One Month Today Til Due Date

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Kar - February 17

St. Patty's Day here we come, wow one month today til my due date, seems like a life time away!! I'am soooo ready to have this baby and looks like my body is getting ready too, have had some pretty good BH contractions for the last couple of weeks. What about anyone else?? One month for anyone else and how do you feel?


amybaby2 - February 18

hi! i am due march 16. i am surprisingly not miserable yet. i have notised a few changes in the last couple pubic bone hurts when i am trying to turn over in bed, and a lot of discharge...not many BH, unless i do too much. my last appt (35 weeks) this baby was partially transverse, so i am anxous to go to the dr friday to see if s/he turned. if not (I will thrn be 37 weeks) he will schedule me for a csection on march 9. but i am feeling good. this will be my second, i have a 4.5 yr old daughter, so i am happy to be in total control at this point!!! i am a little scared to be mom of 2!!!


lolita - February 18

I am due March 18th and I dont think I have felt any BH contractions, I hope thats okay, maybe I just dont know they are contractions. This is my first baby and I am kind of nervous because I am not sure what to expect, Im super excited too! My feet get so puffy and I have had sharp pain right where my leg and crotch meet up. I got an ultrasound a few days ago and my babys head was way down they had a hard time measuring her head, I can tell shes far down because there is a lot of pressure down there!


Tammy276 - February 19

Well, I have a little more than a month, I'm due March 29th, but my hubby's b-day is March 17th, so I hope I go on his b-day!!! I am SO ready to be done already...I know she needs to stay in there for at least another week or two, but I can't stand it anymore!!! I have been getting BH contractions since 18 weeks and they are getting so bad right now. I get them to the point where they are painful and go into my back and radiate all the way to the front with severe pain and pressure on my bum and my right hip...and my belly gets super super hard. Oh, and not to mention the stabbing pains I have been getting the last three days that are up my crotch and I no matter what I do, they don't go away. Lolita, consider yourself lucky if you haven't been feeling your BH contractions because they can get nasty and uncomfortable sometimes.



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