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Amy - November 22

I can barely take it! I am 29 weeks pregnant and have gained about 35lbs.. And I am gonna just die before I give birth.. I am 5'0 tall and before I got pregnant I weighed 110 lbs... It hurts so bad... what can I do?


Amy - November 22

Oops I have gained 25 lbs not 35... Thank god!


ameigh (amy) - November 23

wow! thats alot of weight just for 29 weeks and your only 5'0, are you having twins or something? or do you know, cuz that crazy! :| im 33 weeks, and 5'0 also and ive only gained 15 pounds... and oh i feel so sorry for you. when they move and hit your ribs, it sucks.. or when they kick your totally full bladder.. ya! lol... good luck with everything


ameigh - November 23

oh, lol you corrected yourself, well thats good its not 35, but 25 is still big too


Kristin - November 23

I've gained a lot of weight too, but I'm 11 inches taller than you. My weight gain is a little over 50 pounds that is A LOT. I always thought my little one was up under my ribs and he may have been sometimes, but come to find out I was having those darn braxton hicks contractions and all that force pushes out on my ribs and it is sooooo uncomfortable. Just somemore of the lovely things we get to deal with while pregnant.


Ginny - November 23

My bottom ribs are sore almost all the time, and the skin on top of them itches. Anyone else dealing with that? I guess it's just stretching, but it makes wearing a bra seem like Evil Vise Torture!


Kristen - November 23

i'm at 38 1/2 weeks and my guy is big. i've gained 26lbs he's pushes his b___t up in my ribs all the time. he's just so big and don't got no room to put it any other place. mine itches alot too when i forget to put on the lotion i have. i use the palmers cocoa b___ter lotion for stretch marks and it helps with the itching alot and helps with the stretch marks too. i wear a nursing bra that don't have any wires or anything. its almost like a sports bra but alot losser fitting. it is so much more comforable then a regular bra.


Kerri - November 23

I'm tall about 5'9 and have gained over 50 lbs too and I went for a 4D ultrasound and the baby's feet are under my ribs too and man does it hurt. Before it was on my sciatic nerve which was really painful but once it kicks I can tell its really gotten big as the kicks are getting stronger and hurt alot more so I can definitely sympathize with you but since I had the 4D ultrasound and saw pictures of the baby it sure has chubby cheeks which would explain why that it doesn't have alot of space to move around. I asked my ob the last time I went for a checkup and he told me that unfortunately there isn't much we can do until its born. I feel better though when I go to bed at night which seems to take the pain away as I lay on either my right or left side.


unbelievable!! - November 23

It's people like ameigh that I can't stand!! Who are you to say she gained alot of weight whether it's 25 or 35 lbs, and to say are you having twins, you mine as well say you think she's fat, you're so insensitive ameigh!! Anyways, I have the same problem and am also 29 weeks, well in a couple days. I feel alot of pressure on my back, like he's kicking that too! Good luck, do you know if you're having a boy or a girl? When's your due date??


kaitlin - November 24

I agree with unbelievable! It is really brutal to come on this forum to get support and have one of us say that you've gained too much weight. I don't hear those words but I do hear comments about how big people think my baby is going to be (I'm sticking WAY out in front), and that is bad enough. I've also gained a lot of weight at 35 weeks (35 pounds) but I refuse to worry about it because I know I'm not overeating and so I know that it's going to the baby. But even if I was overeating or even if I have gained a lot of weight, whatever, I would be so upset with a comment like that (maybe it just came out wrong?). Hopefully. We go through so much being pregnant, more than I'm sure any of us expected. Weight gain is for the most part out of our hands as well. It's not like she can diet it off or anything. Give her a break!


Ameigh - November 25

hey, sorry amy.. i guess i didnt think i was saying anything wrong..... at the time..guess not :(


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 26

My ribs and the area of skin right under them was so sore and tender the last trimester. It hurt to sit. It was awful I'll tell you, the skin under my ribs is still sensitive to the touch and my son is 3 months old! One of the worst of the aches and pains in my opinion!


Amy - November 28

Oh it's ok... My doctor actually wants me to gain more weight! I just didnt believe it... It's all in my stomach though so it's not that bad.... I didnt take it wrong... I understand 25 lbs is a lot especially being 5'0...



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