Ongoing Nausea Lack Of Appetite Am I The Only One

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Jackie - September 21

Hi there, I had mild nausea, no vomiting in the first trimester, worse nausea and progression onto vomiting in my second trimester, and now in my third trimester, whilst things are a lot better I still suffer frequently with nausea (occasional vomiting) and complete lack of appet_te - goes against everything I've read about pregnancy nausea and appet_te etc! Also I still can't eat certain food groups such as meat and fish. Is there anyone else like this and what do you do to cope?!!! Thanks! (due 10th November - IVF baby)


Shan - September 21

Hi Jackie! You are NOT alone! I too am suffering greatly from nausea and vomiting and lack of appet_te. I had severe sickness in the first trimester and in the 2nd it let up a tiny bit (not enough to matter though) and now nothing has changed so far. I am not due until December, so I'm just starting my 3rd trimester but I don't see any light at the end of this sick feeling. I am taking Diclectin and it helps enough to be able to keep some food down. I have only gained 8 pounds so far, but my Doc says the baby is a normal weight and size so I guess that's all that matters. Most of the nausea is from about 9am to 2pm and then about 5pm till I go to bed! I try to eat as much as I can between 2 and 5. I haven't been ablt to eat Meat or citrus fruit at all, but eggs and peanut b___ter and red/orange peppers work well. At least that is protein and Vitamin C. Hang in there! It will all be worth it when the little bundle of Joy arrives!


jen - September 21

I am 36 wks and have suffered from nausea and lack of appet_t as well here in the 3rd tri. I didn't think it was normal either, but seems to be very natural. My doctor said alot of women suffer from both of these things. All that I got to say is it will be over soon. Good luck.


C3 - September 21

I'm like you in many ways :)). On my 32nd week (also IVF baby, my first) and the last 3 days I'd been feeling nauseated and been throwing up and lost appet_te because of it. I had this feeling in the first 2 months of my pregnancy, then disappeared after that and now again :((. Annoying!!! So, even if I don't feel like eating anything I suck on fruit and take my vitamins and drink lots of liquids. Fruit is great. I prefer fresh pineapple as it's a bit sour as well as sweet. Good luck!!


lisa - September 21

me too, i stopped being sick around 12 weeks now im amost 36 and feeling nauseous again


Tina - September 26

I feel you! I'm 29 weeks and for the past two weeks, I've felt hunger maybe twice! I have to force myself to eat, and feel sick after I do. It sucks! I don't know what's going on, but I'm thinking it could be a result of my intestines and stomach getting more and more smashed!


magsi - October 15

Hang in there Jackie!! am at d/d now and had late scan to rea__sure that my constnt vomiting and lack of appet_te had not kept the baby small - on the contrary they said slightly above average size!! and I vomit severly nearly every day - mainly due to chronic heartburn but also cos my tum so compressed that if i even cough it feels like it's all coming back up. the baby will take what it needs from your body and your reserves leaving you feeling tired. just try to eat good stuff and keep it down as long as you can and load up with water as often as poss to stop dehydration. just keep a positive att_tude and don't beat yourself up - i kept telling myself that there are starving women all round the world havin healthy babes! oh and look after your teeth more cos of the acid..



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