One Week To Go Who S Feeling My Pain Lol

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chrissi79 - January 21

Hi mammas...I just can't believe that i'll ever not be pregnant...LOL seems like since week 34 or so it has felt longer than then entire pregnancy!! At 39 weeks I can't bear it for much longer...I'm so intolerent and have zero patience left for pretty well anything! :( Getting so uncomfortable - worse and worse as the days go on, and on top of that I feel like I'm always supposed to be somewhere...I am feeling so anti social now and even going for a meal at my parents or my in laws seems unbearable. I have been having BH contractions like you wouldn't believe...last night I was even getting excited b/c i had contractions for over an hour straight...a little off in the their timing, but they DID continue for a long time and I eventually went to bed and well, I'm still here! lol Have no physical energy either but I am not tired enough to sleep so just been relaxing and trying to take naps, but I feel so damn lazy and I HATE feelng lazy!!! Uhhhh, anyway, I'm sorry for the vent, but that's why I love this website. Feel free to respond or not, just feel better getting it out...take care mommies :)


tritty - January 21

chrissi- i'm just a little behind you. i'm 37 weeks and a few days and i already feel how you're feeling. i'm hoping and praying that i don't make it to 39 weeks.... i'm ready for this child now! but, you're not alone and at least you're REALLY close to the end. today i was resting my hands on my stomach and i asked my husband, "what will i do when this big ol' belly is gone." (it seems like it's been around forever.) He said, "you'll be very happy and put your hands in your pockets like everyone else" LOL. the little things to look forward to. good luck, you're almost there!


chrissi79 - January 21

LOL - I know, its so funny to think about not being preggo now...i really have a hard time picturing it! hahaha....I know so so close to the end! I'm hangin in too, I'll hope that you deliver soon too! You're at term now, so that's good :)


sparklestar - January 21

Hi there chrissi....I certainly sympathise with the tiredness. I'm used to being really active and independent too and am find it really difficult not being able to do things for myself. I get a few good days and then a few when I can barely get out of bed or stay awake for more than a few hours at a time! I'm due on Friday but have no signs of anything happening at the moment. Mind you, that's probably just as well as the house is upside down at the moment through a kitchen floor being layed... bad timing or what!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that your contractions quickly become more regular - if you keep yours crossed that mine stay away until Tuesday when the floor's finished lol. Good luck! ;o) x


chrissi79 - January 21

Sparklestar...TUESDAY IT IS FOR YOU!!! hahaha...oh lets hope this works for both of us! lol Good luck!


lovelylady24 - January 21

Chrissi I know what you mean. I am going through the same thing. My due date is 2/4 but I am being induced next Tuesday and it seems like it's taking forever for that to come. Being a gestational diabetic sucks and it just makes you depressed. Right now I am 38wks and I hope the little one wants to arrive before my induction date that would be nice I am just tried of being a diabetic and then I feel so lazy and tried since I am now on maternity leave and I have things I need to do around the house but anyway I do have a doctor's appointment on Thursday where I will get to find out the babies app. weight and also my hospital paper work. But anyway I wish everyone a joyful pregnancy and fun times with there soon to be little ones.


juju - January 21

I'm due 2/6 and i understand where u all are coming from, i can't wait to see our lil guy and i feel like i cant get ne bigger, he seems to be huge and i can feel his feet in my ribs and at times can be so uncomfortable, not to mention ive been in early stages of labor since the 17th. So hopefully tomorrow when we go see the dr well get good news


San - January 21

HI chrissi, I'm 7 mths pp and I still feel your pain! It's funny, in a couple of weeks you'll be holding your little one thinking "I can't believe I was pregnant last week". Gl to you!


lilnikki_0384 - January 21

I am due Feb 4th, about two weeks left. I feel your pain. I am having contractions as we speak. I am ready for this to be over too. Good luck to everyone!!!


mamagoose - January 21

I know what you mean about feeling anti-social... I'm getting so tired of having people call and ask if I'm still pregnant (or even worse, make a weak cliche joke about it!) I just don't even want to see anyone except my dh or my mom for the next month, I'm so irritated! Oh well, we've made it 39 weeks, and my mom always says the sweetest tomatoes ripen on the vine... I just hope my little tomato doesn't get over-ripe, LOL!


chrissi79 - January 22

Hey girls, see...we're all feeling it!! LOL - oh geez....I had contractions AGAIN last night, they woke me up actually...sick of these fake outs...I had a long bout of them on saturday night too, but still nada!! :( Hoping that she is not going to be as stubborn as I was and come out please!! The good news is (I GUESS) that my doc will induce me at 41 weeks. But that is TWO weeks away, I just can't imagine waiting ANOTHER 2 weeks!! I will be the crankiest B**CH out there!! hahaha!! I've also started my mat. leave now so 2 weeks at home with nothing to do will drive me CRAAAAZY!! Have a great day ladies :) Hopefully ONE of us goes in to labor huh?! LOL


KMo311 - January 22

Hey i am due 1/31 so i am getting there. I too have the good and bad days i have been nesting for a month now My body has been nesting my bowels too for a month and thats getting alittle old. but i know i will miss my belly alittle when its gone. although i plan on getting a new hairdue when its all over to cheer myself up for not being pregnant anymore. I also remind myself that it gives me a good amount of time to get ready for summer.


DB - January 22

I'm feeling your pain for sure. I'm due 1/28 and not feeling like anything will happen!!! Luckily I may be able to get induced later this week if I dilate some more by my appt. tomorrow. I'm having high bp and protein in my urine. And yes, I'm antisocial as well. I'd rather just order food in and lay around!! I don't want to see anyone until the baby is OUT!! I really hope something happens for us this week!!


ILOVEMYBABY - January 23

I agree. I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over. So many ladies are having their babies, and I'm still here wondering if anything with ever happen! I don't even know I'm dialted a bit because I haven't been checked [I hate pain], but I'm planning on getting checked tomorrow at my doctor's appointment. I'm not even sure if my baby has dropped yet since I can still feel the baby hiked up top. I'm 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant... hoping soon I'll be able to meet my baby! Ah! I'm hoping I won't have to be induced. I want the whole real experiance but it could be likely I don't.


chrissi79 - January 23

Me too, 39 weeks, I absolutely cannot wait to meet our little baby! I know her head is quite low though, that much I'm sure of, but have no idea if I'm dialated or not b/c I too have not been checked at all. My appointment is tomorrow morning, but they didn't mention checking me at all last week at the next appointment, so i have no idea?? With all the cramping and "practice contractions" I've been having over the past few days I'm hoping something progresses, but I'm going CRAZY here waiting!!!! Well, best of luck to everyone. :)


chiechie25 - January 23

I am 38 weeks but having a c-section January 30, so 1 week to go. I have been having a ton of BH contractions, some even painful. It is getting very hard to get comfortable and getting up in the morning is the worst. My hips and pelvic area are so sore I can hardly get out of bed. So ready for this to be over with.


KatieB - January 24

I'm due Friday and so far she's not making any hints of wanting to come. And my doc. won't even talk about inducing till a week past. Grrrrr. I told my DH that he has to come to the appt. with me Friday so hopefully we can gang up on the midwife and convince her to at least give me a induction date.



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