Orange Juice

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h - December 15

Okay, this might sound strange... In my first 2 trimesters I didn't have any cravings, but then again, I couldn't even keep water down. Now it seems like all I want is orange juice. Fruits and veggies are all I want to eat, but in the mornings I can't seem to get enough orange juice. Does this sound weird to anyone else, or does anyone else have this going on?


Rose - December 15

I went through the same thing with my first pregnancy and now this one. I haven't been craving it so much as of late, I'm 36 weeks... but around 25-30 I just couldn't get enough of it! That and pineapple juice. I could literally go through a carton a day! Which isn't good... that's a lot of calories and sugar! Plus, all that acid didn't help much with heartburn! But, I wouldn't say it's weird... just something your craving :)


Mandi - December 15

No orange juice cravings here.....but definitely craving citrus fruits (whole). I bought a box of those Clementines, that they often have for sale in grocery stores around the holiday season....yeh, gone in two days ; ) --- gotta love it!!!


Sue - December 19

I'm still going through the orange juice cravings! I have three good size gla__ses in the morning and usually another gla__s at night. I've also been eating clementines. One of the little surveys I did early on in my pregnancy to see if the baby was a boy or a girl asked about orange juice. The survey said I'd be having a girl and sure enough we are!


Jean - December 19

I have a similar one - apple juice!! And apples! at least it's a healthy craving, right?


Jill - December 19

I've never had so much juice in my life. I love FiveAlive - all flavors esp peach - and buy 10 frozen cans every 2 weeks. I even dilute it w half water and still go through 5 cans a week. I have to carry it with me everywhere I go otherwise all I can think of is when I can get some! It's CRAZY!!!


shelbi - December 19

jean - i am addicted to apple juice as well! we keep a couple of bottles of motts in stock. LOL it's the only kind i'll drink - besides natures own.. which doesn't come in gallon-type sizes.


andrea - December 20

it doens't sound weird to me-I drink SOOOOO much orange much to where my stomach gets so full that I could throw up. Ice cold o.j........mmmmmm!


Nicole - December 21

Me too! Be careful though, oj has a lot of sugar in it.


Sasha - December 21

I LOVE orange juice. It started happening in my third trimester.


Just a thought - December 21

Are any of you guys anemic? Vit C helps with the absorbtion of iron.



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