuesday morning, I was still having contractions, but the doc checked me at 8:00 and I hadn't dialated any. But an hour and a half later, after my fiance came up, (He got an emergency pass from his 1st sgt. cuz my doctor called the Red Cross and told them I may be going into labor) I was dialated to 4 cm and my doc said Ima break ur water. They gave me an epidural, than she broke my water. Lol didnt feel a thing! But my labor wasnt comin fast enough, so they gave me that stuff that makes labor come, than they gave me antoher epidural. Than about 3:30 I felt him comin! By 4 i was dialted to 10 and pushin! I pushed for an hour and a half, and it hurt like h__l, but when He came into this world, it was the best feeling I've ever had! Everything he put me through was worth it! But where he was premature, he has underdeveloped lungs, and at the start he was put on under an oxygen tank, and theyre were sticking things in him and on him, and it broke my heart! But as each day came, hes been getting better, and as of today, he's still in the hospital, and I got to hold him for the 1st time yesterday, it was so great. My arms long for him. But they're going to try bottle feeding him today, and he can breathe on his own now. He's very healthy, and pink as can be! But everytime I look at him, and he looks at me, and squeezes my finger, my heart melts, my eyes water, and I know why I was put on this earth. hes my handsome man, my inspiration, and my world! Hes so strong to pull through this. So hang in there ladies, and god bless u and ur lil ones. And happy holidays!


michelle - December 10

CONGRATULATIONS Raychel! How much did Troy Galvin weigh? Hope he can come home with you soon!


Lisastar9 - December 10

Congradulations on your baby boy. Hope he comes home soon.


Mom To Be - December 10

Hi Raychel, i am in the same boat as u my daughter was a month early her due date was Dec 28 i had her Nov 29, 6 lbs 10 ounces....Her to was in a incubator and had a hard time to breath and was kept on heart monitors for 8 days after the 4th day everything was ok but they kept her on for 4 more now we concentrate on her feedings. Since she is a premmie she is very sleepy, she feeds from bottle but then we have to tube feed her the rest come this tuesday she will be 2 weeks old and as of 3 days ago she is reconizing the bottle nipple which is awesome. Sometimes she will take her whole bottle but not always. She is still in the hosptial and may be in there still for a bit until she wakes on her own to feed her whole bottle. But everyday i see an improvement. Sorry if i repeated things but i have been exhausted. My day consists of pumping my b___st milk, goin to the hospital to feed, takin care of my 6 yr old son, cleaning and cooking for the family.....well with all this said take care and keep in touch on how he is doing, Congrats to U !!!


Raychel - December 10

Troy weighed in at 5 pds 4 oz and was 18 and a half inches long. Thank yall for ur kind words. Good luck wit ur daughter!, Mom to Be!



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