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MommyMeg07 - January 29

My best friend got me a gift certificate to have a maternity massage (well, any kind, but her intentions were for me to get it while I was pregnant). I know this may sound silly, but would becoming that relaxed have any affect on going into labor? I'm more worried that my body being relaxed would hold labor off than make it come early - and I'm ready NOW! ha ha. So, do y'all think it would make any difference? I'm 37 wks 4 days. Thanks so much!


mamagoose - January 29

I don't think it would do anything to hold off labour, but I will tell you that I had a maternity ma__sage for the first time yesterday, and it was the best thing I've done in weeks! I felt like a new woman afterwards, you should definately go while you're still preggo! (Especially if you're having any back pain, I could walk afterwards without any pain for the first time in a long time)


Gretta - January 29

Go Pamper yourself Girl!!!


dmk - January 29

A friend of mine works at a spa and said that a couple women actually went into labor after their ma__sage..


jessicaspatherapist - January 29

i am a ma__sage therapist! and if you want to go into labor you could even ask your therapist to press the contraindicated points of pregnancy....it can definitely help to start contractions! in fact one of the girls at work got a ma__sage the day she went into labor, she had everyone pressing all the points on her sacrum and ankles...so good luck! and enjoy!


redhead125 - January 30

Heck no! Even if it did, wouldn't that be nice? You're full term now, so it would be ok. I also have to schedule mine soon and can't wait--I could use a nice relaxing treat!


MommyMeg07 - January 30

Thanks ladies! My birthday is on the 12th of Feb, due date is the 16th, so I'm going to go ahead and schedule it for my birthday. Risky, I know, ha ha, but hey, if she gets here before then I'll leave her with grandma and go get it done when she's a few weeks old. Also, in the pamphlet of the spa the certificate is for, it clearly says "maternity ma__sage" - now this may sound silly - but that means for pregnant women, right? I'm skeptical b/c maternity can also just mean motherhood. For a maternity ma__sage, what kind of table do they have for you to lay on?? How does it differ? Thanks! I've actually NEVER had a ma__sage before, maternity or otherwise - so I'm clueless!


tritty - January 30

i recently had a maternity ma__sage and it was heaven on earth. they used a regular ma__sage table and just gave me a huge overstuffed body pillow to hug. they had me on my left side and they ma__saged my back that way and then they lifted the back of the table so it was like a half reclined chair and did my legs, feet and shoulders, etc. some places have tables with cutouts for the belly (or so i've heard) but at the red door spa they just used a regular table and it was great! i hope you get to enjoy your ma__sage!


misschrissie - January 31

HOpefully they have a maternity ma__sage table, those are the best. They have a cut-out for your belly with wide elastic covering it so it's very comfy. Every time I get a ma__sage, as soon as the ma__seuse touches my feet, the baby starts kicking like it's gonna break out. LOL. This makes it a little bit harder to completely relax. YEs, you can go into labor if the ma__seuse is either inexperienced and isn't sure where NOT to ma__sage (sacrum & ankles) or if you want to, and she knows where to ma__sage. It probably won't do much if you are not full term and you have a normal pregnancy. You should definitely go, ma__sages are heavenly.



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