Opening Presents At Baby Shower

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Jenn2 - May 10

My baby shower is this saturday. It is a all women shower. I am the type of person who does not like to have a room full of people watching me open presents. For some reason it makes me a little nervous b/c I feel like everyone wants some BIG reaction out of me when I get their gift. I'm not saying I will not be appreciative for what I get, but I am not the type of person who gets overly excitable (or at least I dont express it.....even if I do feel it). Does anyone else feel this way? How did/do you respond?


Nora1 - May 10

Yessss!!! I feel the same way! That's the only thing I dread about my shower - opening gifts in front of everyone. I definitely am so excited to get them and appreciate it so much, but I don't think my reactions usually show it very well! I guess if the people at the shower know us well enough, they'll know that though...I hope! :)


Shannah - May 10

I am the same way but we have to open them. I don't get very excited about opening the gifts but am very appreciative as well. Maybe have someone close sit up there with you a friend, sister this way you feel a little more comfortable or the person that is writing down the gifts.


nett - May 10

I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law a couple of years ago and we did baby bingo while she was opening presents. I kinda kept the guests busy while still paying attention to her opening gifts. Basically, at the begining of the shower they fill in a bingo board with gifts that they think you will receive. While the guest of honor is opening gifts they are marking off spaces on their board until the first person gets bingo and wins a gift. Just a suggestion.


ARD - May 10

Jenn, I actually had my first baby shower this past Sunday - over 80 people came by (floating shower) and let me tell you....I almost had a panic attack and pa__sed out!!! I wanted to make sure I opened everyone's gift while they were there, but it wasn't possible, and like you, it made me so nervous for everyone's eyes to be on me....and the gift pile wasn't getting any smaller...I started to just pour sweat, my face was flushed and I just knew I was going to pa__s out!! My mother and mother-in-law rushed over with ice water and ice chips!! It was crazy!! I was so appreciative and had a good time, but was so my advice to you is to take your time, take breaks after a few gifts, and don't worry about all eyes on you. I have another shower at the end of this month and after this experience I'm determined to take a fan!! :o) Congrats and have fun opening all of those wonderful gifts!!


tlew - May 10

Im nervous about that as well. I have two showers coming up one at my job and the other with family and friends. Im going to ask someone to read the cards while I open my gifts that way everyone will also be paying attention to whats written on the card as well as the gift. I hope that will take some of the attention off me.


lc - May 10

Make it more like a baby tea and have the hostesses/friends open the gifts for you. Then you can just visit with the guests and be able to see what you are getting during the shower.


SuzieQ - May 10

Also, keep track of who gives what - at my bridal shower I had someone write on the back of each signed card what the item was, so later on I wouldn't forget who gave what. As for the actual opening - people like to see what you get! Relax! (easier said than done, I know :) If you have lots of guests, you don't have to open them all at once - take your time to look at everything you get and then pa__s the gift around so everyone can look too. Have fun and I hope it goes well :)


Trina_ - May 10

I soooo hated that part of my shower. However I had my sister in law and best friend up there with me. One writing down everything and the other repacking the stuff in bags and such for me. It was a great comfort. Cause when I opened something, they commented and ohhh'd and ahhh'd at it and I wasn't the only one. And don't dwell every long on one present....I cruised through things and people loved it! Not like I tore through things....but I just didn't dwell on everything. It worked out well.....once you get started you feel more comfortable. Don't worry about it...You'll be ok. :o) Best Wishes!


Nita_ - May 10

I didn't think about this much but after reading this thread, I feel I might get overwhelmed as well. My baby shower is next weekend. I had gone for lunch the other day with 4 of my office colleagues, and just going through their one bag of gifts with 6-7 outfits and oohing/aaahing at every piece did make me feel a little tired. I hope I wouldn't pa__s out like ARD. oh my goodness, 80 people!! Luckily my baby shower is a all girls one at one of my close friend's house. So max I might have 10-15 friends. And thats a great thing now I realize!


Amanda R - May 10

That is exactly the type of shower that I knew I DIDN'T want because our wedding shower was like that. Gobs of people just staring at you like a "bug in a jar" and expecting some kind of show! I had 2 showers and both were pretty intimate settings and I really enjoyed it. If you start to get burned out with the gift opening...just take a break. That's what I did. I got to visit and eat a little cake and sort of 'recouperate' and then I finished opening presents. You just have to stand up for yourself a little, the shower is supposed to be your day so make it what YOU want it to be. Try to make it a good memory and not a bad one. You will be glad that you did. GL and I hope all of you get GREAT stuff at your upcoming showers!!


Micky - May 10

What are the kind of things you usually get at showers ? I mean a range for the dollar value..sometimes I have no idea how much I should spend when buying gifts for baby showers and then I worry if it is too less ?


Evonna - May 10

Yes, i am so very like you Jenn, it's not that i don't care either but i do have a different way of expressing my feelings. Atleast i know i am not the only one!


Layla - May 10

I'm afraid of the same thing! My shower is this saturday and this is the one being thrown by my B/f's family. I know all of his immediate family but plenty of his extended family will be there that I've never met. I feel like they're going to be expecting me to have these huge reactions since their spending so much money on someone they've never met. I'm so nervous about it. I feel like if I dont react the right way they wont like me :( silly i know


Renee-Marie - May 11

I think your emotional state at a baby shower is more forgiveable than say, at your bridal shower. Everyone will know that in addition to being watched by 100's of eyes, you will be tired and uncomfortable. I think you will enjoy opening hte gifts and seeing the tiny clothes, but no one expects you to be doing cartwheels. Nonetheless, I feel EXACTLY the same way as you do, and I have NO IDEA when my shower is. Good luck at yours!



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